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Starting risk factors of cancer

by: lhall8

Starting risk factors of cancer Biol. 433

Marketplace > Radford University > Biology > Biol. 433 > Starting risk factors of cancer
Cancer Biology
Dr. Christmas

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About this Document

Cancer Biology
Dr. Christmas
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by lhall8 on Tuesday November 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biol. 433 at Radford University taught by Dr. Christmas in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Cancer Biology in Biology at Radford University.


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Date Created: 11/17/15
a e 9 w W w 1 mi 3 quotr11 1 51 y It 7 F 03 If7 quot quay Iggy r 1quot 73 Eur when 3 1 3V4 SUlifl cang lg Lifespan increase Bene cial health efl ecls 1 997 present melanc Muh msl Dietary mull reslriction drug restriction rng 39 1019111 Ex39lmdm gm t 3 4quot ms mm mf raawmcrm V r W I mg g pentc sedan w 24a 3f9ld msmld mm mgm W mi m mmsm mw m 1 w 3 0 m rm a u I thine 9 CO CiLLSiO S 39 WCEQ ES g mOlCWla apequm qu mguta s le S pan km a lmalS 39 Hails pCiHnW CN is highw comewad 3m mughowr WE Cl rtmc ngciom V a quot H i s pail th4 m diair s WW MF trs 01E gamma Kesmic en O iilepan v pq i hwa 0130 T hmlH lS pan 1 Gagamsms have 68 disease and appear Oungm 4 hi8 pamww mvoms We msmm MCEP F OK 1 its MOW magmas r 5 7 m How do W13 maw S SC 01 mesa Gbsaa i wm HOW as Ms Hla d camera 1 Uh NQ AS Aims ance camem fax W1 akspan m Mma can we awach all diseases once msreaa of gust one s MrsrobollSm cell division om tinted quot0le single celled organisms ns dro march We ovolloivllirxl oi huteiti t wl Olea isl39e divide 9 V in w M i at am quot out dividison 399 Q ll metabolism now to be l39lnl td insects Foe a 1 0w Smutmm Girlii i39i gis l cell division 9 ii k pmmctle bio senHnCSES High nutrient Low nutrient availability availability Wanl 0 5hu down Catabolism W Maintenance and repair tense lib 9 Nae inhibition of cell division r What memos in o Wlt l ceilol Ci oeaniem quotTom Li ma Woo d S 39 I a 1 spools 3 Jug4 l 39Ct Shell CSOmCL TU P somat quotlmnnoeal atmates H accumulmrcs dama e f tonalmoucjln lzom Mm anvil lzornmht L is than aispost id a w to 16920611 or ailen Eepeooloc en we Clio n vv l R V TO O oli enemy lifespan iS as stated it nut pelan one scoizcwee Cm ogcjcmism cam 0 Repeodsuce i 30 ii QLl BlldS lilesmn39 i315 slain r W0 051 COmd i39 O S Ehunm quot dOWn modf Highlwlflfam LOW Ful l insulin is a sensor of high nutrient status availability availability r l insulinrelated factors are evolutionarily analent Mammals l r I 39 Haagillglillient lHiori nutrient W availability l Biosynthesis energy storage Maintenance and repair Anabolism quot Catabolism 1 Cell division Inhibitionofcel l division 7 7 P m AGlNG CANCER LONGEVlTY l Wm l VP 3 39 and the diseases of aging Mute chant A boli sm Anabolism I a E i 2 Bl o swme s39s energy Storage B39lDSynithesiS Cell division Can we extend our lifespan and healthspan by pharrnaco logical