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Week 2 Notes

by: Gayle Landry

Week 2 Notes Music 100

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Gayle Landry

GPA 3.4
Appreciation Intro
Johanna Yunker

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About this Document

Here is this weeks notes.
Appreciation Intro
Johanna Yunker
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gayle Landry on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 100 at a university taught by Johanna Yunker in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Comm 493C Week 2 Notes Dr Strangelove Stanley Cooper Dr Strangelove How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb one wing attack plan R keep base locked down tight mandrake was the name of second in command 0 tries to recall the plains O the general wants total commitment They tried to shut it down and there was friendly fire talking like children but the russian was drunk 0 the president is telling them to take the american planes down doomsday machine that will explode automatically mandrake talks about how he was a POW and tortured the general kills himself now no one knows the code to call it off missiles are tracking the plane 0 plane was hit 0 but did not go down Someone came in and took mandrake plane flying low so they can not be seen on a radar they were able to get the code and cancel the attack for all planes except the hit kept bringing up bodily fluids they don39t have enough fuel to get to their primary so they pick a new target which means the russians don39t know where they are going and they can39t shut it down bomb door wont open pilot goes and tried to do it manually pilot rode the nuclear bomb down to his death people could live in the mine sites 0 but not everyone would be able to live edward teller invented the H bomb strangelove was made after him lssued raised by the film fear of nuclear war technology is out of whack 0 they can easily get out of control distrust of technology 0 convergence is when computers and machines will be smarter than we are Counter Cultural impact it influences countercultural values and reflected them at that same time if we can build it we should Class Discussion 0 if we can do it we should 0 when sciences are divorced from humanity we get monsters 0 both outcomes were not trusted 0 general wanted to push forth and be on the offensive O president didn39t want to do that but his method would have killed many 0 there is an acceptable amount of casualties in the tens of millions 0 when most directors would not have been in that perspective 0 what role do women play 0 just saw one and they are subordinate and sexy 0 10 sexy women to every creepy guy there 0 good treatment of women is not really there yet 0 women were just not in the military 0 the government does have places that there are spots that government officials go in case of a nuclear war fair 0 commentary about how people in the war room didn39t seem to care about the people on the front line as long as they made it Q in war there used to be that the leader would lead them into battleinto the 1600 then things began to change around the revolutionary war when the least powerful went out first and nothing else 0 you are less likely to send your soldiers into a suicide mission if you are on the front line 0 people of power can not deal with situations that are bigger than they are so they give up or they go around them 0 general kills himself 0 president is just sitting there with cups of tea now knowing what there is to do 0 making fun of communication and impression of communication 0 drunk conversation O unable to communicate with the plane 0 in the 50s there was a great respect for military great trust in the leadership of the country but when the Vietnam war hit people lost trust 0 no one in the counterculture trusted the government 0 Dr Strangelove was the title character and yet had almost no lines 0 he was a natzi at heart 0 amorality when it came to foreign policies during that time I because they were good at science they were forgiven for what they did in WWII I if you were anticommunist then you were okay in our book even when they are bad people who kills thousands of their own people 0 dehumanizing the enemy natzi has been doing this native americans did this etc Q The survival of the species and even when we are talking about that he still doesn39t want to have a minefield gap 0 childishness of the leadership 0 even in the face of death still want to live 0 what has driven the start of WWI 0 he is impotent and he is blaming that on the water 0 fluoridation of the water was a communist plot 0 they are refueling the planes that can end the world while playing the song try a little tenderness O irony Q US slogans to try and make war seem okay 0 peace is our profession 0 this is the war room you can39t fight in here Q ordinary soldiers tend to be really competent 0 even when the government told them where the plane was they were still able to get the job done 0 american as ignorant 0 you can talk about this for days Week 2 notes Goals 0 why we need to research methods 0 basic terms for judging research 0 practice a style of ethnographic description that can limit problems of subjectivity and prepare you for assignment 1 Q