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Week three lecture

by: Chioma Iheoma

Week three lecture SMPA 3350

Chioma Iheoma
GPA 3.5
Public Diplomacy

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About this Document

This week the theme was American exceptionalism. A guest speaker discussed Hard, Soft, and Smart power in the transformation of Public Diplomacy.
Public Diplomacy
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chioma Iheoma on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SMPA 3350 at George Washington University taught by Kabra in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Public Diplomacy in Journalism and Mass Communications at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 01/30/15
Notes week 3 Friday January 30 2015 623 PM January 262015 Predisposition to see things in a certain way can turn harmless acts into trouble 0 Eg An NGO splitting Egypt into 5 for voting districts but that being taken as America trying to split Egypt into 5 To help solve problems like the Egyptian district issue is to find credible people to explain the issues If you don39t understand the narrative language and mindset of a country then public diplomacy becomes incredibly difficult How you perceive an issue or policy depends on how you present it American Exceptionalism Americans think that we39re special but some of these attributes that we think we have we don39t actually have or we39re not the only ones that have it 0 Culture I Individualism I American Dream mobility I Merit I Patriotism sense of unity I Freedom religion speech assembly freewill to decide I Assume we protect human civil rights we are a country built on justice I Moral superiority I We assume that everyone wants to be like us January 282015 W From Bill Rugh39s book 0 Dynamics of New PD i Overall change in the media environment whichinforms people 1 Diplomats must still keep in mind that their budgets are not growing and so introducing something new may mean the expulsion of another thing ii The impact of security considerations 1 the operation of embassies has changed in an effort to make them more safe hard to get clearance in and hard to get clearance out iii The military has an increased role in the diplomatic space since 911 1 quotthey have expanded the definition of warquot 0 The merging of the State Dept and USIA has allowed Diplomats to have more of a say in policy than they did before 0 Tips for PD practice I Use quotlocalquot voices E Find credible local voices who can reinforce the themes that the Diplomat wants to push D Some voices are already out there and Diplomats can simply encourage them literally and by giving them more of a soapbox I quotwarts and allquot III America isn39t perfect and Diplomats shouldn39t shy away from discussing imperfections especially since some of these are already known I quotbe at the takeoff and not just the crash landingquot U Get PD officers more at the policy table Review of Bill Rugh39s Book by 0 Institutional context of PD I Many times Diplomats get blamed when the country they work in doesn39t receive and American policy well I The addition of the job of Deputy Assistant Under Secretary was a good way to introduce more policy into PD This job is where policy begins in terms of PD and in terms of getting info back to US Govt now 0 Distinctiontension between policy advocacy and public diplomacy 0 PD exists as one of five cones in the State Department I Political economic management consular I There exists an order of hierarchy Political economic Public Diplomacy consular management 0 Partisanship in foreign policy I Domestic political debate very little of what is said in America doesn39t get out to foreign publics D Domestic social dynamics such as Islam in America can make America look hypocritical l A dnmncfir nnlifir nl inhan can hp infprnrmprl hv n fnrm39cm nnhlir O L 1 MULLLVUDLV yvllblvul uvuuvv Dull UV LLLDVL til vwvu U u LVL Vlbll yuullv as weakness D The concern with PD is the perceived weakness is that foreign leaders will assume the US doesn39t have the resolve to work with them Foreign publics will always have a set of beliefs due to past experiences that they bring to the table Idealism in foreign policy I Foreign publics will expect the US to stick to the principals they espouse freedom of speech democracy etc AKA don39t support dictators I However our policy is more realist and we do often deal with leaders who don39t agree with the principals that we promote I Foreign publics tend to believe that the US can do anything they need and that the things that do happen occur because the US made it happen There is a distinction between American policy and American society I There tends to be goodwill for American society but not towards the actual policy that we invoke or attempt to invoke There will always be random events that throw of PD efforts Ambassadors as policy creators are important in terms of their input that goes in the policy


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