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Notes Jan 26-28

by: Melanie Viering

Notes Jan 26-28 ARH 373

Melanie Viering
GPA 3.5
ARH 373 - Northern Baroque
Tanja Jones

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About this Document

Notes covering Brouwer, Jordaens, and Peeters
ARH 373 - Northern Baroque
Tanja Jones
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melanie Viering on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 373 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Tanja Jones in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 202 views. For similar materials see ARH 373 - Northern Baroque in Art History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
MC 495 JANUARY 2729 0 Tipping Point the name given to that one dramatic moment in an epidemic when everything can change all at once is the tipping point 3 Ways that some ideas are like epidemics o contagious 0 little changes bring big effects 0 changes happen very quickly traditional view cause gt effect proportionality Gladwell s view cause gt EFFECT no proportionality Three Rules 1 The Law of the Few 2 The Stickiness Factor 3 The Power of Context The Law of the Few o in a given process or system some people matter more than others 0 social connections 0 energy 0 personality 0 enthusiasm Three types of The Few Connectors Mavens and Salesmen o Connectors 0 knows lots of people 0 make new friends and acquaintances very easily 0 maintain many weak ties or casual social connections 0 know many different kinds of people I for strategic reasons usually example Condoleeza Rice six degrees of separation only valid for connectors I a very small number of people are linked to everyone else in a few steps and the rest of us are linked to the world through those special few 0 Mavens Yiddish for one who accumulates now like to help other people by providing information their motivation is to educate and assist NOT to persuade they are both students and teachers not in the literal sense example Martha Stewart I it s a good thing OOOOO o Salesmen 0 they use subtle nonverbal cues when communicating that enhance persuasiveness 0 they engage in conversational and gesture synchrony I mirror neurons they build trust and rapport with others very quickly in many cases they don t know they re salesmen example Bill Clinton I known for biting his lip to show empathy I he survived the Monica scandal virtually unscathed The Stickiness Factor 0 Characteristics of an idea that makes it sticky simple changes in the presentation and structuring of information can make a difference in the message s impact 0 There is a simple way to package information that under the right circumstances can make it irresistible The Power of Context 0 environmental conditions must be right for the tip to occur Gladwell s other books m o thinslicing 0 looking at a small amount of information can be more helpful than prolonged studying o The Big Question 0 where is the line what is the difference 0 The Pepsi Challenge is a snapshot but ineffective o cola preference is too emotional Outliers o successful people have hidden advantages 0 factors genes passion desire work ethic devotion o Gladwell added opportunity and historical circumstance David and Goliath o giants are not what we think they are The same qualities that bring them strength are often great sources of weakness Later Hindu Art Main Sites Bhubaneshwar Konarak Kajuraho typically we look at Northern art for this period and Southern art for early Hindu art later Hindu art is more organic than the early style instead of emphasis on the horizontal there is emphasis on vertical using several smaller towers next to each large tower more sculptural architecture capstone shape derived from a lobed fruit departure from door knob capstone shape none of this happened immediately stuff went on over time thanks Dr P Bhubaneshwar c 1000 dedicated to Shiva began with primitive style temples tallest of them roughly 20 stories tall made from bricks of chlorite stone 0 did not use mortar but instead wooden dowels created stability issues over the years due to rot and decay Main support now is the sheer weight of the stone chaitya ornament o embroidered textile pattern created in the stone woman embracing a tree 0 stiff figure 0 stays inside box doll like Konarak c 1240 also called the Black Temple now considered a magnificent ruin originally tower may have been 225 tall 22 stories made of blocks of chlorite stone represents Surya s temple 0 Surya is the sun god notorious for some of its racey imagery Surya Shrine 0 aka The Black Pagoda odd because pagoda is a Japanese term 0 used as point of navigation due to its location on the coast and distinct color 0 12 tall wheels on side create shrine as a chariot o chariots are part of the festival to celebrate Surya hence dancers carved The Great Wheel 0 one of the 12 wheels on Surya Shrine figures are a little less stiff than Bhubaneshwar but still inside boxes Kajuraho 10th century 0 considered typesite for northern architecture dedicated to Siva dominated by Kandariya Mahadeva Temple tower is 102 tall made from chunar sandstone creamy color which allows great detai I