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Week 8 Ponds of Kalambayi Anthro 161

by: Janiel Celeena Santos

Week 8 Ponds of Kalambayi Anthro 161 ANTH 161

Marketplace > University of Oregon > anthropology, evolution, sphr > ANTH 161 > Week 8 Ponds of Kalambayi Anthro 161
Janiel Celeena Santos
World Cultures >2 >IC
Baxter D

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About this Document

An overview and analysis of The Ponds of Kalambayi
World Cultures >2 >IC
Baxter D
Class Notes
Tidwell, Anthro
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janiel Celeena Santos on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 161 at University of Oregon taught by Baxter D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see World Cultures >2 >IC in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Oregon.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 11/19/15
Ponds of Kalambayi Mike Tidwell Background 0 Peace Corps Volunteer o Posted to Zaire 198587 0 Lived among the people of kalambayi in south central Zaire DRC near the Lubilashi River 0 Kalambayan people farmers huntgatherwage labor 0 Tidwell lived in a village of 500 people 0 His task teach sh farming Themes 0 Sharing o FishFarming Enterprise 0 Importance of children and family 0 Poverty and malnutrition o SufferinghopDeterminationfate o Postcolonialismcotton o Tidwell s relation with the native people and his lessons learned 0 History 0 Territory was inhabited by ancient Negrito peoples Pushed into the mountains by Bantu and Nilotic invaders o Tribal society kingdomfederations 0 European colonial exploration begins in 15th century 0 Repeated European attempts to travel in the region were repulsed with heavy casualties 0 American correspondent Henry M Stanley navigated the Congo river in 1877 and opened the interior to exploration Commissioned by Kin Leopold 2 of Belgium in 1877 18841885 Division of Africa among European powers King Leopold gets Congo as his own personal title Slave Labor ivory and rubber Approx 10 million people died from forced labor starvation and extermination 0 Belgium Took quotunclaimedquot land and distributed it to European companies individual whites and mission Cotton and palm oil productionplantation economyforced cultivation Congo achieves independence in 605 0 Independence Political ghting unrest and rebellion Colonial plantations companies remain Mobutu seizes control in 1965 Renames country Zaire Becomes DRC in 1997 Cotton production has dropped steeply 0 War Mobutu ed DRC in 1997 and since that time the country has suffered two consecutive civil wars referred to as Africa39s rst World War which have only exacerbated the already deteriorating conditions created by Mobutu More than 54 million people have died in the DRC since 1998 making this the deadliest con ict since WWII Relative Peace now Shanng Muena Tshitua o A horrible phrase used to describe someone who does not share Tidwell s experience with Mobuta and her begging Didn39t want to share himself with other people To attempt to get in the shoes of another learn to let go of strong habits The Notion of Self The Connected self 0 Seeing life as being interwoven of other people s lives family community 0 You quotrealizequot your quotselfquot in relation to others Wants become quotour wantsquot Responsibilities Watchfulnessmeasurement Repercussions Sha ng See in light of the connected intertwined self What does sharinggiving mean in societies with connected selves What does this mean ThelndependentSeW Linked to rise of industrialization and capitalist economies Individualism SelfSuf ciency Independence Adaptation The ways in which a group of people responds to the environment through their behaviors practices and beliefs that is intended to ensure a community39s survival Cultural Materialism 0 Theory central premise is that the subsistence strategyeconomic system is of primary signi cance in understanding society and culture 0 Environment subsistenceeconomy social structure culture 0 So to understand social structure and culture rst look at the environment and the ways in which people have adapted to it 0 Use this principle as you think about the Ponds of Kalambayi In the US 0 Teach children independence from an early age 0 Move on an average of every 5 years 0 Young boomers people now in their mid40 to early 505 have held on an average of 105 jobs throughout their careers Behaviors and Beliefs How are those behaviors and beliefs adaptive in a highly industrialized society 0 Independence Mobility o Belief that quotmoney makes you happyquot Self of the Family 0 Who would want to live alone Michel is offered on of the daughters of a local chief Villagers baf ed by his refusal Romantic love Why you marry The profound importance of family The profound tragedy of not bearing children Family Planning 0 Have more children because of mortality rate


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