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Cyterski PSYC 3230

by: Samantha Snyder

Cyterski PSYC 3230 3230.0

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Psychlogy > 3230.0 > Cyterski PSYC 3230
Samantha Snyder
GPA 3.47
Abnormal Psychology

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About this Document

Lecture notes from week 14 of class
Abnormal Psychology
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Snyder on Friday November 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3230.0 at University of Georgia taught by Cyterski in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 11/20/15
Lecture Notes Week 14 November 16 2015 7580 of prison populations have ASPD 2025 of the prison populations are psychopaths Psychopaths are grandiose likeable smooth talkers glib charming quotNot everyone that has major childhood trauma grows up to have ASPD or be a psychopath but almost all psychopaths and people with ASPD experienced childhood traumaquot Antisocial Personality Disorder 0 Pathological lying reckless impulsive NO remorse 0 Typically sadistic cruel aggressive violent 0 Ex Ted Bundy serial killer and criminal psychopath very well educated with a nonviolent past serial murdered tons of women Explanations of Antisocial Personality Disorder 0 Lower serotonin levels Explains impulse aggression o De cient functioning andor structural anomalies in frontal lobes Area of brain responsible for controlling impulses and thinking ahead to the consequences of actions 0 Lower levels of anxiety and arousal and fear Flat affect Low CNS functioning people with ASPD typically hate routines can39t keep jobs are very prone to boredom Crimes may stimulate CNS to level of that of a normal person 0 Treatment is usually very ineffective Major obstacle is the individual39s lack of conscience quotHave you ever done or said anything you regret feel bad about or wished you hadn39tquot Very confusing question to people with this disorder quotno why would I ever feel bad about thatquot 0 Do these people recognize that they have this disorder Typically don39t believe it get very defensive believe you39re just jealous and that it39s a problem with you and not them write it off 0 Suggested Book Without Conscience by Dr Robert Hare Serial Killer Tommy Lynn Sells talks to Martin Bashir httpswwwvoutubecomwatchvohirExlad 0 Structural impairment of the amygdala which is the emotion center of the brain in the limbic system 0 Sells blames childhood sexual abuse for his behavior Histrionic Personality Disorder 0 Extremely emotional o Continually seeking to be the center of attention Will do things to make sure they are dress provocatively cause a scene throw a tantrum get way drunker than appropriate for the situation cry etc O Constantly searching for approval and praise Insecure but want to be seen as quotthe most attractive person in the roomquot 0 Stems from fears of abandonment that were developed during cthhood Poor parenting sel sh parents idea that quotnegative attention is better than no attentionquot 0 More common in women vs men May be diagnostic cultural bias Narcissistic Personality Disorder 0 Grandiose need admiration feel no empathy with others harshcritical of others arrogant 0 Typically will not accept responsibility for their mistakes very quick to shift the blame O o Essentially a mask for a very fragile selfesteem 0 Up 0 Psychodynamic view Caused by cold rejecting parents 0 Cognitivebehavioralview Treated too positively vs too negatively as a child Helicopter parents save their children from any and all trouble hurt embarrassment etc quotyou re specialquot quotthe rules don39t apply to youquot etc 0 One of the most dif cult personality disorders to treat because these ideas are so engrained these people completely deny that anything is wrong with them 0 Joseph Burgo Narcissistic Personality Disorder httpszwwwyoutubecomwatchvPuB ng5uVal November 18 2015 Avoidant Personality Disorder 0 Uncomfortable and inhibited in social situations Feelings of inadequacy Very worried about social situations A lot of anxiety about how they present themselves to others in social situations 0 Similar to social anxiety disorder 0 Early trauma 0 Conditioned fear Dependent Personality Disorder 0 Clingy and obedient 0 Dif culty with separation 0 Can39t make decisions for themselves always seeking advice of their social support network don39t trust themselves even down to decisions like quotwhat should I wear what should I eatquot 0 At risk for depression anxiety eating disorders OOO Feelings of quotI am inadequate not good enoughquot 0 Therapy branch out make their own decisions take responsibility for their actions Assertiveness training 0 May have had parents that indirectly rewarded this behavior quotYou can39t do that without me you should ask my advicehelpquot vs quotyou can do it on your own be independent make your own decisionquot May be a conditioned behavior Obsessivecompulsive personality disorder Preoccupied with perfection order control Rigid and stubborn May get very upset when things don39t go according to their plan quotdo everything myselfquot type of people Distinct from OCD no link found between OCPD and 0CD Don39t see things like obsession with germs and compulsive handwashing with OCPD 0 Very hard to treat treatment is often met with defensiveness and stubbornness Are there better ways to classify personality disorders 0 The quotBig Fivequot theory of personality ldea that there are 5 quotsuper traitsquot that make up personality Openness closed Conscientiousness undirected Extroverted introverted Agreeable disagreeable Neuroticism stable emotional