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Chapter 15: Chemical Equilibrium

by: Erik Roseberry

Chapter 15: Chemical Equilibrium CHEM 0970

Marketplace > Engineering and Tech > CHEM 0970 > Chapter 15 Chemical Equilibrium
Erik Roseberry
GPA 3.0
Chemistry 2
Dr. Maleckar

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About this Document

This week we covered all of chapter 15. This is all the notes covered in class and in the textbook condensed to one document to help you quickly learn the entirety of the material!
Chemistry 2
Dr. Maleckar
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erik Roseberry on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 0970 at a university taught by Dr. Maleckar in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 253 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Erik Roseberry Dr Maleckar Chemistry 2 Notes Week 013015 Chapter 15 Chemical Equilibrium Concept of Equilibrium chemical equilibrium is the point where both reactants exist together The rate at which reactants go to products is equal it the rate in which products turn into reactants and reactions continue to happen so it is dynamic it is a reversible process this chapter focuses on chemical changes Equilibrium Constant ll my notation for equalibrium If N204 N02 then kfN204krN022 50 kfkr N0212N204D kfkr Kc K is the equilibrium constant while the entire problem is the equilibrium expression can never determine reaction rate from expression alone KC CCDdAaBb is also another way to express the equilibrium constant products on top reactants on bottom if x is solution use molarity for x if x is gas use partial pressure for x is x is solid or pure liquid do not use for Keq it adds no part to equann Equilibrium Expressions if KC is huge the concentration of products will be greater than of the reactants lf KC is small the concentration of reactants will be greater than of the products K is used for gas partial pressure equilibrium Kp KC RT 239 1 Rgas constant TTemperatureK n difference in stoichiometric coefficientsprodreact Solving Problems with Equilibrium Constant Qc reaction quotient To calculate initial productsinitial reactants o If KC QC then process is at equilibrium lf QC gt KC then process has more products and will move to left towards reactants to reach equilibrium o If QC lt KC then process has more reactants and will move to right towards products to reach equilibrium Equations to solve for missing variable At ktAO for zero order problems ttime lnAtAokt rst order problems krate constant 1At kt 1Ao second order problems A concentration How Chemical Equilibrium is Affected Le Chatker39s Principle when chemical system at equilibrium gets disturbance it will shift to left or right to minimize disturbance Disturbances Increasedecrease pressure Increasedecrease temperature lncreasedecrease concentration lf pressure increases changes the side that has fewer moles lf temperature increases chill change towards reactants for exothermic towards products for endothermic reaction


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