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Notes from Nov 17-19

by: Kelsey Carroll

Notes from Nov 17-19 PSYC 440 002

Kelsey Carroll
GPA 3.46
Survey of Personality
Eugene Hubener

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About this Document

Survey of Personality
Eugene Hubener
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelsey Carroll on Sunday November 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 440 002 at University of South Carolina taught by Eugene Hubener in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Survey of Personality in Psychlogy at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 11/22/15
Psych 440 November 1719 mnitive Psychology Albert Ellis Focused only on cognition A very confrontational counselor 0 Like a taxi driver Developed ABC model theory of rational emotive behavior 0 Antecedent environmental circumstance o Beliefs interpretation of circumstance Cognitive in nature 0 Consequences responses feelings and behaviors o A D B D C cause and effect sequence 0 The environment evokes a response like having your re exes tested at the doctor He hits your knee and your leg kicks forward 0 People respond to the same environment differently is because of cognitions cognitive psychology Example people getting dumped My life is over Rebound to another guy Reevaluations life Consequences are a dual outcome Both a behavior and emotional consequence SelfPerpetuating Cycle A o A client is rejected for a d e o B client concludes that they are unlovable C client feels sad never asks any e out 0 Client never gets a date Cognitions can become cyclical and con seem ne until bad things keeps happening When you don t question you own thinking cognitions can become cyclical 0 Example schizophrenics are cyclical thinkers Albert Ellis s Ideas 0 Individuals must be understood by now they interpret and give meaning to life events 0 Important to understand beliefs to better understand and change behaviors Psychopathology maladaptive faulty or irrational beliefs 0 Therapy assessment understand clients beliefs Treatmentintervention change client s cognitions so client will change behaviors himself Irrational Thinking Types lmperially false 0 Example I m having a panic anxiety attack therefor I m going crazy 0 Example masturbation causes mental illness 0 Should statements or must statements musterbation empirically untestable This is just the way the world should be Must go to college 0 Ellis should statements Must statements empirically untestable examples Must be loved by everyone We should be perfect Life should be fair Find someone to be dependent upon I should care about everyone else s problems There should be an answer to all questions 0 We as therapists should look for these during session 0 Ellis likes confrontation during session abstract thinking into the future what would happen if 0 He gets you to question your beliefs would it be a catastrophe if Cognitive Behavioral Psychology Aaron Beck Developed psychotherapy model Believed many behavioral problems come from dysfunctionalmaladaptive cognition 0 Classi cation of cognitive distortions All or none thinking 0 Black and white thinking No grey area Over generalization A single negative event ends in a never ending cycle of negative events 0 Example my son smoked pot once then he will become a heroin addict Disqualifying the positive Transform a neutralpositive into a negative Ken Dodge 0 Example a girl gets a compliment on her out t and says quotthis old thing I got it from Goodwillquot Jumping to negative conclusions Mindreading Fortune teller predict the future based upon mindreading Magnifyingminimizing Over exaggerating things 0 Example I failed the test so I will fail the course and pump gas for living Emotional reasoning Emotions distort reasons 0 I feel it so it must be true 0 Examples I feel fat therefor I am fat Personalizing Take responsibility for things they shouldn t 0 Example A kids parents get divorced and the kid thinks it their fault I m a bad kid and that is why they split up Therapy model used quotSocratic questioningquot Leads you gently by asking the right questions to come to the conclusion he wants your thinking is messed up 0 Get people to rethink their cognitions Challenge them 0 Child psychologist aggressive kids his focus 0 Cognitive psychology is like a computer Social Information Processing 1 Encoding Process 7 a Perception of social cues b Search for cues c Focus attention to cues How did it happen on purpose or an accident 2 Interpretation Process a integration of memory store goals and new data b search for interpretations c match of data to programmed rule structure What does this behavior mean 3 Response Search Process a search for responses b generation of potential responses Outcomes of behavior actions 4 response Decision Process a assessment of consequences of potential responses b evaluation of adequacy of potential responses c decision of optical response v HESFQNSE Beagle 3 cmm cmm DF Gums C mguta mn 5 EH a a j H l is a Hangman CF CUEES 1quot EH39GUDWNG BF FEE wmwmom


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