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Week 11

by: Petey Martin

Week 11 MKT 203

Petey Martin
GPA 3.25

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About this Document

Week 11 of Notes.
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Petey Martin on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 203 at University of Rochester taught by HOPE V in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING in Marketing at University of Rochester.

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Date Created: 11/19/15
Petey Martin Notes 111715 0 P3 Promotion The Ultimate Perception o P4 Promotion Capital quotPquot vs lower case quotpquot INTEGRATED MARCOM KEY MESSAGES o MARCOM Marketing Communications the promotional mix a MARCOM an overview for Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations Direct Marketing Junk MaiTeemarketingeMktg Personal Selling 0 Key word INTEGRATED a Primary objective Relationship Management a Secret to success Who s the Audience What s the message a Major stumbling block What does a customer want to hear vs What does the business need to say a How will you apply team learnings to your project MARCOM strategy 0 WHAT MAKES GREAT ADS WHEN DO ADS FAIL Memorable Relatable Catchy Brief Informative Repeat Ful lls Its Objective DOESN39T Ful ll Objective 0 DISCUSSION Promotion w a Capital quotPquot The Communications Model a Message Medium Decod l Receiverl Response Feedback Sender l Encod Common Communication Platforms 0 Advertising 0 Labeling 0 Branding 0 Billboards 0 WebSocial Media 0 Awareness 0 Sales Promotions 0 Creating Incentives 0 Pull 0 Action Events Developing Interest Touch Drama Fundraisers Goodwill Promotional Tours ic Relations Building Publicity Positive Interest Persuasive In uenUal News Releases 0 Crisis Management Online amp Social Media 0 Websites 0 Email 0 Google 0 Blogs 0 Facebook Mobile 0 Ease 0 Commitment Direct Contact Marketing 0 Data Driven 0 Targeted 0 Cataloging 0 ClosedLoop Identi cation Process 0 Personal Selling 0 Free Samples WebEnabled Thinking Classi cations 0 Paid 0 Product Placement Owned 0 Product Distribution 0 Earned 0 Reputation 0 Developing Effective Communications A 6Stage Process Task 1 Identify the Target Audience Segmentation Group of People 0 Image Analysis Research Task 2 Determine the communications Obiectives QQQQQQ Pub O 00000 0 Awareness Think 0 Interest Engage 0 Action Behavior Task 3 Designing the Message 0 Content 0 Rational 0 Emotional 0 Moral Structure one sidedtwo sided 0 Address Shortcomings 0 Format 0 Channel Coordination Source 0 Who is your voice Task 4 Selecting communication Channels 0 Personal Nonpersonal Task 5 Establishing the total marketing communications Budget How muchH0W effective Accountable X ofSaes Affordable Benchmark Goal Driven Task 6 Deciding the Marketing Communications Mix Measurable Advertising Sales Promotion Events Experiences Public Relations Publicity Online Social Media Mobile Direct amp Databased Marketing Personal Selling Petey Martin Notes 111915 0 P3 Promotion The Ultimate Perception o P 4 Promotion FACTORS to consider in establishing Marcom Mix Buyerreadiness 0 Cost Effectiveness Hi Lo VS 0 Awareness Comprehension Conviction Order ReOrder Downward Trend Small bump upward at order to reorder 0 Productlifecycle revisit the life cycle chart impactlevel of use 0 Intro Growth Maturity DecHne Advertising Public Rel Sales Promo gtlltgtlltgtllt gtlltgtlltgtllt Direct Mktg gtlltgtlltgtllt gtlltgtlltgtllt Pers Selling Word of Mouth Measuring Results 0 Mass Media Cost per 1000 exposures o Metrics Levels Recall in Advertising Product Purchase or Use in Direct Markets Customer Satisfaction Direct Marketing Tracking message to consumer action 0 Ads The MOST Public Face of Marketing Key Concepts Advertising the most pervasive form of marketing in American Life There s some GREAT advertising and a whole lotta junk Key questions Who s the customer 0 What s the message 0 ow can quotthat message be delivered 0 quotmost effectivelyquot 0 to quotthose customersquot that customer segment 0 DrillDown Into Advertising Measuring Advertising Effectiveness ReachFrequencyImpact Major Media Types pros amp cons Selecting the media vehicle Timing 0 Macro Seasonal quotDon t sell soup in Florida in julyquot 0 Micro Repetition over small periods Geography 0 DMA s Designated Marketing Areas Evaluating Effectiveness 0 Copy testing 0 Sales impact 0 Brand switching activity 0 Sales Promotion amp Public Relations Key Messages Saes promotion create incentive to buy or sell customer amp industrial Promotions Go beyond consumer pull Important elements with bene ts to sellers in this channel Effective marketingPR program Promotes organizational IMAGE Keeps it from getting tarnished Protects the BUSINESS from harm o DrillDown on Sales Promotions Shortterm usually incentive toos create opportunities se inventory Hidden Messages Consumer Markets Industrial Markets Objectives Consumer promotion toos Industrial trade promotion tools SalesForce promotional tools 0 DrillDown on Public Relations quotPublicquot any group With interest in or impact on a company meeting its goals immediate or potential Objectives 0 Keep the Corporate Image quotshinyquot Damage control 0 In uence PR programs to promote or protect a rm s image or products 0 Press relations Keeping the company quotshinyquot Product publicity Staging events Corp Communications Messaging Lobbying In uencing agency rules Counseling Media training Major tools Measuring results 0 Number of exposures Direct Contact Marketing 0 KEY MESSAGES Direct Marketing Directorder marketing driven by a simple concept a customer order Directcontact marketing driven by customer communications drives emphasis on relationship marketing Overnight delivery services opened Direct Marketing s potential Direct Marketing becomes 0 Database Marketing becomes 0 CRM Customer Relationship Marketing Key enablers are customer databases database management data mining Push vs Come amp Get It Yo self strategies create consumer issues web amp mobile ARE different than other medial Integrated Direct Marketing vs Mass Ad Agencies vs visibility prestige P vacy P vacy P vacy


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