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Week 1&2 Notes

by: Sebastian Bidegain

Week 1&2 Notes MATH1431

Marketplace > Mathematics (M) > MATH1431 > Week 1 2 Notes
Sebastian Bidegain
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sebastian Bidegain on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH1431 at a university taught by Dr.Almus in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
SEMEDI I I An Intuitive Matmdmtinn m Limita a mh l If a 7 Wis Hp f 3 Eat gt H d V r EH Il 4 Emu Fquot Farm 7 mat a fuaamiiaa has ha fallawmg graph lam ham mumF 39 HQ l We want Ia daaariba the behavior f when is vary claaa ta i x appmaahaa fram ma la i mat ia xia Marja alias m 1 but 3 l L what funatim value an wa aapaat Ia i As appmaahea 1 fmm the right that xia vary Elma a m ham 393 what fanctiian value d0 we aapact t0 gat I As a appraaahaa what fum an wal ua da we aapaam a gal P L I gt a This CWEE li n as x app39maahaa l aymh liaad aa gt 1 ia there target number that x appmaching THE i5 marriltan 35 WE say that i5 he fimz qf fxrsa39 appmam L Infmnm D mti ni W that the limit Bf I 215 I appm ches C is the real numbn rL thE y mm dimates uit39the pmims lxll are getting Elmer and L as J ppf h C fmm 34211 side 01quot C i This P quJEEfIA dl V f a u i mf39xL 1 UP MW 3 E C l sar m a certain targeni numbrsur is writt n a5 939 Em x rn 1 Exampl 1 mm 5anamp BWLELmamj Hm f 17quot2DML a r i is I L 0 km i J L 1 i H m lav1 U M5115 Jr A an describe the hehawim 0i I x ppi h in ii mj v ninng giiz eid ErinEm iziere 2 is 1116 limit 1i 35 appmadieg av rhe ieijfi r m Miami 1 w And 4 the limit a I as x uppmmriieg fmm Hie rigiii Dr mm abaw This example iiiustratw a veryquot important fact about the iexismmc e m li mii Fact Jim exisisif andnniyii Kim and bath 5 l 7 r i39 A 5 3f aw E M39 exist anti aim Eq uai Ewing limits LhIE du Exist Example fiin the graph at eva uate the Section 13 De nition of Limit Given E I we mam m mmke LA IESS TE c t39mmsrii ng a suf ciently small and mquiring that I CI vi statemem may snund Strange h Ere s ha picmm 11quot what wire trying In L 39 I pliSh Tm De niti n The Limit if a Fanciful LEI f be a functi n d ned an an interval a FEE U E Where p 0 1 We that real number L is the limil 0f 39 it and awry if track Z 0 than exists a E sum that D 2 F3 0 6 men L i 8 This i5 Sylnbmized as IE7er f i r irj quot r 77 up I 1 Fm 2211 ir align fl u39 l i if Chmk lhis link hmri mwm39gmaeb39r l LLhmln wg ltldcmur m52 5 3 10 Theorem The uniqueness If limit If Hm 1 L and I r man L f x m I igtc Thai is the limit exiS IS it 133 uniqua Thenrem Arithmetic Rules If x L and I a ham x w Iriu Jim 1 That i5 Tth limit if the sum 01 NB Functi rn is the 5111711 mf lhe Mmi is NE NW S thr each numh r Iiquot iii Mm z I46quot 39 That is quotthe Isthan QHhE pmdu 01quot mg fwm jmm i5 117m p mdum h h limirtsi 1 MME J i X L mixEm L i M1 ffm H mm Hm E v than i rave I M That isi the MIME Ufa qumien t me qumtiem nf 111E limits prm d d mgha t demminat r 035 110139 tend 10 Ramark These iFactg are aim valid f l U sidad limits 32mm rules can be written fm 11mm 215 x 39 gt C UK 515 1 C WE want TED start with 50m easy fummaimng 12 X AL THESE mines Wm be uged rm nding the mm mm p brmmi li Evaluatn bx 7 mt wt masts a V V r a s I Mir Jj X Fact Furany pmyn mial I and real mmb r Jim pfx p Jerri Example m mm imrmn Wham dmnmhm mw dunes Hm gymwad If has i H V rial 11 In EXISIS P143 1 3 F 439 r quotf a if 39 if 5 Ea jag gmlmaeey 7 l f IE 1amp1 E a Q m d EEL mt If Hm 3i while Hm gx UM1en Em 1 gt quot I fgt w l Mquot 3 and Hm 331 2 when E i4 an grew x jgtl x ac g I isIderwmmigrm iwm qmm WT and HIE limit may car may n01 exists Mum wurk is HE EdEd t0 ifnvsstigate this IimiL This situa timn where mam fths intemsting limit p bl ma am Fact If 1 x far 3H J I lE FbUH l t Equal tn than Jim fv Hm xgtc 17 gtL H m thin nf LMx as a Simpl i d wr sinn mquot x 1 WhUSE li n39lit as J C is Easy to datennine Such as a polyn rnial 01M rati na l fmmim Wh numeratar an demminamr d0 mm bath appmach 16 If p and are p0hnmmials wilh q i 390 then p x P t in V a 39 x Example A rational fumtiun Wh damminamr p pt h It while its numemmr dues mm Em mm iim it exists F 7 xg 39 Mari aSH W NE j l Jr s 3 V x5 Wha hm j quotif 3amp5 VI 23 J Eff dtzH er ma 15 I U li l mpl 39i Find I g E a L warm gar35 1T Sum m 113 In gmmal m Eh limit Ufa fun cmn da nad with a fumma we ahamld direm substituti n in Hch get a was numb r than limit is a 7 5quot 3 a l va gm 3 fracti n that Marks like e where a the1n 11w limit dunes mm m we gust a H Em o fthe hm this call d an quotiind ten n nal film Mpg WE need In W fk hardar IE gum a 1MLWhajt limit ism s can be dune by algebraic mmthnds such as ratinnalizing m wing same mm that rueam Simp i ring the given thmtinn Thi fact rimg and cancc ming wmmmn factors techniqma m r 1 6 39 If 11 amsts H 4 M Id M r 17 W U in f y m w a Example Evaluatg Jim 39 f a g L29 1 w WLEE J w W MM a i quot quot r 51b 39 in n if it EKiSTS Examjplj ri Evaiuate Hm I arean llx 2 Mn ml 1 MMquot in we mmpum the limil 0f a piecewise mmi n l5 E F39LQLLmrfg plus A I un utmn Em f L x2 WIiQH ll imm 1w x l x a Cumid r functiun Y z lt x L WSEI k Evaluam C I f 3 xa4 WEE1f Fu kbs vi a a a 74 H5 4 LIL FL W 39p Limits at in nity Nmmzi n fths fun i values appmach a real numb r L as i gcr a eg with hmmdi than WE wrim Jim I L 3493 1mg mn i V il x p pmach a real numbEr as xquot decreasas withuuxt hmmd WEI 1 write Hm I f Hm f L 3 than the Ein3yzi is a rightward hmimm l i I 39 If Kim M whet11h li yM isa e ward h rimmml HEWWWW the graph i5 given Bh k the behaving 0f the giwn mmim as 3 gt m w as I Er arzya L4quot Ftfo EL 3 WPMIEME 22 Winn 13W mclim is d d a ibn uj Himm Hm Jr gt5 512quotquot 9 M Mm W I m 46 17 Mam11mg rquot at a ixrxl Hm AT W a 1 r ay r 4 1 11mm pic 1E 1 EWBZJ w A 23


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