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november 19

by: Lindley

november 19 History 1020

American History since 1865
Rod Andrew

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About this Document

American History since 1865
Rod Andrew
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lindley on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 1020 at Clemson University taught by Rod Andrew in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see American History since 1865 in History at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 11/19/15
1 1 19 BushClintonBush continued Election of 2000 another test to the stability of the republic Al Gore Clinton s VP and George W Bush In the election Al Gore won the popular vote and the electoral vote count remains close throughout the night and it looked like the deciding factor would be Florida During the evening the major media outlets predicted the 25 electoral votes of FL would go to Gore but later reversed themselves saying it was too close to say The next morning the networks said Bush had won FL and then the networks reversed again so Gore retracted his recession speech State law required a recount in FL and that s when it got very confusing both sides pursued victory through legal procedures in courts Some people claimed the counts for Gore should be higher in some areas but the voting was confusing Huge anticipation but people just became disgusted about it all The case Bush v Gore 2000 ended up in the Supreme Court and it was ruled by the vote of 54 that any further recounts would clash with FL state law so that meant that the latest official count stood meaning Bush won FL Showed that America s constitutional tradition was still intact the rule of law prevailed solution was found in the courts peacefulconstitutional This election also showed how divided the country was The story of 9 11 starts w Afghanistan the Soviets pull out in and a group called the Taliban took over in 1996 Hardcore Islamic fundamentalist movement brutal and murderous in their rule place very harsh restriction of Afghan life particularly on women and girls Also al Qaeda to operate training bases on Afghan soil to train terrorist Al Qaeda was based on a extreme version of Sunni and is violently antiWestem w a leader named Osama bin Laden Launched several terrorist attacks before 911 WTC bombing in 1993 USS Cole in October 2000 We knew about them about bin Laden etc Northern Alliance alliance of tribal warlords in the mountains of Afghanistan Immediately after the attacks there was a strong sense of unity patriotism and religious faith Bush made it very clear that we were at war the US would seek to capture or kill any terrorist planning to harm the US before they had a chance and we would make no distinction bw terrorists and the gov ts who protected them such as the Taliban regime UN charter says military force is only legal in self defense against a state actor and al Qaeda weren t state actors Congress passed legislation allowing Bush to use military force Bush did not ask Congress for a formal declaration of war Bush Doctrine not a technical term not used by Bush admin Speech to Congress 2001 State of Union address 2002his autobiography 4 prongs to this doctrine 3 practical l idealistic We will make no distinction bw terrorists and the nations that harbor them and hold them both to account We will take the fight to the enemy overseas before they can attack us again at home Confront threats before they fully materialize We would advance liberty and hope against the enemies ideology of repression and fear US air attacks on the Taliban began less than a month after 911 We had CIA officers and special forces personnel with the Northern Alliance and other antiTaliban rebels Over a matter of weeks with our help the rebels were able to take over every Afghan city By the end of November all of the Taliban either surrendered or escaped to Pakistan Looked like a victory but of course we know now that the Taliban has had a resurgence and are still a dominant force in Afghanistan today In 2009 we began sending a surge of additional troops to finish off the Taliban and by the time this actually took place Obama was President More controversial then Afghanistan was the Iraq War US invaded Iraq March 2003 Bush and his admin gave 4 reasons for this invasion Iraq s Saddam Hussein refusal to comply with the UN s demands to account for its weapons of mass destruction concluded he had destroyed his weapons and had pretended he still had them to intimidate to show off We d be overthrowing a cruel brutal regime It would help bring democracy to the Middle East part of the Bush Doctrine It was alleged that Saddam had links to al Qaeda and the Taliban At the time most key Congressional leaders supported Bush s efforts Valerie Plame CIA operative who was married to a formal US ambassador Joseph Wilson Bush made State of the Union address based on forge documents Wilson found no evidence of what these documents claimed and he publically claimed they were false Shortly after Scooter Libby member of VP staff revealed to a reporter that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent to punish Wilson This is just some of the controversy that surrounded the invasion of Iraq during and after it However when we initially invaded 64 of the public supported it March 19th By April 9th US forced has captured Baghdad and in 24 days all the major cities were secured May 1 combat operations were officially declared over and Bush announced our victory with 139 causalities Problem was we initially only sent 100000 troops compared to 500000 in Gulf War Turns out it was enough to defeat Saddam but it wasn t enough to prevent the huge insurgency of former Saddam loyalists and al Qaeda in Iraq after the war was over So we won the conventional war but we were in the middle of an insurgency which shocked the Bush administration Strongest in the Sunni a minority only 40 areas of Iraq By 2006 a large amount of the fighting was centered around the AlAnbar province the city of Ramadi and Fallujah No longer a conventional war but a counterinsurgency operation Like Vietnam there were a lot of military officers that stressed it doesn t work to just kill all the enemies but you must provide security to the nation and show them you can protect them from the insurgence patrol streets neighborhoods have to be present boots on the ground Bush made the decision of a surge of troops in Iraq in late 2006 and early 2007 This surge was combined with the Anbar Awakening lots of tribes decided they were sick of the heavyhanded way the way al Qaeda operated those tribal shakes began cooperating w US forces which turned the tide in Iraq al Qaeda in Iraq was defeated and was in shambles by the end of 2007 looked like Iraq could put together a stable gov t Lots of pressure to pull troops out all US combat forces were withdrawn by August 2010 advisors were gone by 2012 Situation in Iraq began to deteriorate one again once all of our forces were gone especially with an outgrowth of an al Qaeda group ISIS


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