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Week 4 notes

by: Jack Bethke

Week 4 notes Comm 201

Jack Bethke

Intro to Communications
Randal Beam

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About this Document

Intro to Communications
Randal Beam
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jack Bethke on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 201 at University of Washington taught by Randal Beam in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 155 views. For similar materials see Intro to Communications in Communication at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Com 201 Week 4 12712915 0 Media Economics 0 Rich media poor democracy Big companies want to get bigger to become a full service shopping mart for their customers ie and airline advertising on cable networks broadcast tv magazines etc a company owning all of these businesses could talk that airline into purchasing their services because the airline could get their message out on all of these mediums in one transaction synergy occurs across the media when a content distributer owns a content creator making the owning company more pro table and ef cient 0 can you recognize crosspromotion crossproduction crossadvertising capacity to produce blockbusters one reason to get big is to be able to produce big projects which can turn a huge pro t 0 a small studio doesn39t get to make large scale movies because they don39t have the resources 0 Horwitz article Why does Horwitz think others think it is important to pay attention to diversity of media ownershipconcentration of media ownership 0 Not taking sides trying to analyze the situation 0 Said critics of concentration think there is a link between that and the health of democracy Need a vibrant and diverse media sector for a thriving democracy What is the market place of ideas How does it t into concerns about concentration of ownership 0 The marketplace is a metaphor for a trading commodity In the media market place different ideas about society are what is traded It is not a physical entity 0 Lots of people in the marketplace of ideas creates a diverse array of opinions upon which citizens can base their own opinions o The link to concentration of ownership results from the idea that the fewer owners we have in the media creates fewer ideas there is to choose from What contradictions does Horwitz see in our nation39s thinking about policies on attitude towards media ownership today 0 Media ownership is private not state run o This re ects the nature of a capitalist economic system at work We have a commercial media sector operating in this capitalist system Gov owns few media outlets they stand back and allow the media to do their own thing 0 Capitalism in a sense is inherently based on the idea that competition between business is good and gov intervention is bad 0 BUT when media companies get really big people get worried about their size and want the gov to get involved and regulate how much a singular media company can own If they are too big they are too powerful Contradiction is that we favor a capitalist system where the better company succeeds and the gov stays out of it until one company gets too big Can we measure concentration of ownership or diversity of owners voices 0 Market economic standard basically numbers or ratios that indicate how concentrated media ownership is 0 Looking at the avg share of the primetime tv audience is controlled by the 3 biggest media companies is an example of this In the 1970s 92 of American viewers were watching the 3 channels Today they only control about 35 of the viewing audience 0 Looking at this it looks like diversity of ownership is growing 0 Social values standards focused on media power What is too much concentration 0 Useful de nitions they accurately characterize phenomenon they can be used to identity instances of that phenomenon 39out in the world Information about recent important events beyond our direct expedence That which journalists judge newsworthy by exercising their quotnews sensequot within the constraints of news organization 0 Social or Structural constraints on production of news 0 Conventions and routines QS processes through which journalists work They become socialized to these ideas through college by working for a school paper radio broadcast etc 0 Social roles Q8 bundles of expectations that are expected of someone in a society Everyone has these doctors lawyers journalists students teachers etc One role ofjournalists is allowing society to govern itself by providing information about what39s going on in the gov economy world etc 0 It39s important to remember that journalists have lots of agency in choosing what they are going to publish to their audience o Taxonomy of news values 02quot Proximity Uniqueness Nega vty Impact If it happened recently Exclusivity Perceived signi cance Visual representation 0 Eliteness 0 Source In uences o Journalists generally are not reporting on things they actually witnessed 0 Have to rely on sources for their articles to have success 0 Rolling stones WVU sexual assault story One source was the victim and her friends as witnesses Her story was the one that wound up in Rolling Stone Took information from other publications Later found out that the allegations were false They did not verify the account of the one side of the story Another group of people with another side emerged after the journalist had written the article 0 NYT Article 0 9 sources 0 Of cial sources 78 Appeared rst in the story Tend to be white wealthy men Gives us their perspective rather than women or average people39s views Young people are often not present in these of cial sources Journalists perceive these sources as being more credible Misses the homeless young disadvantaged and other voices that represent a large portion of our society 0 Unof cial sources23 Appeared in the second part of it 0 Male sources 67 0 Female sources 2 o Beats 0 A type of work routine OOOOOOOO


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