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1/27 notes

by: Angie Bell

1/27 notes HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction

Angie Bell
GPA 3.25
Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin

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About this Document

Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Angie Bell on Friday January 30, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction at Ohio State University taught by Joan Cashin in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 122 views. For similar materials see Civil War and Reconstruction in History at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
1272015 The Average Soldier breech loading rifle has three times the distance ability to hit targets than the traditional muzzle loading rifle all of the soldiers are new to war need to learn to respect the hierarchy many captains and leaders had troubles leading because they had to teach all aspects of war and combat to the young soldier the war started with the idea that winters would be off and fighting would resume in the summer so that the soldiers could go home for the winter this ideal was changed near the end of the war desertion was the cause of most deaths within one militarypunishment it was seen as the ultimate betrayal individualism dissipated and the group mentality became more prevalent and everyone had their part in working this well oiled machine soldier were resocialized in the armies much contempt was held by soldiers against of age men who chose not to fight not all people who serve were men a tiny percent of women served and try to pass as men why did women serve for same reasons as men feel compelled patriotic for equal rights William McLure plantation owner from South Carolina in 1862 a soldier was discovered to be a female and he wrote an account of the story Lilly Hodges said her name was Albert Cashier part of Illinois volunteer infantry was only discovered to be women in a veterans home in 1890 s was buried in veterans home with her fellow soldiers Loretta Wakeman insisted as a soldier Lyon Wakeman worked on a canal boat then enlisted in US Army for better money lived through entire war and only after she died was it discovered that she was a woman Kathy Williams was a black woman who enlisted as William Kathy from Missouri most of the immigrants during this time come from Germany and Ireland mostly in Northeast and Midwest many suspicions of these new immigrants and which side they would side with some have great success in the armies and rise to high ranks Micks was a slang term for Irish and Clauts were the Germans no one wanted to get sick because the doctors were very feared there was very little training for doctors no med school laws license restrictions doctors seen as drinkers access to whiskey and druggies access to opium some were quick to amputate most of the surgeries and operations were unclean so many infections occurred Hinkley was a doctor who sold an ointment that was mostly alcohol didn t really work but soldiers bought it because they saw it as a was to avoid seeing doctors The lronclads ironclads is a synonym for submarines in the Navy the first submarine was designed and created by the Confederacy in Norfolk Virginia in the Norfolk shipyard its name was changed from the Merrimack to the Virginia the US Army made a longer and more slender submarine that was called the Monitor both prototypes are made by early 1862 first used in battle in March 1862 off the coast of Virginia it ended in a draw but it was clear that the slender design of the North was better than the Confederacy s submerse able Gideon Welles started production of the similar kind of submersibles in the Union as that of the Monitor Confederacy get the glory of making the first submarine but Union gets glory for making the best kind of submarines Europeans copy the Union s designs Laird family was wealth and successful when war broke out very proConfederate a shipbuilding family English family that made ships for Bullock and the Confederacy James Bullock went to England and tried to drum up support for the Confederacy and get investors brother in law with Theodore Roosevelt appointed by Jefferson Davis to be ambassador seeking support got ships to be made for the Confederate Navy


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