energy storage Cell division r lGF1 insulinlike growth factor l or dietary intervention to mimic the signals in this process l u j say Lower ani ais insulin ihomologues Racepior Plasma 1 39 membrane I 39 Signs cytoplasm 39 irmsduction 9mg Activated NuCieUS innseripiion fosters 1 Response Biosynthesis and an orgy storage Ins misad cell division M mmwian Mammals insulin IGF 1 Insulin iGFa i Reoaptor Receptor P am ins window ndom signai patrimony l mTO Fi Response Response Biosynthasis Cequot division and energy storage insuim i ii axis mmiin c vai Sbi memohog pom ems b d g adihg imhibiiOF q plasma binding 39 high EO C T Cxi iQi iS insuim can bind dipeHi quotit We iCWF R C P FQQ insmm ii 3iscmce is gsomaired Wf high irismm i veiggt 39 mam Cantata CCIiS PEOCWW C iP High nutrient status m 5 in mice and humans J m 39 mum amid i i Longlived mutant mouse strain a i or a human cohort in which DNA Wm WWW 1 variants are associated with 7 39 l exceptionaiiongevity Growth hormne receptor 7 Lifespan extension not observed PAPPA I 3 7 iGFi r Q EGH receptor M Utabons I39nked ti 7 iiquot r 7 i in activity of iGF i receptor 7 i w IRS puritans i Anabolism Cataboiism Biosynthesislstorage Mai nienancelrepair Afr g t Ceii division inhibit ceii division w 7 r r r r Eoncommie i quot AGING CANCER LON GEWTY u 39 r quot 9 7 i 39 insuiiniecemoi 39 Kenyon Nomre 2010 464 5049512 393 an Lifespan Mtations some w ion gm Hi FUND COhOiUr S lim d 0 iOi iCieviixi in humans FOXO 59quot vovia n5 Hawaiians Di Ag panese d aceni quot i giiOi iS F Ag hve oz39i sews quot Summons Cini fSQ BEN Eng39iand s 1 i rS Cepm Gene 3 8 801mm 7 Mi em Hne SM Oiil iae 1quot Could Pmmo PENeti 09ai Miritem diseas gain 0 it OF V a z ams iehese PCPdLC L O g Gee ixmeiiitcinis Kamalied mmve ioweie 0010686 PKEM39CLLWCS 3i CCi Cee C Dinei1 036 w readied diseCiS39E if r l r M Ii Md 7 is mm help paw60 6quot it Humans have 4 FOXO genes Lom FOXO rangei 361163 First identi ed in humans because FOX013and4were found at M mo 6 1 a I chromosomal transiocations in rhabdomyosarcomas and a e ye39 e e quot as 0 55 439 mainienancej greases EeS ii They inhibit ceii oycie ceii division SESSESEQWS39 i I mini bi H o r1 0 c e u 39L iiii ii f ii iiii i io Oli v i S i 00 y WWW e We B6 i Higr iituiriem Lovsvt iutgent up I quot P 90 m C Q ZOH A i m us I gt11 45 Kwo 9 COP QQCi di C I H I 930419 but 0 4 quot39 p 6 e gt1 a i inc 2c Q 0532 0qu 1 0 P hCiPeE em igiacmom annexidan i memonism39 L 39 Pae Same miiodqonaeioi haaiiah i 3 le g i6 a ii 0 idn e s h museum museum N YA Ef enos m a mom l r WW WM QCHVCLi ed p e m muse 0Y1 EVOI Li t r ia q Ci Ci h c semen GP Lem numi em Si WS RT P i veis 0546i vegxf iow1W an scavennas R00 moieh To mow Group with growth factor receptorde ciency S Zin23ii ieiieis f 2 D P if RTP MP ixh eaevf39oizrej AMP iquot Oi Signor i mumitemi m 1K 65 P V39T P imml People with growth hormone receptor deficiency Lawntype dwerfism have low rates of cancer and diabetes higher insuiin sensitivity 333 ii ii 3 i 7 r 7 F v iii j r 3 no deaths caused by cancer or diabetes mm w 5 3g m j r amp Mmmigw den eir39r N f M