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GSS 50A Week 7 Notes - Prof. Sameh

by: Joyce Nguy

GSS 50A Week 7 Notes - Prof. Sameh Gen & Sex 50A

Joyce Nguy
GPA 3.82
Gender and Feminism

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About this Document

Here are my notes from Week Seven of Professor Sameh's Gender and Sexuality Studies 50A. Enjoy!
Gender and Feminism
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joyce Nguy on Monday November 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Gen & Sex 50A at University of California - Irvine taught by STAFF in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see Gender and Feminism in Women and Gender studies at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 11/16/15
111015 GSS 50A WEEK SEVEN Concepts for Review a cultural representations b ways of seeing c perspective d art activism methods for review a intersectional analysis b cultural studies methodology lntersectional Analysis Kimberle Crenshaw a main argument the concept of a generalized essential gender identity does not address differences among women based on race or culture b proposed method recognize intersectional identities to understand the complexity of belonging simultaneously to several groups cultural studies methodology a image what is in the frame b political economy what enables the image to be made and to be circulated c audience reception how the image is received differently by different groups key questions for today a what is the relationship between knowledge and power b what is the relationship between literacy and power c why has literacy abilitiy to read write and engage in interpretation been a goal of intersectional feminist movements d what is the relationship of the internet to questions of literacy knowledge and power printing and power Ewen and Ewen a Argument the invention of the printing press radically shifted relationships of power b the printing press became an instrument of capitalism and labor exploitation c but also an instrument of protest and revolution claiming divine right a the Bible was the word of God the universal law but its interpretation was left to those privileged few who could read it b within the context of feudal Catholicism biblical interpretation tended to undenNrite the immense social political landholding power of the church Feudalism and the Word a while feudal power was often held and defended by the sword it was justified by the word The monopoly over the word over literacy and over the ability to interpret was was read was the fundamental aspect of rule 299 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 The Babblers and the Lollards early 1300s a John Wycliffe and the Babblers Lollards b traveled through the English countryside reading the Bible aloud in the vernacular language c vernacular the common or native language not Latin but English d Wycliffe branded a heretic by Pope Gregory Xl Moveable type a Johann Gutenberg 1450 invented a mechanical moveable type printing press b enabled the assembly line production of books c remembered for gutenberg s bible printing and commerce a standardized transactions and contracts b enabled dissemination of information and imagery c established and maintained commercial networks printing and interpretation a the printing press replaced the Lingua Franca of Latin with vernacular languages French dutch spanish english german italian b challenged old authority of the Catholic and Anglican churches during protestant reformation printing and social revolt a unrestricted at first so printing was used to challenge political and religious authorities b growth and spread of literacy beyond just the elite class c monopoly on the word was broken up d emergence of mass communication of knowledge literacy and democracy a literacy enabled individuals to spread knowledge and ideas and to interpret the world in their own terms b the power to speak through the printing press provided the link between literacy and struggle Gender and the right to literacy a Rassundari Devi s first autobiography ever published in Bengali 1876 My Life b stealing a page to learn how to read c household as a place of isolation and ignorance d reading associated with masculinity class and status literacy and patriarchy a illiteracy as a mode of control over women b women s literacy as rebellion against patriarchy Literacy and its limits Pat Dean v MS Mlahleki a context in 1986 814 million people in the world could not read or write 62 women b Zimbabwe 1980s struggle between capitalist development vs socialist society gained independence from England in 1980 c Pat Dean literacy is crucial for economic development selfesteem upward mobility 18 Mlahleki s critique a literacy campaigns when they are part of capitalist development schemes often further the goals of dominant groups and marginalize everyone else b literacy programs are not valueneutral c in zimbabwe they were used to train people to become lowranking clerks 19 colonizing the mind a some literacy programs like some educational programs are part of a process of colonizing the minds of people b they may teach people to read simple words and numbers but discourage them from thinking critically or valuing other forms of expression 20 world media william wresch a television around the world dominated by US media industry i cultural imperialism b newspapers diminishing in number and circulation c sensationalism sells violent crime celebrity scandals 21 but what about the internet a the new public sphere b who has access to the internet c what does the internet enable d what power relations does it reinforce e what power relations does it challenge f does the internet create new imagined communities g does it exclude new populations 22 literacy technology and democracy a what is the role of the internet in democracy b what kinds of literacies does the internet make possible c what new problems does the internet create for democracydemocratic participation


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