think it looks like the Taj Mahal stylistically hundreds of carved figures make bands around the outside of the building 0 it is said that no one gesture is repeated 0 sketched out before construction of the building and carved after 0 the figures have escaped the box I they are no longer constrained to its perimeter 0 Painting the foot 0 example of very specific poses depicted in bands 0 Celestial beauty 0 long slender body 0 complex pose o elongated eyes The Mughal Empire 15261756 Rulers Timeline Babur founded empire Humayun driven from India for 15 years Akbar took throne at 14 great patron of painting Jahangir true connoisseur of art particularly painting Shah Jahan great patron of architecture 0 influence forthis art is from Persia 0 colors 0 Dome of the Rock Jerusalem is example of Persian architecture I very smooth exterior compared to prior Hindu buildings ShahJahan Taj Mahal at Agra 163254 0 functions as a mausoleum tomb made of white marble commissioned by Shah Jahan for his wife after she died in childbirth took 22 years to build by thousands of people construction is a main dome and smaller minarets 0 nothing is painted inlaid stones Akbar Alam Shah Closing the Dam at Shishan Pass 0 from the Hamza Nama 1570 0 color and gold on muslin o careful attention to detail and use of bright color Akbar Viewing Wild Elephant Captured at Malwa o 1564 o inkcolor on paper 0 from Akbar Nama o pops of color 0 elephants highly regarded World of Animals 0 1600 o attributed to Miskin court of Akbar Crucifixion 0 possibly by Kesu Das 0 one of Akbar s finest painters o likely based on one or more European engravings 0 some of the faces look mildly Persian Jahangu Zebra o by Mansur 1621 Jahangir Weighing his Son Kurram o illustrative scene that took place in 1607 as described in Jahangir s memoir Bichitir allegorical representation of Emperor Jahangir seated on the hour glass throne early 17th cent color and gold on paper addicted to opium and wine trying to stop hourglass because he has been close to death pooti in top corners running away one with face covered Sultan lbrahim Adil Shah II 0 school of Bijapur outside Mughal court 0 painters would work in smaller courts Rajput painting 0 themes 0 Ragamala ragamale raginifemale I musical scales I we are not sure how these are weird I they have very deep content many layers ARH 373 JANUARY 2628 Adriaen Brouwer 0 known for lowlife genre paintings o lowlife genre painting paintings depicting poor and immoral people usually with a moralizingedifying purpose bought by middle class but displays lower class emphasises class divides Rubens and Rembrandt collected Brouwer paintings clearly he was wellrespected certainly over a mere genrepainter o became close with several of his contemporaries through guild system 0 part of exclusive group of painters in guild Rhetoricians known for concentrating on the way something is painted and how that impacts the overall message of the piece Fight Over Cards Bitter DraughtDrunk o a m is a head study 0 not a portrait because it is not of a specific person 0 physiognamy is a pseudoscience studying people s face and head shapecolor to determine their morals and temperament incredibly judgemental o moralizing by showing how angry you can be when drunk potentially representing wrathire 7 deadly sins but this would normally be part of a series and there is no accompanying series most likely his portrait paintings were studies of his artist friends he elevates genre painting considered the lowest level of painting by combining it with portraiture considered generally the second highest after history painting 0 his style was incredibly modern for his time looks remarkably like work of 19th century impressionists work I probably brought this technique from Italy viewing Hals s work Jacob Jordaens 0 known for highlife paintings o wealthy middleclass son of linen merchants middle class characteristics of his paintings loose brushstrokes bright pops of local color high sheen The King Drinks 0 subject high level merchants buyer high level merchants o celebration of the epiphany o traditionally ate cake with small bean inside whoever gets the bean brings the next cake modern day adaption king cake 0 typical people seene in this type of scene are the doctor the fool the maid and the wine taster plaque on back wall says nothing more like a lunatic than a drunk COMP Tres Riches Heurs by Limbourg Brothers Calendar image for January depicts same scene type c COMP Pieter Brugel the Elder s paintings of town gatherings for his similar use of color subject matter and use of proverbs a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 0 Hard for us to understand proverbs today because we are not part of that culture so we use emblem books as reference to how they understood their proverbs Clara Peeters 0 female painters typically limited to portraits and still lifes 0 female artists are limited period due to inability to enter guild system 0 it was inappropriate for female to live with a master 0 could not study male nude like her male peers could c we have no concrete information on Peeters childhood and training


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