quot39 RM mi mres Ow 339nm 39mansduche pawwav bx QChvahn RMPK F ut va on 0 also Requirzeg an WPST am ernase thed 846891 he Hw eonme Linas 7 539Tlill36 W612 lcmas e EEK mast Swath Fee dmcjs Amwr exit end URSPOD Mame Cam COQCEK Omani 16460139 8 3 d 3 910 have E C N d X SWa Publicw bf 04 mm 1 lilespah m rumice g mem Pasha ak cm camera PROPe z y wes 0 quachm 0 eSveaamel 3 MeJk Poamm a z ugs High nutrient Low nutrient status status my Anabolism Catabolism Biosynthesislstorage Maintenancelrepair CeiN division Inhibit cell division AGING CANCER LONGEWTY mmchm b 539 Eqmchm m hibws mTO mTO 1 Mammalian 39TQKZCJ C r 015 Eapa chm quot H is an appeav d CCMCEK C t w 03 Penal CEH cammoma DE8018 cance PanC E CXJi ic Gamma 399 S V EO Wfims 0 E6186 lanceta bu owe 12am 13 h o9 e rcaq m Clinical mats has been cls39sappomm ogfxga s 3 3 Ugfgd 0amp3 CU W 1mmu DSkLppyzfgsa a ifquot 9 hamansy 39xmmun 8116 Wms mow QWCLMJG ms 9 1 Fe W WSS 0 1 Pew H Rnglg i e i m u w Raw W539 myquot my My my My 4 Kassieiaoi Oi 75 Si 51 iuin och vciroes gi ming age Np Dn39a d PC Oleni pZO ii n damsel 10363 r u rm i39 t fChClni Sm is ci Clam pui iliocy migh athit Jilc FOxU bxf Clea sciVictim 02 l mi39l OChci digiai bio emsis izesveeui cm is an ingeedimi 01 zed wme 4400 i eecew be or Siemm sac vem e chHEiznahvelw r mixi ii EMFK arrears le eesveicah oi LS vein invesh v cried as or din c Cornea cl Deli its 206 in human aging 2 longeviw 9 c WWOVeV Siai 39 v M iiormin a Meritoemm is a deng used ro remi Hips 2 diabetes PoPuL ahon Studies have Shown moi im i llU sMEH is associ aied w 0 hrFi ca i Q duc on in cartree pne wiaew Oil the becaSi iquot peocme mechanism 0F action is l COi pWi tfikj unneesmod boili S MS m i Ctif C39i W och votc AMPK Q4 w ooPVrObabiy by l l V lS 13f Hm 63quot EEISK Facioesiiaeia B doemOhes f insoli n 9 7 I Estrogen is a norrhalbody hormone Ultraviolet it is not a carcinogen or an oncogene so why is it associated with canceriasw radiation 1 Pollution drugs Q additives 1 k i a p 2Lrns milk Uni nown9 mambn M Cancer deaths attributable to established risk factors Alcohol 3 Estrogen is produced by the Occupational 3 Ionizing ovaries during reproductive cycle the radiation 4 and it acts on a variety of tissues 2 I chub gipmones if I It stimulates cyclical cell proliferation in W Ffepa the breast and uterus endometnum quot a Bone I W8C S increased cell proliferation gems 9 increased cancer risk 39 a bigger target for mutations my w m be we rear 2 JV 39WW The Menstrual Cycle n quot5 7 Cell pro iteration Days L ltile death Breast endometrium l i Cumulative number of cell divisions of stemcelllilre pool in breast and uterus i increases with each cycle 39 i 33 as A i As the number of cell divisions j increases the chances of developing new spontaneous mutations increases x a KlSl liaaros tot beewasr Calma a J dF 21 m 339 Kepcowte clue ends l Pregnancy and i Many women in US are breast cancer risk v are delaying first pregnancy and this accounts for some of the increased incidence of breast cancer compared to other countries like China Ablcrol tccn Pecgncncq f gs 9 l5 P2169 