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SOC 311 Notes #8

by: Emily Wagner

SOC 311 Notes #8 Soc 311

Emily Wagner
Drugs and society

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About this Document

Drugs and society
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Wagner on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 311 at University at Buffalo taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Drugs and society in Sociology at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 11/19/15
SOC 311 Drugs and Society Kristen ConnoHy Notes from 1121511615 Marijuana Ancient Medicine 0 First direct reference to cannabis 2737 BC Recreational Use 0 India 0 Muslims used marijuana because alcohol was banned by the Koran Muslims introduced hashish Marijuana in America 1545 Spanish brought marijuana to the New World Hemp was replaced by cotton 1890 Marijuana caught on in the 19205 quotReefer songs jazz music marijuana clubs Marijuana users weren t dangerous Acute Effects 0 One of the least toxic drugs known to humans 0 Physical effects acute red eyes increased heart rate dry mouth 0 Used to enhance pleasurable experiences Chronic Effects Links Cerebral atrophy shrinking of the brain 0 Lower testosterone level 0 Birth defects 0 Lung damage Effects 0 Dizziness hunger misjudgment of time 0 Users must redefine these effects as pleasurable Medical Marijuana 0 First state to legalize California then Oregon and Hawaii 0 Need medical marijuana identi cation card 0 Pros and Cons 0 Many people believe it s a way to treat MS AIDS and cancer To alleviate symptoms caused by the prescription drugs they are on to treat their disease 0 Risks outweigh the rewards 0 People opposed believe that marijuana has the same or worse effects than cigarettes 0 Can manage pain control nausea enhance appetite Palliative Care marijuana helps with mental pain of terminally ill patients LSD and Hallucinogens 0 Not easily classi ed into stimulation or depression 0 Must learn to enjoy Rarely linked to criminal acts Subjective Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs Psychotic episodes were hugely exaggerated by the media 0 Declined in the 19705805 Eidetic Imagery eyeball movies Synesthesia translation of one sense to another Pseudohallucinogen image that the user knows isn t real Sensory Overload being bombarded by an excess of stimuli can t lter our irrelevant stimuli Genetic Damage LSD is a weak agent of genetic alteration Fear and hysteria surrounding LSD dissipated by the 19705 LSD Continuance Rates and Frequencies of Use LSD type drugs are used infrequently Weakest loyalty rate 0 No LSD addicts quotClub Drugsquot Ecstasy Ketamine Meth GHB Meth is a club drug in NY but a street drug out west MDMA Ecstasy Pressed pill or powder Decreases fear and anxiety Feel open and accepting Feel terrible afterwards when coming down from the high Causes dilation sensitivity to light First used for therapeutic purposes Schedule drug 0 Did have some sort of medical use 0 Don t know what each dose containshow much


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