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Notes 11/16-11/18

by: Paige Notetaker

Notes 11/16-11/18 SOCI 1101

Paige Notetaker
Intro to Sociology

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About this Document

Intro to Sociology
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paige Notetaker on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 1101 at University of Georgia taught by Cooney in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 11/19/15
Sociology 1118 sexual morality we saw that deviance or morality differs greatly across time and spca eg sexual morality prudishness vs permissiveness eg compare Love Lucy 1950s with Scandal or Masters of Sex why why have we gone from constraint to choice in matters of sex contraception yes but not the whole answer some preindustrial tribes have sexual choice but no contraception one important factor gender equality domestic authority coleman emphasizes aspect of gender equality domestic authority where women rule households they are freer to do as they wish opposite of equality is patriarchy patriarchy patriarchy male domination when men rule they control women especially women s sexuality sexua norms become conservative patriarchy is prudish brooks to see this look at places where women are highly subordinate such as many predominately muslim countries men rule the family women have little choice in marriage or divorce women veiled and secluded citoridectomy in some places all this gives rise to very strict penalties for sex outside marriage particularly for women family honor killing killing of women by male relatives fathers brothers for reasons of family honor eg loss of virginity adultery or for repeated disobedience practiced mainly in muslim countriesfrom Morocco to Bangladesh and among their emigrants in western countries UN about 5000 women killed annually but true number is unknown victims often young teenagers many killed in very painful ways set on fire beaten to death made to swallow poison and their deaths not mourned kiing usually planned by the family carried out by brothers fathers cousins etc Hence different from western domestic violence committed by husbands and boyfriends praising the killer community supports the killing killer often praised few if any legal penalties in predominately muslim countries but note 1 Degree of patriarchy varies across muslim world eg rural Afghanistan vs Istanbul 2 Not all honor violations result in killing women may be warned sent off to relatives married off etc 3 Opposition to honor killing is growing equality more equality for women brings less violence against women and more control over their lives including sexuality coleman in US lowerincome black women have long been more equal and had more sexual choice greater sexual choice for women means more sexual choice for men also as white women have become more equal sexual coffee among whites have become more open sex and gender the equality sex link provides a good window into genderrelations but to understand gender fully we would also need to analyze it in terms of stratification morphology culture organization the sociology of gender gender inequality is different eg racial equality required considerable collective conflict reason much less social distance between men and women than blacks and whites the sexes live in the same households social closeness breeds restraint Sociology 1118 Law Law seems to be everywhere today people seem to be quick to sue but law suits actually still comparatively rare two types of law 1 Criminal state prosecutes the attender to convict find guilty and punish himher 2 Civil one private party individual or org sues another often seeking compensation for loss or injury criminal and civil cases can arise out of same incident eg homicide criminal prosecution and sometimes civil suit for wrongful death criminal cases criminal case go through several stages police learn of crime arrest prosecution conviction by judge in a jury or by self pleading guilty cases drop out at each stage so most crimes do not result in a conviction conviction survey 2077 people reported being a crime victim of convictions 26 most of crimes probably not very serious conviction rates are higher higher for serious crimes still at least 13 of American homicides do not result in a conviction Iegal penalties rare hence many crimes do not trigger ega penalties same is true of civil cases civil suits the number of civil law suits has increased in US since 1950 this is not surprising Black socia distance relational amp cultural has increased more organizations but law suits litigation still used in only a small minority of disputes Wisconsin study of legal disputes Black Wisconsin survey of Americans who had civil disputes worth at least 1000 Lawyer contacted only 10 of cases Lawyer filed suits 50 of the time only 10 went to trial so 12 of 1 of the disputes wound up at trial medical malpractice other studies show that only 1 in 7 possible medical malpractice claims result in a lawsuit being filed only 50 of suits successful even when there is strong evidence of medical negligence junk law suits how many law suits are taken just to shake somebody down Junk law suits very hard to say McDonald s coffee case is often given as perfect example of a junk law suit jury gone wild McDonald s case 1992 Woman bought coffee spilled it on herself and sued McD s Jury awarded her 286 million seems crazy the lady suffered 3rd degree burns over 6 of body needed 2 skin grafts and hospitalized for 8 days sought her medical expenses from McD s 20000 who refused awyers discovered that McD s heated coffee to dangerous temperatures had received 700 complaints of burns in 10 years and judge reduced damage award to 640000 beyond law law the handles only a small percentage of disputes in US life most cases are handled through nonlegal social control popular justice eg tolerating avoiding negotiating fighting pop justice eg Robert Emerson s study of conflicts among college roommates they drop hints avoid make requests tolerate but nobody ever called police or sued law also rarely used in family or neighborhood disputes or even in business disputes aw tends to be a last resort Hobbes tendency to exaggerate the importance of law is old eg Thomas Hobbes Leviathan 1651 in the absence of law life is nasty brutish and short we need to state Leviathan to maintain order without law Hobbes was wrong some prestate societies were highly peaceful even those that were violent were not violent all the time they were largely orderly food for thought suppose we took law away today would society be much more violent or would peace eventually emerge summary law is a prestigious and prominent institution in modern societies lawyers are well paid and respected despite the jokes but law actually plays a much smaller role in people s lives than many people realize aw suits more likely to be brought by organizations higher status people and strangers


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