hawk 750v34201e 5 14 I c It 0 S I m i it c E 10 quot quot g aquot 5 39 39I I a s 39 a 06 i u Q 5 139 I g 3 E u E 01 g 15 25 35 age at which woman has first childl El PAROLE FEMALE 39 39 39 breast cancer l mensbrgattcn stem cetl litter 39susgept bie Fri antimalarial FEMALE if m breastquot l 39 we 39 ca n c r l1 rne rtstruetlun rmwares 39 39 735yg2m quot uncrr mmlmaE V I 39 stemcett keSusceptible 39 39 39 j pregnancyr I 39 39 39 menstruation 2 remastered resellers 39 I 39 7 r 39 not susceptible 039 I In Iquot art atoms Ehrlich1 guts Will have mural tons bquot lndiVidUal women Vales Sign camrm in Heels preterm ca xyosuee to strap an quotz ems vectorlens in cancer airs pae gt50 vs a ASOIWL g a3 gtl3t we or mequche ltizvsgti4yc v5 idlel5 l5 20 lav2 l Different cell pools in breast determine cancer risk man 1 Uindlfferentiateg stemcellslilte col 39 139 mm mu dwiding cells m d E Wol susceptibleto cancer formation l rme ta 7 precursor cells Th 7 a a 3 IS us the biggest pool In inulliparous O o Lia women who have never given birth I 9 C 15c J a k l e a OD quot 2 Differentiated cell col 4 l l l l non dividing cells not susceptible to cancer l w StMW diagram quot5 E This is the biggest pool in parous women who have given birth magnatan cwsc massive ccu Foetalcl 05mm i mull anions incaease lulu In 1ti a tr M39le ol canoe in US even l f39Dma she MMt mt on let s cats ham hold at chance t1 Mtumuiutt more mua on3 64km mus cup me numpea c0ncm w x g N x eaw 0 f pmgmai Dz ens Chang ame MED M00161 0 paegnamq F baeas n cancea man quotSW Ce hKe P001 unclcagdes 61 division each 128 onduci V E waifii UnanceE W Spo Jrarucous Gav1616322 WWIHC mm a ens if weach 0406 a ne SEW39i llvl 1m poet l W CiCh P e jh nCy 80 SuScePHbmH m cam z 4 quotquot Ma a Woamonai XPOSLAKe masgwe CCU mw IWCtza Or dueich meg 0130 0ch To p Omoii Damm cam drive 1 39H TE 13 page 18 iNO J rC 01984415 undepie id SRmmceHMVe pom WIH haVehad a ton me acqwiaa Canaan1105mm mu aa ems WcSe mm G Cells Wm 06 bOOS Ifd 01qu We P g 0 w H 4416 33 2126 is an 60quot x a e 7he Sirem UV 48x 0611 pcol Wm quoter have had nugh 39 me i0 acqu canciav foaming mJecx cc STh Q WL39HC IV W P eg 0 4 SutemeeH Hbe PDOI Wm have a 3Wer 6amp9 GenMi SW P ZOJr C V H C Hmm 48m OF 26H thFc ah m during We pm I S Oq n rumns mo wha r rhe quot 9Q mcnopausal ObQSi 4PM Paodute Wot1r bumes mam swam 0F Csmogw LitH612 OVGEi S STEM gmaummg mom 1161 mom S T g PEOdHCEdJ 11 W 1Y1 6 08L of Cant 16 DEClinmioge 0i pubaaw 39 m is an 42w onc joun mama 06 303 M US 1801 Pmbb w 60mm 9686 This may be linked 39FO39JHm Obesiw apia m tc Eeauced 096 DJ mmamhe F ccan EASY use 39mr my Summing oi ESmo ms ElCi l ed iciSi Focmeg Endogenous estomen within the hoax D Cuinwm we m m Re Peoducn we Cqu menoeohe menopause f 9 38 is lquot p fg lowcw my tower List 1 FOSi Mimi pmsai obesim mace csmoqcn plodMCtd39 EXOQm qg esmoqerL comes wimin mom out estate 3 HDWOME Kepl icemnm wallow CHIZT tome Pins 4 e oeai com memes tigees 39 quotquot EnvieOm mh39l Gl ESTEOCanS 39 What one Sim tang Si6mm hoemones iith ace lipids noi peat ems essieadiot is i he MCst pol em estate