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Sports Nutrition

by: Summer Boone

Sports Nutrition FDNS 2100

Summer Boone
GPA 4.0
Human Nutrition and Food

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About this Document

These are my notes for 11/19/15 :)
Human Nutrition and Food
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer Boone on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Grossman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition and Food in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 11/19/15
Sports Nutrition oz What makes someone great at sports Genetics 0 Coordination muscle ber types lung capacity etc c We can39t change or genetics Training 9 Practice weights conditioning drills etc Nutrition 0 Fuel hydrate recover reduce in ammation and soreness boost immunity o Everybody has genetics and trains hard nutrition is the make or break oz Consequences of poor eating Loss of muscle mass Fatigue Decreased immunity HUGE o High training athletes are usually immunal compromised Limited injury recovery Poor bone health Lack of concentration All of the above poor performance oz The basics Timing 0 Eat 3 meals and 23 snacks a day 9 Try not to go longer than 4 hours without eating Food choice o Whole grains lean meats fruits vegetables lowfat dairy heart healthy fats nuts o Limit excess fat from friedgreasy foods o Limit added sugar from desserts sodas re ned starches oz Energy metabolism Anaerobic occurs when oxygen isn39t available sprinters o Phosphocreatine system 10 seconds 0 Anaerobic glycolysis 13 minutes Uses carbs glucoseglycogen Aerobic requires oxygen long distance running 0 Aerobic glycolysis o Krebs cycle TCA Cycle Citric Acid Cycle 9 Electron transport chain Energy systems work simultaneously Energy from proteins carbs fats amp lipids Anaerobic starts fast but ends quick aerobic starts slow but lasts longer kt Macronutrients fuel Fuel sources 9 Carbs fats proteins Amount of each fuel used during physical activity depends on 0 Diet 9 Intensity amp duration of activity 0 Degree the body is conditioned oz Carbs protein and fat Carbs o FUEL muscles during both anaerobic and aerobic activity 0 Maintain blood glucose levels during exercise 0 Replace muscle glycogen Protein o Is not a major fuel for physical activity o Provide amino acids to build and repair tissues 0 Assure proper muscle synthesis 9 Maintain a healthy immune system Fat Fuel for lowmoderate intensity endurance exercise o Fat source at every meal ideally healthier fats Olive oil canola oil nuts avocados sh oz Recommended intakes O Carbs 0 610 grams per kilogram of body weight Protein 9 Adults 08 grams per kilogram of body weight 9 Endurance athletes 1214 rams per kilogram of body weight 9 Strength athletes 1617 grams per kilogram of body weight Fat 0 Consume 2535 of total calories from fat 60 Nutrient timing Fueling BEFORE exercise o Eat a full meal 34 hours before exercise smaller snack up to 30 min before exercise 0 23 of meal starch fruit andor vegetable 13 of meal lean protein 0 Limit high fat high ber 0 Do not try new foods day of competition Fueling DURING workouts 9 Purpose Maintain blood glucose Hydrate 9 Easy to digest Liquid Carb 68 9 Guidelines 2040 ox uid per hour 3060 g carb per hour Fueling AFTER workouts 9 Purpose Reload glycogen stores Repair tissue Rehydrate o Carb Protein Timing aim for eating within 30 min after workout 115 grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight 20 grams of protein 9 Dairy protein highest quality Full recovery meal 2 hours following snack kt Nutrients of particular importance lron Vitamin D o More risks of fractures with low Vitamin D Calcium Omega 3 DHA and EPA Leucine amino acid o Triggers muscle building pathway after exercise 0 Dairy proteins and meats Antioxidants tart cherries pomegranate blueberries etc kt Fluids and hydration Fluid loss decrease D blood volume decreases D inadequate oxygen to exercising muscle D exhaustion D poor performance Fluids to avoid carbonated alcoholic uids too high in glucose fruit juices etc oz Dietary supplements A product contains substances like vitamins minerals food botanicals amino acids and is intended to supplement the usual intake of these supplements Are found in pill tablet capsule powder or liquid form and are meant to be taken by mouth Ergogenic Aid is any substance steroids creatine sodium bicarbonate etc kt Dietary supplement regulation Dietary Supplementation Health Education Act DSHEA o Herbals and botanical are neither food nor drugs 9 Companies can legitimately market and sell supplements without having to demonstrate safety or effectiveness Essentially a selfregulating system 0 Companies are responsible for testing 9 quotbuyer bewarequot market oz Doping status Important to consider whether the sport supplement may cause the athlete to test posititve for a prohibited substance Apparently quotsafequot supplements may contain ingredients not declare don the label that are prohibited regulatory bodies Innocent indigestion of prohibited substance is not an exceptable excuse 0 Contamination Not uncommon Results from poor manufacturing processes 0 IOC tested 634 nonhormonal supplements 148 contained ingredients that would have led to a positive doping test but were not listed on the label 0 Judkins et al tested 52 popular sports supplements 13 products contained undeclared steroid compounds and 16 contained stimulant contaminants oz Quality of the product The following 4 factors should be examined when assessing supplement quality o 1 Identity does the product39s contents match what is printed on the label o 2 Potency does the product contain the amount of the ingredient claimed on the label o 3 Purity is the product free of unacceptable levels of contaminants o 4 Bioavailability does the ingredient break apart properly in the body so that it may be assimilated 60 Supplement certi cation Consumer Lab Seal of Approval NSF Certi ed for sport Informed Choice United States Pharmacopeia 60 Consumer reports39 quotDirty Dozenquot 12 risky supplements Aconite Bitter Orange LobeHa Yohimbe CountryMallow Germanium Coltsfoot Comfrey Greater Celandine Kava Chaparral ColloidalSilver


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