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by: Amanda Payne


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Amanda Payne
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

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One Day of Notes
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This 9 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Amanda Payne on Friday January 30, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at University of Arizona taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Class Notes amp Reading MIS 111 February 22015 Blackboard Reading Types of Innovation Mm Elli nalizing Einhaneem t T Ham tl I EiFEl l tM lnnwa en lannmtlan Innovation innovation l F39lr I r 39 V L rg m ic Renew l 7 Prudw lnnma an 3 1 H cquranllen 1 39 4 Renewal App lienunn r Hawaiian Willem Eriiingwlimg Intaa r l Pram Hams Mira Dismptl39ira w R I n u ti linnmfa un lnnnu ti lininuvtimn Innayatklrnan l 0 ALL enterprises can innovate the time The Four Innovation Zones Product Leadership new markets Customer Intimacy mature markets Operational Excellence mature markets Category Renewal declining markets Product Leadership Zone heavy research and development RampD expense significant market risk 0 Disruptive innovation creates new market categories based on a discontinuous technology change or a disruptive business model 0 don t fit in with existing standards or value chain 0 develop markets de novo from the beginning 0 EX Napster and iTunes in the music industry 0 Application innovation aka solution innovation develops new markets for existing products by finding new uses often by combining them in novel ways 0 new standards but current value chain 0 EX using engineering computers to tun financial trader workstations on Wall Street 0 Product innovation within current markets and products but this differs in features or functions that similar current products don t have 0 dependent on fasttime to market like frequent app updates for your iPhone 0 Two levels component parts or the whole or system the whole thing I can move down to the component level for volume I can move up to the system level for value o EX hybrid engines for cars or cameras in cell phones These were revolutionary at the time but quickly came standard which is why these innovations are fasttime to market 0 Platform Innovation interposes a simplifying layer to mask an underlying legacy of complexity and complication thereby freeing a next generation of offers to focus on new value propositions Basically taking a part of something current to produce create something new Allows for the practical application of more complicated platforms EX Qualcomm repositioning CDMA technology from a productdifferentiating ingredient to its own products enabling element for 3G wireless telephony o EX Redbox It started as a drug dispenser for hospitals Customer Intimacy Zone focus on differentiating offer on demand side 0 Lineextension innovation structural modifications to an established offer to create a subcategory 0 goal engage with new customers or reengage with old customers 0 underlying infrastructure remains the same 0 low development risks 0 EX introduction of the minivan in automotive industry 0 Enhancement innovation innovation of small details with less impact on the underlying infrastructure 0 goal improve existing offers by modifying a single dimension 0 EX ice maker in refrigerators cherry flavoring in Coke 0 Marketing innovation better interaction with the customer at time of purchase 0 outsell rather than outproduct o EX product placement in TV shows 0 Experiential innovation value in experience rather than function 0 best used in markets where the item is a commodity and the purchase is viewed as being risk free 0 EX restaurants with pagers coffeehouses with European ambience Operational Excellence Zone focus on supply side lower cost structure for price reductions capital investment or higher profits 0 Valueengineering innovation lowers cost of materials and manufacturing without changing the product 0 Substitutes lowcost parts and preintegrated systems vs highcost materials and specialized labor 0 EX TV computers cell phones 0 Integration innovation reduces customer s cost of maintaining a complex operation by integrating all elements into a single system 0 These are often backwards compatible think Xbox or Playstation 0 EX allinone printerfaxcopier 0 Process innovation improve profit by reducing waste from manufacturing 0 goal remove nonvaluable steps from the workflow o EX Walmart s vendormanaged inventory process or brushing your teeth in the shower to save that one extra minute before class 0 Value Migration innovation redirect business model from commodity to value 0 take an item that has become a commodity and refocus the company that something that is more valuable and thus more profitable o EX printers to ink cartridges razor blades instead of razors Category Renewal Zone 0 Organic innovation use of internal resources to reposition a company into a growth category 0 Stays in the same sector but repositioned product line 0 ln industrial markets reconnecting with old customers to solve new problems 0 ln consumer markets reconnecting with a new tornado market mass of