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Week 12

by: Nicole Tsai
Nicole Tsai
GPA 3.6
World Civilization 2
Timothy Triandos

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About this Document

Continuation of lecture on China Modern Latin America Post World War 2 + Lavender Scare Recordings for each lecture is available upon request !
World Civilization 2
Timothy Triandos
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Tsai on Sunday November 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UGC 112LR at University at Buffalo taught by Timothy Triandos in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see World Civilization 2 in University Studies at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 11/22/15
World Civilization Week12 111715 China cont 1 Chairman Mao 196070 a Andy Warholm 1972 Complete reformation Redistribute land and work collectively Wealthy landowners labeled enemies 1 billion and killed 1950 marriage reform law i Women can seek divorce and inherit property ii Can also seek spouse iii Day cares established enabling women to work f Control over education media and managed by state g Intended to educate all members of society quickly in the new direction Propaganda i Vegetable greening Melon Fattening and Yielding High Increase1956 ii Artist influenced by Soviet Union iii 26 of top artist educated in Soviet Union iv Aimed to create common community and advertise new life v Trying to create egalitarian rural society vi The Founding Ceremony of the Nation 1953 1 Shows politicians literally and symbolically behind Mao 2 Revised the painting 4 times to change identities and to take people out 2 Great Leap forward program 195860 a Boldly and rapidly reshape china in rural society Small farms combined into large farms worked by 5000 families Cities moved to farm lands quot20 years to a day failed Lack of expertise on manufacturing side goods produced were bad Producers expected to produce more than they can and lied resulting in shortage i Killed 2060 million deadliest famine in history g 1960 drought typhoon and massive rain i Mao was eased in semiretirement 3 Cultural Revolution 10year program 196676 a Reinforce socialism rid of capitalism b Rid of the past that recalls history c Cultural artifact was destroyed d Distribution of Mao s red book i His quotes that aimed to inspire certain responses ii Mao s movement was against cult leaderemperors but he himself became that iii Great leap forward had isolated china and set them back years 4 Mao died in 76 a Wife wanted to renew but moderates disagreed b Den Xiao Peng1977 became vice premier i Liberated the country ii Allowed small profit businesses EDP9939 3quot 999 World Civilization Week12 111715 iii Sent student abroad to learn iv China has become much more prosperous and stable v Average family income tripled 20 years later 5 Tiananmen Square a 9906 1989 mass demonstrations Peaceful protest cracked down on by government Tank Man protestor against tanks Troops from provincelkku brought in to clear square while it was publicly televised Casualties estimated between 0several thousand World Civilization Week12 111715 Modern Latin America Simon Bolivar the liberator Manuela Saenz Transculturation Peninsular creoles 1 South America a Venezuela Argentina Brazil Bolivia 2 Central and north America a Panama and Mexico 3 Latin America a Spanish Portuguese and French b 23 countries c 604 million people 4 Simon Bolivar a Noble birth from Venezuela Mother died at 9 father died at 3 Brought up by slave women quotThe only mother I have ever known Boivar Egalitarian believed in rights for all despite his noble birth Sent Spain for school including military education Returned at 24 in 1807 Context i 1808 Napoleon selfproclaimed emperor of France after revolution 1 Invades Spain and places his brother Joseph in power 2 Throws Spain and colonies Venezuela in disarray 3 1810 uprising and Venezuela became independent against Spain a Long and complex struggle h Bolivar then becomes the president of Grand Colombia i Region includes Venezuela Ecuador Panama Peru amp North Western Brazil ii Nicknamed The liberator iii 1813 led retake of capital of Venezuela back from Spanish amp earned nickname The Liberator iv 1815 fighting continues and he flees to Jamaica 1 Writes the Jamaican Letter in 1815 a Explains causes and reason that justify why the Spanish American want independence b Calls to Europe to liberate Latin American people c Sees Latin American as indigenous amp European Hybrid v Flees to Haiti who is newly freed amp aid him vi 1816 Him ampHaitian soldiers land in Venezuela and freed slaves vii 1825 while liberating states Bolivia is created named after him 5 Manuela Saenz a Military strategist soldier politician and activist rename World Civilization Week12 111715 b Fought with Bolivar who died in 1830 romantically involved c quotThe liberator of the liberator quotsaved Bolivar from assassination d Recently given credit after being negated in history for being a woman 6 Video a Three powers of influence in Latin America i The Spanish crown 1 Colony was there to produce revenue 2 Imposed 2040 tax ii Catholic church 1 influenced everyday live 2 7day work week for Sunday church iii Patriarchy 1 Male domination over women a Men had power over wives as did fathers over daughters etc 2 Mainly a property right to prevent women from inheritance a Cruz a woman who knew 5 languages at the age of 16 i Writer and poet incredibly brilliant but not recognized forhergender ii Attempted to disguise as a male to attend college but was forbidden iii Constant attack and rejection caused her to stop her work and sell all 400 of her books b