understand Bedouin social organizations and its logic review from last class 1 why did we discuss male and female ways of sitting in the classroom a in relation to power and the way we were brought up we don39t actively think to sit like this 2 how did it relate to AL s claim that interpersonal relations and poetry could be part of politics a the personal is the political By the women speaking in these poems they are making a more political stance of where they are in society 3 does intention matter in relationship to power a the fact that someone if more comfortable that is talking about power in itself b power is in culture so how you are comfortable is showing what power you have c but we both get something out of it i femininity and masculinity Methods Sumser 0 why do we need to research methods 0 to make sure your information is reliable 0 get rid of the subjective view 0 original intellectual sin we are bad at figuring out what is happening 0 what are research methods 0 set of rules to follow when doing ethnographic research 0 how we should think when we look at the world around us 0 organize and give structure about the way you are looking 0 its the evidence 0 gives you empirical evidence almost fact 0 relationships among truth opinion knowledge 0 sumser say you can39t find truth 0 truth is known by all to be correct 0 opinion on one end of the knowledge spectrum and truth is on the other end 0 we want to get as close as we can to truth 0 what does empirical mean 0 things you can observe see hear taste touch 0 how do we judge research if we can39t say its right or correct or true 0 reliability can be replicated with the same results 0 falsifiability it could be wrong 0 validity meaningful does it help us make sense of something out there Durante Questions what is ethnography ethnos people or nation graphy writing or picture or representation product book process participant observation and documenting life interviewing Emic Etic etc 0 what is the difference between experience near and experience distant ones 0 emic insider perspective experience near commonsense O etic outsider perspective experience distant analytical O subjective common sense 0 objective analytical 0 picture of the library 0 insider perspective I its the learning commons l people on computers 0 outsider perspective I people who are facing bright screens l some have things on their heads I one female is standing over another facing the screen phenomenological bracketing Q turning off your common sense and cultural assumptions in refer to try and see and describe things objectively without presupposition or interpretations 0 why would we do this 0 voices for paper 0 objectivist O commonsense O analytical Q interpretations come after the scene Al chapter 2 0 how do bedouins define themselves 0 in terms of kin through their father 0 its good to marry your fathers brothers children Assignment one is due next class assignment 2 is due next thursday Week 2 Notes Music 100 12915 Musical Parameters review 0 pitch which scale ladders high sounds low sounds harmony range 0 deration rythem tempo fast or slow meter keeps going all the time 0 other texture one melody l monophonic timbre orchestration 0 Form melody when does stuff get repeated A then B then repeat A 0 large scale forms 0 set of variations 0 just A and B 0 many repeats of A with other letters A B A C A D A E A F OO 00 0 COO 0000 Genre 0 what is it an example of symphony opera concerto solo instrument with an accompaniment of other overture aria songHed OOOOOO Practice Quiz 0 3 musical parameters that you hear meter in 4s medium tempo homophonic piano and voice in a major scale AA BA rhythm was slower l piano was faster consonance 0 0000000 Claudio Monteverdi L Orfeo 0 historical context 0 medieval period 5001350 I pitch 0 simple melodies I duration 0 no meter 0 rhythm based on text I other 0 mostly vocal music 0 monophonic l function 0 sacred 0 mostly men I notation focus on pitch 0 leads to focus on O harmony 0 complex polyphony 0 still not good at O rhythm O Renaissance period 13201600 I Pitch Q few dissonances 0 long melodies I Duration 0 steady tempo I Other 0 vocal Q polyphony up to 6 or 8 voices 0 Late Renaissance period 15001600 I Function 0 more secular music Madrigals Q in churches and courts 0 Baroque period 16001750 major changes in Other I instrumentations both coal and instrumental music often at the same time I function secular expression of feeling I texture more homophony Claudio Monteverdi 15671643 0 between renaissance and baroque 0 write madrigals O wrote vocal and instruments 0 From Mantua ltaly O O 0 near the Alps Rubens The Gonzagas 1600 Painting they had Ducal Palace palace of the duke l employed 800 people I 500 horses I had a hall of mirrors 0 The cultural context 0 l orfeo O O accademia degli invaghiti Academy of the Lovestruck l Circle of intellectuals I paid for by Francesco son of the Duke had a love for greek drama I tragedy I pastoral drama I they added music to the plays I follow the example set by the Florentine academy Camerata de Bardi 000 Q mantua seems to be the perfect place to combine music and theater in a new way private performance members of the academy of the lovestruck and political people plot


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