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Week of Nov 16th Notes

by: Audrey West

Week of Nov 16th Notes UAPP110

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Public Health > UAPP110 > Week of Nov 16th Notes
Audrey West
GPA 3.08
Changing the World and Public Policy
Erin Knight

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About this Document

Notes from class November 16th and 18th
Changing the World and Public Policy
Erin Knight
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Audrey West on Saturday November 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UAPP110 at University of Delaware taught by Erin Knight in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Changing the World and Public Policy in Public Health at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 11/21/15
November 16 2015 Public Health Advocacy Speaker Years ago 50 of people would have been smoking during class time How to cut the smoking rate even further Tobacco prices have increased raise them even more the most evidence based clearly effective PRICE EXCESS TAX Access raise the age if you re in college not as convenient to get don t have a car on campus Increase the punishment In Delaware they run enforcement checks of tobacco at 100 of retailers Compliance checks Other states don t do it to this level November 18 2015 Notes Ideology vs Reality The Political Economy of Climate Change Policy NonDecisions Is there a scientific consensus on climate change Cook et al 2013 page 1 looked at the abstracts of peer reviewed scientific literature and found that among abstracts expressing a position on anthropogenic global warming 971 endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warmingquot Proven that it is extremely likely that human activity is causing climate change Fossil Fuel Industry and Commercial Interests Exxon Did they defraud the investors because they knew the risks of climate change but did not disclose theses risks like they were supposed to Conservative Think Tanks Scientists who work for these think tanks cast doubt on reality 0 Make it appear as though there are two equal sides to the event 0 All of this is to delay action Front Groups Astroturfers Go and whip up this debate Have satellite stations all over Conservative blogs What happened to Bob Iglis He admitted that the climate change was real amp was human cause Got booted out 2010 Conservative Swerve The Tea Party Ways to restrict your C02 freedoms Impose taxes carbon tax Standardize pollution limits Cap and Tradequot How Cap and Tradequot Works Marketplace Incentives people to clean up innovate Intended to drive innovation As the cap shrinks you have to get cleaner and cleaner American Clean Energy and Security Actquot AKA the WaxmanMarkey Cap and Trade Bill It passed 2 19212 in the House with 8 Republicans supporting the bill and 44 Democrats opposing it The senate version is never sent to the oor due to lack of supporting votes 0 Criticism from the fossil fuel sector that it would unnecessarily burden industry and raise costs to consumers o Criticism from environmental groups that it did not go far enough to limit climate change Cityurban scale Cities are doing things Local community scale Communities are doing things People are getting together at the community level acknowledging climate change and how they should go about it 0 Start community gardens item swaps Individual scale Things we can do as individuals Ride a bike instead of drive a car Embrace change


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