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Week 2 of Notes

by: Paige Von Almen

Week 2 of Notes AM 421

Paige Von Almen
Textile Analysis
Yan Vivian Li

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About this Document

Textile Analysis
Yan Vivian Li
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paige Von Almen on Tuesday November 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AM 421 at Colorado State University taught by Yan Vivian Li in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Textile Analysis in General at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 11/17/15
Care Labeling Maintenance of Textiles Laundering Dry cleaning Care Labeling Soil Particulate soil Clay silt sand soot rust Smaller particles more difficult to remove Oin and fatty soil Body oils makeup many foods machinery grease Soluble materials Soluble in water e g juice coffee salt water Stains Colorants contained in either water bumer or oilborne substances e g blood coffee lipstick ballpoint pen ink Difficult to remove often remain after laundering Stains imply small areas ie spots Soiling Mechanism Oily soil absorbs over a fabric surface Oily layer Will hold particulate soil Oil will build up if not removed Aged oily soil oxidizes and polymerizes requiring higher temperatures for removal Removing oily film from fiber surfaces is the greatest cleaning challenge Soil Removal Cleaning is a combination of mechanical chemical and thermal mechanisms Water soluble soils can be dissolved and removed with immersion in water Non watersoluble particulate is often removed by mechanical action such as agitation Some colorants can be removed using hot water and detergent Oily stains may require use of a solvent Fiber Characteristics Critical properties Hydrophilicfacilitate soil removal Hydrophobic slow soil removal Requires surfactants Oleophilicattract and hold oilborne soil May require solvents to clean Detergents Detergent molecules have hydrophilic heads and oleophilic tails They act as surfactants to break the surface tension of water droplets and allow them to wet They also attract oily soil to their oleophilic tails Mechanical agitation breaks soil up into small particles rinsing washes both detergent and soil away Warm or hot water melts fats and oils so that it is easier for the soap or detergent to dissolve the soil and pull it away into the rinse water In the 1970 s it became mandatory for all textile products ASTM Standard D 5489 page 159 ASTM guide to care symbols page 160 Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning Solvent Great amount of water wet cleaning Organic solvent very small amount of water dry cleaning Detergent Yes soaps in some cases wet cleaning No dry cleaning Waterbased spots and stains Water wet cleaning Water dry cleaning Oily soils and stains Waterdetergent wet cleaning Organic solvent perchloethylene but not ecofriendly alternatives under development liquid c02 Advantage Easyconvenientcost less wet cleaning High shape maintenancehigh color maintenance dry cleaning Disadvantage Poor shape color maintenance wet cleaning Cost more solvent could be environmental and health concerns


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