stability 0 Personality Disorder Trait Speci ed PDTS Do away with categorical diagnosis lnstead diagnose people with PDTS with speci cation of what traits are distorted and the levels of dysfunction on a scale of 1 4 that each distorted trait is causing the patient 0 httpwwwoutofservicecombig ve 0 Figure from book personality disorder traits purple and orange squares 0 00000 Chapter 14 Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence Used to be called developmental disorders Originate in childhood Abnormal functioning can occur at any point during lifetime Worry is a common experience for children 15 of children have some sort of childhood disorder 0 Boys outnumber girls even though women outnumber men in adult disorders AttentionDe cit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD 0 Dif culty attending to tasks behave over actively impulsively or both 0 Problems arise when ADHD interferes with learning or ability to communicate 0 Usually becomes more prevalent when kids start school Typically teacher suggested to test child 0 Problem ADHD is overdiagnosed Could be due to the differences in the expectations of children these days kindergarten used to be 12 day now we expect 4 year ods to go a whole day 0 Poor school performance children aren39t learning material due to inattention 0 Dif culty interacting with other children 0 Mood or anxiety problems commonly comorbid 0 Social skills studies show that kids don39t want to be friends with the disruptive kid leads to not making friends and therefore not developing social skills 0 49 of kids have ADHDlt of those diagnosed 70 are boys May be due to bias boys are more likely to have behavioral symptoms girls are more likely to have attention symptoms behavioral symptoms are noticed rst 0 Assessment 0 Look at behaviors across several situations and environments 0 Get reports from parents and teachers 0 Look at behaviors over time 0 VIDEO How to recognize ADHD symptoms in children httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvlGlxleLZs o 3 key components Behavior analysis Time do symptoms persist for 6 months Pediatrician Visit 0 Does behavior interfere with the child39s relationship with other children AND adults 0 Mom smoking while pregnant increases child39s likelihood of developing ADHD by 2x 0 Causes 0 Thought to be biologically based Abnormal dopamine serotonin GABA andor norepinephrine 0 Genetic basis monozygotic twins have a higher concordance level Frontalstriatal region of the brain 0 Home environment November 20 2015 O 0 About 80 of those diagnosed are boys Characterized by extreme social withdrawal 0 No eye contact cuddling getting picked up 0 Can be extreme aloofcold or get extremely upset quotlack of responsiveness and social reciprocityquot Communication problems 0 Total lack of language or limitedbasic language skills o No small talk don39t understand the relevance but may talk extensively about a subject matter that they are interested in o Echoalia repeating things you say to them 0 Pronominal reversal getting pronouns confused he she it they 0 Preservation of sameness restriction of activities becoming obsessed with one thing ex Thomas the train selfstimulation rocking to soothe themselves may also engage in selfinjurious activities head banging Intelligence levels may vary 0 May not be able to take a traditional IQ test due to them involving too many motor or verbal skills Some children with autism spectrum disorder are considered intellectually disabled and others can be quotgeniusesquot VIDEO Signs and Symptoms of Autism 0 Tip toe walking 0 Lining up toys 0 Spinning wheels over and over ADHD thought to be a largely biological based but there are inconsistencies in the literature More structured homes provide a better prognosis Symptoms may themselves create additional symptoms Can have consequences on learning when left untreated o Astronaut study with roepaying Kids w ADHD didn t learndo better after observing tasks they were to perform How is ADHD treated 0 Drug therapy behavioral therapy or a combination of both 0 Drug therapy is more effective alone that behavioral therapy alone but a combo is the most effective treatment 0 RitalinAdderall Increase dopamine amp norepinephrine levels at certain synapses in the frontal striatal area Higher risk of addiction with adderall than other ADHD drugs bc it39s an amphetamine Autism Spectrum Disorder 0 Extreme unresponsiveness to other people severe communication de cits highly rigidrepetitive behaviors interests and activities 0 Exists on a continuum 0 Symptoms appear early in life 0 Prevalence is increasing at an alarming rate 10 yrs ago 1 in 2000 kids Now data shows anywhere between 1 and 88 to 1 in 600 kids 0 Feeding an autistic child can be very challenging Causes 0 Cognitive limitations and brain abnormalities 0 Something happened early in lifepossibly prenatally that stunted or altered brain growthdevelopment 0 Genetic component high concordance rate Failure to develop theory of mindmindblindness same thing used interchangeably Develops over time ability to take the perspective of another person know or imagine what their thoughtsfeelingsintentions might be 0 Trouble playing make believe Theoryofmindinventorycomtaskbattery 0 Biological factors Genetic factors 0 Research looking at X chromosome defect Prenatal dif culties or birth complications Cerebellum dysfunction MMRI Vaccine Vaccination time is about the same time as symptoms present 0 Correlation DOES NOT mean causation11 Faulty study published linking the two later retracted bc one of the researchers falsi ed records


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