ch quot4 is peedu in i he owes E or quot iiihail teams inULidin eomone on esm39iOi aee less p0t gih1 aee also made in We Cidiienal glands quotr Oh il Eg i g Steroid ring system How do estrogens stimulate cell division They bind to intracellular receptors in target cells not cellsurface receptors seems bind to EE cploms inside ten pass aimedH osmium than in to on c qquot recamm an 0 Signal molecule i r 7i i 7 ll R such as estrogen l 39 I I i V 1 w i I I K It ix i if iquot t a i 2 If i 39 i hydrophilic signal quotM39 quotJ p it 39 f molecule 7 such asinsulin i V The ClaSSIC sterOid response pathway nucleus intracellular receptor 3 Protein hormones such as insulin Steroid hormones are small and j cannot pass through plasma membrane hydrophobic So they can pass Estrogen binds to an estrogen receptor ER l 539 so they bind to cell surface receptors directly through membrane 39 ri39i inside the cell The estrogenereoeptor complex functions asquot 7 7 It binds to es g g en es tense elements ER E V in the DNA of target genes and activates transcription Alternatives to this classic pathway may be involved in stimulation of cell division N lUW Lam be c131 Gamma be m awd V comepa 015 arm 6 Smog ELF75 an CSWO CnS hcwe beem dcvelopad block 51 3910961 1 1mm gti5 bneasalr can can is Mligm on canogen 0mm bind 6311309611 macaw03 t leCK blindim j m esmog n WmmiFe Was one of Mac 13 an esit20cjen3 ESEEESIZEF io39c gy is quot322551 Kan dom w 26d commuted may all Was quot 39 Camwed out w mmOW39fCn m Mam 13000 healqu woman high 9218K O f bags1 CCIMCEB anast came MS NOS QfdUC d by 509 M DLH mdomcmmx camera dOubicfid ametewsum ai amoxiftna e Cat6d SEBMS quotIoCthwc a mmecma basis 0 SEEM ma a S n0 Funx undem quot quot 39P Om magi Z duff H Veg of esmocjan adapt gig LEV J mm have difFezen al sgu diS39i Mbuhg OWQSumg ERG5 E qu s mum s39 P110 NFCRah m Wm zzaa 935 mmms Pr This may Cxccoum FOE Corfugmc achOmS 01C SEESVV S bu i meae aesca ch is n ded memorial epmlcewrdr Ml iltm HEX 053 gfmbam tiller marTDpre l lemma 6811 120 eld Saleem hmle PEG blue mi m Wcmmen OSHEOPOEOSlS V disease ml lilaShes modem mm lm lmcn wmg snc err m5 were Ecclrlnelxl P esCIElead in we MSG and MMDS TDEC PlOlC leg rem Eocdi Ollevlarc Symptoms Wur We t Else 0 alasmama to E Cl c since 0 Combination 0 egrraeien quot P ogesrm pec ssw dine fequotwces mdem mal bur inel Diariesr cancels ASK r Lt Was Shown Have hem fur ma r The ideal SERM would i 1 Reduce breast cancer risk Reduce uterine cancer risk Strengthen bones Relieve hot ashes Lower LDL cholesterol Have no increased risk of heart attack stroke or blend clotting but still has undesired elliects 10quot W Gt 0393 0 quotquot Goodaf ads bow EEGM LES C Glan E Hamel and error Raloxilene may be an overall better choice for treating invasive breast cancer Salim Mn mile fur hot flashes a No reduction or Lore Na reduction er 3le LGlS tubular carcinoma in situ DCIS ductal carcinoma in situ 9 These are noninvasive stage 0 breast cancers that are reduced by half with tamoxifen The need for better SERMs in lane 1 0 39 New SERMs are needed that reduce