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by: N3koKikyu
GPA 3.5
Social Psychology

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About this Document

Notes for 11/17/15 and 11/19/15 Enjoy :)
Social Psychology
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by N3koKikyu on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 70782 at George Mason University taught by Riskind in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 11/19/15
Tuesday November 17 2015 Social Psychology Interpersonal Attraction The Propinquity Effect one determinant of interpersonal attraction is proximity or propinquity Festinger Schachter and Back 1950 tracked friendship formation Residents had been assigned to their apartments at random most were strangers residents were asked to name their three closest friends in the entire housing project 65 of friends mentioned lived in the same building 41 of the nextdoor neighbors were close friends 22 lived just two doors apart 10 who lived on opposite ends of the hall were close friends Functional Distance refers to certain aspects of architectural design that makes it more likely that some people will come into contact with each other more often than with others Mere Exposure Effect The finding that the more exposure we have to a stimulus the more apt we are to like it Similarity is a Determinant of Attraction The more similar a strangers interests are to yours the more you will like them Kinds of Similarity Demographics where you live Attitudes you like that band So do I Values you have this moral Me too Interpersonal Communication Style shy people like other shy people Shared experiences sodfwe Reciprocal Liking We like people who like us A type of self fulfilling prophecy When we expect people to like us we elicit more favorable behavior from them and show more to them Tuesday November 17 2015 When people think they are not likeable they act differently They may interpret others behaviors as unfriendly Physical Attractiveness Certain faces are more attractive than others across cultures even for infants Symmetrical features are more attractive in the middle and not at either extreme Thursday November 19 2015 Social Psychology Interpersonal Attraction cont Theories of Mate Selection Evolutionary Psychology The attempt to explain social behavior in terms of genetic factors that evolved over time according to the principles of natural selection For women reproduction is costly in terms of time energy and effort Must select a mate that gives resources to raise young Men have less of an investment and main goal is to make as many babies as possible Features that are attractive are those that make reproduction likely Evolutionary Perspective says mates are chosen based on factors that will maximize chance of reproductive success Men choose mates for attractiveness Women choose mates for resources Walster s computer dating study Examined the effect of attractiveness Freshman Welcome Week Dance Independent variables Attractiveness rated personality tests social skills introversionextroversion masculinityfemininity intelligence Subjects matched for date randomly RESULTS measured how freshmen rated their date at intermission whether they had further dates with that person several months later Physical attractiveness the most important factor Intelligence and personality were not related to future dating Thursday November 19 2015 Assortative Mating the tendency for individuals to be paired with mates who have similar physical behavioral and psychological characteristics Stereotypes play a role as well What is beautiful is good stereotype When people assume that physical attractiveness is associated with other desirable traits Stereotypes of young children Dion amp Bersheild teachers made different interpretations of children who were having difficulty in the classroom depending on their attractiveness When the child was unattractive they made internal attributions they must be unintelligent When they were attractive they made external attribution they must have stress at home Selffulfilling nature of attractiveness stereotypes Synder et aI more confident 39 Attractiveness Influences Personality Perceptions Attractive people are given lighter sentences in court unless the crime has to do with something they could have used their looks for confidence scams


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