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COM 440 - One week of notes (1-27/1-29)

by: Kelly Smith

COM 440 - One week of notes (1-27/1-29) COM 440

Marketplace > Washington State University > Communication Studies > COM 440 > COM 440 One week of notes 1 27 1 29
Kelly Smith
GPA 3.5
Media Ethics
Bimbisar Irom

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About this Document

Here's last week's notes from COM 440!
Media Ethics
Bimbisar Irom
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Smith on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 440 at Washington State University taught by Bimbisar Irom in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Media Ethics in Communication Studies at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
COM 440 One week of notes 127 remember locke people are rational reasonable creatures the state gov is by consent of the governed answerable to the people morality is individual society cannot dictate duties and responsibilities areopagitica connection bt libertarian theory and religious beliefs 0 people have ability to reason given from god reason is being able to choose quothe who kills a book kills reason itselfquot quotthe the pure all things are purseknowedge cannot de lequot o to be Christian we must be exposed to vice quotwhat puri es us is trial Trial is by what s contraryquot 0 part of faith is search for knowledge quottrsth is compared in FREE AND OPEN ENCOUNTER John stuart mill 18061873 0 English economist philosopher On Liberty published in 1859 Libertarian conception of truth Humans desire to know the truth The way to truth is thru free competition in the marketplace of ideas bc there will be diffs of opinion everyone has right to voice their opinions and hear the opnions of others diverse opinions will lead to the most rational which will be accepted as truth the media in a libertarian society funcUons capitalistic control self righting legal system watchdog on gov libertarianism how are media controlled 0 Self righting process courts What s forbidden o Defamation obscenity wartime sedition Ownership private or public 0 Private or public Essential diffs from other theories 0 Instrument for checking on gov 12915 libertarian theory origins 0 20th c American response to perceivedreal failures of libertarian press 0 industrial revolution 0 and 20th c advances in science social science Freud and psychology 0 Darwin 0 Challenges to capitalism Hutchins Commission Funded by Henry Luce of Time 0 Press in danger 0 New role for gov o Antitrust laws 0 Airwaves are public resource 0 Retraction and right of reply laws 0 And for press 0 Common carrier 0 New experiemental media 0 Self criticism 0 And for public 0 Nonpro t press 0 Academic centers for journalism 0 lndependentagency Hutchins commission requirements for the rpess News media should give a truthful comprehensive account of the day s events in a context that gives them meaning 0 News media should provide a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism 0 News media should project a representative picture of the consituent groups in society 0 News media should present and clarify the goals and values of society 0 News media should provide full access to the day s intelligence Diffs from libertarianism o Libertarian 0 00000 O From locke Newton smith Humans distinct form society Truth discernable by rational people Rights exist before society Rights are inalienable Requiremnts of responsibility negate rights Capitalism yields ethical media thru selfrighting process 0 Social responsibility 0 O O O From rousseau Sinclair freud quothumansinrelation one truth may not exist people not necessarily rational rights granted by society


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