cancer risk and are safe for HRT but finding them is a dif cult process of trial ac gm m Enopme 9E0 balms Hormone replacement therapy H RT Balancing bene ts and risk cl g Om W Reduce bazaars t Ca Ctl l burl r endol cancee Summmm 0 hi1 mmomm 39Fva a mnT W mzmy39r Can WTamUM F ah Meets wH m gf ogm Et CtipT OI M 99111638 9 398 used m Wear Deequ Camcca U MQVV V i H 4 Msi of hdme1 mm Lummne umcmz mm Hin max be a bweHm wea wm baeagae Canc bgc H has mwera E2178 K UP endomwemral camce Cmd 1 mm hieHos paeum Peghmanopcmsm 03m capo 053 is peggmgfage thQIT OtZS DIDUL QS ZOCjtH S ijPIWCSiS qu Z CUmmmd d F013 Wffa j OQC asr Cancel posi menopcwgm WDWH 0601 CU i figceQHVES H comt a m ggmcan pmgeSrezcme imw mwexz om uh f ward thN 0 mxa wns pc 0 416m 014 b c g cantata Cu Egem f FCLWILL tht O Bmdse s Ga MCCl WCWS39mquote MDGLH 1348K 014 D ea Gcmcaera Mmea 1W3th be a Small 1 m EiSK m some V0pmi t 0 3 quotquot PEOJr C V39E x awcwmermat OMCHZJ ICH W 500C175er JI Disk 0 mmsi we C I ZWCaI CCHICEE 39 Mama we came a GTEFi cu hazmzd ma wndh a imma fi 63 P N mism EGUS thHw iT C 316in Cal 3 h we loge quotn ide f qng 5 bin 1 4he f 36m E epi o us n 3 i n Vivae agsays PEOmCA a Fed 397 difFcrim cmom jibeSibq EmuLee bma COf CEIZ in lab animal Such as Ba go c nol enviizonmerwm est eage a have mom idmi d m grenades quotheebiciol r Coo metrics Caleam Hulda i ood oddi vieg quotC Ot i39niil local lor is than once the Subjctt oil i i ai concem howevaej to OSSOCiotiom w noman concees has beam horrid Glennwiosir tzate g Now banned this was given as a Ci DDT W3 denyUsed Insecticide I E prescription drug to pregnant women to G Ci 3mm quot1 the U5 quot1 1972 and 39 M33000 quot r i prevent miscarriages from 19401970 In metabolite can be was itth found to be causing found in Urine 0f pregnant WO mEW 39g a rates of vaginaI cancer in daughters even those who were born after 19 and its concentration in the mother s urine 7 W W yedicts the weight of the child at age 3 i rl hereonc n i 39i a 39i quot2 i ingeased wgg m assoc39atw W39th i E 39 A component of plastics that leeches into i i it o drinking water Urine EPA concentration vi no OH is correlated with BMii in adults Geni stein is a plant soy and alfalfg estrogen that promotes fat cell 339 allergennation Because its in soy it s in th The most widely used herbicide in the US everything we eat farm animals are fed i Widespread comaminatiio 0f drinking water on soy products so It 5 even in meat r N n m banned in the European un i on39 Blood H H atrazine levels correlate with adiposity and insulin resistance in adults v Ki39sic Memes Writ 4 O 1 0l39lic ii39tl1 t17 limit brwn intiommoritom39 cornice tnHammameki CEltjdi OnS PE dipo mmaaamg Poems oii omega it eSi imot ad tha o icos 620 01quot COHC ES chidwide Critic Damaged taxi Chwmc intiamma om iniiornmohon is emsed bx Gei39imi iic int tn on cc Dominic imam mosr COHEUZS moral e intiainmorion woolwot heating progme oven When mace is no milecrmi Ot i l to 1m f H liS i3 Cine Oi tine hoii nCtEKS CCi C tE 4L atic 77 quotTef r rr 7 77


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