customers all at once 0 Acquisition innovation solves problem of category renewal externally through merger and acquisition 0 Buying or being bought by another company 0 Can be the acquirer or the acquiree o EX Starbucks acquired Teavana Barnes amp Noble acquired Borders Staples and Office Depot are currently merging The single most important act of strategic leadership is to select the innovation vector upon which your company will develop its sustainable competitive advantage its core Source Dealing with Darwin How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution by Geoffrey Moore Chapter Four Class Lecture Notes much of what was discussed in class was from the reading What I haven t already covered above is below 0 Entrepreneurship is a mindset 0 Entrepreneurship marketoriented mechanism for advancing the value proposition of innovation 0 Who cares said every consumer everywhere unless the product is relevant That is what innovation is for Forms of Innovation The 4 P s this is for sure on the exam 0 Process 0 EX CAT scan to replace exploratory surgery revolutionized medicine 0 Changed what people did Value Proposition o rePositioning o EX Jepp was a general purpose vehicle I Used in war When war was over it was transferred and remarketed as a consumer item 0 EX Redbox started for medicine in hospitals I Blockbuster spending all their money on stores and employees but their value proposition is in DVDs 0 Redbox got rid on the footprint gained a HUGE competitive advantage 0 Paradigm Shifts radical through incremental 0 computer gt personal computer gt laptop gt iPhone I iPad new product category totally different 0 Steve Jobs said that the customer doesn t know what they want 0 Radical disruptive looking at things differently The McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship through Eller 0 Contact Jeff Burrows Assistant Director of McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at jburrowsellerarizonaedu Likely test question Which innovation zone is associated with the introduction of new products platforms and applications Leadership eGovernance and Citizen Engagement Class Notes amp Reading MIS 111 February 4 2015 Blackboard Reading Selected Readings from How eGovernment is Changing Society and Strengthening Democracy eDemocracy in Minnesota 0 Onair legislative coverage available without a subscription 0 starting in 1996 includes floor sessions and select committee hearings Informed citizens health democracy says Senate Majority Leader Larry Progemiller Partnered with Twin Cities Public Television to bring daily programming and about 10 highprofile floor and committee debates yearly 0 Through technology active participation in democratic institutions has greatly increased Minnesota Legislature Online 0 Since 1994 legislative documents have been available online Makes the legislative process less intimidating says Rep Gene Pelowski 0 Technology strengthens democracy and citizen involvement continuous innovation 0 Search capabilities 0 Improved upload speed 0 Improved presentation 0 Email or RSS feed notifications on specific bills by request 0 Proceedings streamed online both audio and video 0 Over 100 short subjects published online which are 2 page explanations of legislative issues to educate new legislature now available to general public Spreadsheets and pie charts to explain state budget Weekly newsletters and daily updates Webpages for legislators and senators and ways for the public to reach out and ask ques ons Stimulating Citizen Engagement in Government Hampton Virginia Hampton enables and stimulates citizen involvement through 4 pillars 1 Citizenship Skills a Community leadership development from i Hampton Civic Community College Neighborhood Leadership Institute Youth Commission 2 Quality Information a Citizens new quality information as accurate complete timely b Technology increases access to the legislative process and supporting information i Decision support data packages same information as received by city council members c Ondemand video city council and planning commission meetings i Can search for keywords be directed to pertinent portion of meeting 3 Information Infrastructure a Digital infrastructure competitive market for low prices 23 of citizens report having access to highspeed internet b Digital Inclusion local library c Digital Mobility free wifi selfsustaining model because of a thin advertisement bar for local businesses at top of all web pages 4 Public Venues a Planning activities held in convenient locations hundreds attend b Boards commissions advisory committees committees staffed primarily by citizens appointed by City Council They have a large impact on public policy and execution of community programs c Direct email exchange elected officials and key city staff s emails published for direct contact with citizens Gainesville Police Department Engages Citizens and Enhances Public Safety 0 Gainesville FL has 2 websites 0 1st answers basic questions ex Who is the chief of police 0 2nd Police to Citizen P2C Can see incidents that happen in a certain area for the past 30 days Shows accidents and arrests o Allows University of Florida students to choose safer places to live Think It s Easy to Balance the