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SOC 112 Nov. 16-18 Week Notes

by: Alec Resendez

SOC 112 Nov. 16-18 Week Notes SOC 112

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Sociology > SOC 112 > SOC 112 Nov 16 18 Week Notes
Alec Resendez
GPA 3.5
American Family
Jennifer Woodruff

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About this Document

Here are the weekly notes for this week.
American Family
Jennifer Woodruff
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alec Resendez on Wednesday November 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 112 at Illinois State University taught by Jennifer Woodruff in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see American Family in Sociology at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 11/18/15
Weakly Notes November 16 2015 Does Society Historically Put Limitations on Marriage 0 Do we put limits on marriage and have we historically put limits 0 Gay Marriage Interracial Marriage Religion Family Members Age restrictions Polygamy 0 Factors In uencing Legality 0 Who is your Partner 0 Incest 0 Age 0 Blood Test 0 Kinship System 0 Pattern of relationships that define peoples family relationships to one another 0 Also known as a Family Tree 0 Characteristics of Kinship Systems I Number of marriage partners permitted at one time I Who is permitted to marry whom I How descent is passed on I Where the family resides I How power is distributed 0 Who cannot get married in Illinois 0 Cannot get married to someone who is already married 0 A marriage between ancestor and descendent cant marry family members that include whole bloodsame mother same father Halfblood share a parent Adoption 0 A marriage between a Uncle and a Niece or Aunt and Nephew 0 Cannot marry cousins of the 1st degree This means your uncles and aunts children s unless your 50 or your sterile Test question 0 Who Can Get Married 0 Couple who is 18 years of age I Nebraska19 I Mississippi 21 0 The majority of states allow marriages to individuals under 18 1418 with parental andor court consent 0 In all 50 states you must be 18 Without parent consent Test Question 0 False 0 Polygamy 0 Married to more than 1 person I 2 Types of Polygamy 0 Polygyny more than 1 Wife 0 Polyandrymore than one husband I Plural Marriage is the same thing as polygamy politically correct term for polygamy O Bigamy crime being married to more than one person 0 What is not Polygamy I Open Marriage Legally married to somebody totally open to have relations with other people Sex is recreational O Swinging O WifeSwapping O The Life Style I Group Marriage is a marriagelike arrangement between more than two people Usually consisting of three to six adults all partners live together share finances children and household responsibilities 0 Monogamy the norm You and one other person Sex with only that person 0 Serial Monogamy the new norm Marriage to divorce to marriage to divorce November 18 2015 0 Today s Important Traditions 0 Proposal Bridal Shower Bachelorette Party Dress Rings Veil Cake Groomsmen Bridesmaids Reception Honeymoon Ring Bearers Flower Girls Vows Couple Gift Exchange Wedding Son Dance Prep Classes 0 Etc 0 When did You Say I Love You O 41 Less than a Month 48 16 months 7 to a year 9 Year and Beyond 4 0 How Long were you dating before you met ance s parents 0 Before we started dating 0000000 I 9 0 Less Than a Month I 35 0 16 months I 44 0 712 Months I 6 0 12 Years I 2 0 At Our wedding I 1 0 Never I 1 0 Popular Wedding Colors 0 Blue Purple and Green 0 Engagement 0 00000 O Creates a relationship goal marriage Takes you off the market Time To Examine Relationship Time to plan the wedding Meet extended family Pre wedding classes Average length 1318 Month Honeymoon Period 0 Prenuptial Agreements 0 O O 0 515 of Marriages Protects assets 44 of singles feel it is a good idea 49 of divorcees feel it is a good idea Watch Intolerable Cruelty for Extra Credit At wedding destroy prenup and girls takes all of the money from divorce George Clooney knows all of her tricks but marries her destroys prenup and she takes money all of the money Then he tries to get all of his money and stuff back 0 Marriage As A Commitment 0 O O O 0 Human beings have a natural desire to commit to another Date an average of 25 months Average lasts 136 years Marriages that end in divorce last on average between 47 years United States has highest divorce rate 0 Marriage As A Sacrament O O O O 34 of all marriages and 35 of all remarriages took place in some type of religious ceremony Civil weddings are on the rise Religious significance Church is cheaper and families want son or daughter to marry in church 0 Average Cost of Wedding In the US 0 31213 dollars 2014 0 Why Do People Get Married 0 0 Why do People marry I LOVE most common answer I Companionship I Desire to have children I Happiness Test Q gtxltgtxlt 0 What is the most common reason people to get married I Love Financial Costs 0 241080 to raise one child to 18 years of Age I College Not included Day Care Costs 0 Illinois recommends 108 week 0 US average 11666 year in daycare center 0 Ranging from 3582 to 18773 annually Single Parent Facts 0 137 million single parents I Raising 218 million children26 of children under 21 O 84 are women I 45 divorced I 34 never married 0 57 of single fathers are divorced I Know majority single parents are women and majority of women comes from divorces TEST Q Single Mother Facts 0 795 are employed 27 live in Poverty 22 receive Medicaid 23 receive food stamps 39 are 40 or older 0 54 have only one child Over Break Review Guide for Exam7 O O O O


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