Transculturation Mix of many cultures racial diversity and strict social hierarchy i Peninsulares Whites born in Spain ii Creoles Whites born in Americas iii Native Americans iv African Slaves v Results in many mixes of races and culture that were put into social classes commonly painted vi Gracias Le Sacra granted to someone to make them quotlegally white c Brazil Ruled not by Spain but by Portugal i Napoleon interference took over Portugal 1807 and went to Brazil ii King stayed in Brazil even after Napoleons defeat iii Returns to Portugal in 1841 and leaves son King Pedro iv Brazil believed they were culturally different from Portugal v King Pedro declares independence and names himself King 1 Hierarchal system putting plantation owners on top stayed 2 Little bloodshed d Mexico 1808 invaded by Napoleon i Creoles expanded their power by siding with the new King from Spain ii Also gained the support of peasants iii Since Creoles and Peninsulares acted and looked the same Peasants often accidentally attacked Creoles who were on their side World Civilization Week 12 111915 Post war period GI Bill Baby Boom Cold War Red Scare Lavender Scare 1 World War II a 17 million people died in war b 8 million civilians died c Resulted in devastated economies in Europe and Asia d American economy was good i Need for machinery technology made production jobs ii Unemployment dipped down to 12 iii Todays is 55 Great depression 13 2 1944 GI Bill a Allowed veterans to go to college and buy homes b Propaganda used to promote GI Bill c More education meant more qualified men for higher paying jobs 3 Growth of Suburbs and in housing sectors a Caused by i Extension of transportation going out amp cars amp GI Bill b Baby Boom i Return of men and encouragement of domestic life ii Birth rate increased from 222 thousand339 thousand iii 4 out of 10 people were under 20 iv Youth made up of almost half the population 4 Cold War a Propagandistic war b Based on fear of communist influence 5 Rebuild of Europe and Japan a Required a great deal of capital b Secretary of state devise plans i Help support rebuild of Europe and japan ii Has to serve interest of European and US 1 US wanted to setup market there c George C Marshal June 5th i speech to Harvard issued a call for rebuilding Europe d Fear of Communism i Soviet Union may attempt to expand during European devastation 6 Marshal Plan 19461947 passed by congress motivated by fear of communism a Approve funding that rises over 12 billion b Generate resurgence of European industrialization c Prospered US market as well World Civilization Week 12 111915 d Europe struggle for world power between east and west e Battle for Influence not actual warfare f 1950 former imperial powers in Europe lost control of mandates and colonies i Southeast Asia Latin America ii Vietnam war 19551975 7 Red scare a Fear of communism infiltration b Cultural hysteria over possible communist in US c Heightened by people republic of China a communist society d Led to i Federal employees analyzed for loyalty ii House UnAmerican Activities 1 Previously to root out Nazis 2 Now they focused on Reds 8 McCarthy a Led hysteria and attempt to root out communist b Prosecuted spies i Klaus Huste spied for Soviet Union during Manhattan project ii Manhattan Project first production of nuclear weapons iii Elizabeth Bently previous Soviet spies turned to US informant gave up names Conducted communist red scare witch hunts Claimed there were more than 200 communist holding government offices Smeared opponents used propaganda to spread fear and ensue power Accused several civilians i Owen Latermoreprofessor of Chinese history amp critic 1 Evidence against him was a stretch 2 1950 McCarthy gave a speech accusing him a Called him extremely dangerous g Used words like impotency extremely dangerous and vague language rhetoric to rouse fear h 1954 his accusations and questioning and his bullying tactic were televised i His ridiculous recklessness was seen by the public i The public ceases to believe him and his power falls j Congress censures his activities 9 Lavender Scare a Persecution of gays and lesbians linked to persecution to communism b McCarthy had a list of 200 known communist i 2 of these cases were listed as sexual deviances ii Vague claims of security risk were hard to define iii 91 of these 202 people were categorized as sexual deviants iv Claimed they were danger to security ad sexual perverts v Propaganda 1 They were apparently easier to sway into communism 2 quotReds blackmail homosexuals in spying for them Headline rhme World Civilization Week 12 111915 vi Infiltration the use of these words to describe homosexuals vii They claim that homosexuality is an unseen disease spreading linking it to communism viii Medical professionals contributed by claiming they were unstable ix Authority to dismiss governmental officers suspected of communismhomosexuality was given to the secretary of the state x Employment of homosexuals were thought of as pollution xi Suspected communist and homosexuals were purged from government offices xii Purge continued into 1950 xiii Banned homosexuals to immigrate into US xiv Homosexuals were not allowed governmental offices xv Led to institutionalization of homophobia c Homophile i Movement to fight for homosexual rights ii To reform and change the persecution of homosexuals iii quotSexual preference is irrelevant to government employment d The Stonewall nn i A gay bar frequently raided ii One particular raid sparked a massive riot The Stone Wall Riot iii Stone Wall Riot marks start of the gay rights movement that later leads to Aids movement


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