State Budget Click Here 0 California has a website wwwnexttenorg allows citizens to 0 Get lesson on budget basics and create their own line by line 0 Work through 9 different spending projects then revenue policy options Provides nonpartisan information on each policy choice Take Action button to let state leaders know their views Since 2005 gt40000 have taken the Budget Challenge Effective because of o accessible format 0 educational value 0 popularity Uploading Democracy Candidates Field YouTube Questions 0 2007 US Democratic Party Presidential Candidates Debate 0 Individuals could submit questions via YouTube candidates would respond 0 Despite cynicism and doubt about the government Americans feel like voting gives them some say of what happens 0 Therefore the ability to ask questions and be more connected helps promote trust Government Information Outreach in Social Media and Virtual Worlds folksonomies user generated web content taxonomies social media allows people to create virtual communities and collaborate at a large scale creating interest within US National Library of Medicine NLM and other government agencies NLM makes reliable and authoritative health information available freely all over the world millions of views Strict quality and reliability standards of government agencies demand cautious adoption of new technologies especially social media which is why so few have social media right now Web 20 the set of technologies applications etc defining the current stage of evolution of the internet 0 blogs wikis social networking video and picture sharing chats virtual worlds podcasts forums etc Second Life popular virtual reality game 0 But the government is also using it I National OCeanic and Atmospheric Admin gt simulations of tsunamis hurricanes other natural disasters in 3D I Center for Disease Control CDC access to health information I NASA 3D models of its spacecraft Potential benefits of social media for government information dissemination and collaboration through virtual worlds such as Second Life 0 As these evolve may be able to revolutionize government services citizen participation etc Ten Practical Online Steps for Government Support of Democracy Note persuasive opinionated article argument egovernment is a vital part of democracy and citizen participation 0 Lack of online access will lead to cynicism and distrust edemocracyorg first site for election candidate information anf discussion 1994 Todo in government at every level 1 2 3 Provide timely personalized access to information that matters Help elected officials receive and sort then better understand and respond to email Dedicate at least 10 of new egovernment developments to democracy a public input personalization and survey Announce all government public meetings on the Internet in a uniform manner a Should be standardsbased state by state Allow citizens to look up all of their elected officials from the very local to the national in one search 6 Host online public hearings and dialogues or econsultations a online exchanges to improve outcomes of decisions and help people feel involved 7 Embrace the rule of law by mandating the most democratically empowering online services and rights across the whole government 8 Provide access to raw data from decisionmaking information systems a Web 20 to create views and searches that provide insight understanding and accountability 9 Fund opensource sharing internationally across governments 10 Local up a strategic approach to building local democracy online a Start local so people can see results in their own communities and be heard in a meaningful way Class Lecture Notes much of what was discussed in class was from the reading What I haven t already covered above is below Government to Citizen G2C ex tax filing drivers license renewal permits licensure etc Government to Government G2G ex child support filing criminal offender info Homeland Security reporting etc Government to Business GZB ex UCC filing tax filing permits professional Government to Employee G2E or lntragovernmental Efficiency and Effectiveness lEE ex intranets and employee portals Effective eGovernment 0 simple delivery of services to citizens eliminate layers of government management streamline operations and rapid response to citizens reduce calls and visits to increase value of operational hours better evidencebased policymaking Democracy Online Future 0 Government 0 provide extension information online with userfocused systems and public access points 0 Make democracy information fully available open government 0 Media and Commercial Content 0 provide and make visible 0 Private Sector 0 provide means to an end I technologies infrastructure information tools 0 Political Organizations 0 provide partisan information tools to further their own cause 0 Citizrens in the Online Commons 0 Partcipate communicate work together GOTV get out the vote 0 focus on people who sometime vote but always vote democratic people who always vote but are swing voters o secondmost amount of effort to people who sometimes vote and are swingers VAN voted activation network 0 people connections 0 social medias like Facebook are making this even easier


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