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1/29 notes

by: Angie Bell

1/29 notes HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction

Angie Bell
GPA 3.25
Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin

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About this Document

Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Angie Bell on Friday January 30, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction at Ohio State University taught by Joan Cashin in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 128 views. For similar materials see Civil War and Reconstruction in History at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
1292015 Diplomacy England has best navy at this time and some of the biggest banks France is also considered a major world power if England or France had intervened and aided the Confederacy then the war probably would have turned out differently James Mason grandson of George Mason signed the Declaration of Independence wealth plantation owner became Confederate diplomat cotton was the leading export for the US much was exported to the giant textiles mills in Liverpool and Cambridge in England the Union Navy set up a large blockade to stop trade and economic stability from trading in 1861 1862 and 1863 many of the elites in England tried to get their government to acknowledge the Confederacy but Queen Elizabeth who was probably a Confederate sympathizer wouldn t formally acknowledge them US Grant from Ohio had been in the military for years before the war then worked on a farm with his parents married the daughter of a slave owners from Missouri Julia Dent Grant was indifferentmoderate on the politics of slavery volunteers immediately when war starts up he helped capture Fort Henry and For Donelson Albert S Johnston very admired in the Confederacy rode alone on horse back from California to Texas when the war broke out and this action earned him much respect Shiloh battle Grant and Johnston fought Johnston died during the battle George McClellan described as arrogant wealthy man from working for the railroads considered a gifted commander Lincoln appointed him head of an army and tells him to capture Richmond plans a peninsular attack so that he will land on a Virginia peninsula then go up the James River to Richmond Battle of Seven days starts on June 25 lasts seven days Lee fends off McClellan from Richmond McClellan retreats back down the James River McClellan blamed Lincoln for the defeat saying that Union army was too small and ill equipped but the Confederacy actually had fewer soldiers fighting in this battle this was the second attempt to capture Richmond by the Union Emancipation Lincoln is careful with emancipation because of Maryland Kentucky and Delaware as slave states within the Union Lincoln allows compensated emancipation within Washington DC and stops spread of slavery to the territories abolitionists are very upset that this was all the actions taken by Lincoln Lincoln says that the war is against secession and not emancipationto end slavery Fisher a Delaware official who wanted to pass a bill in 1861 for emancipation in Delaware but he was unnerved and never introduced the bill Lincoln get a lot of backlash in1862 when he s deciding how to deal with emancipation because many Congressmen believe that he is overstepping his power by emancipating any slaves because the Congressmen think that it should be on a state by state basis Lincoln waits until the Battle of Antietam to announce his plans of emancipation he and Seward thought that the Union needed a victory in battle before this announcement so that it didn t appear as an act of desperation colonization idea that blacks and whites couldn t live harmoniously in the US and so the blacks must leave and live somewhere else Lincoln proposed this a couple of black leaders before he announces plans of emancipation federal government offers to pay travel expenses for blacks to go live in Haiti most of the people die Emancipation Proclamation issued after Antietam September 22 1862 said that if Confederate states returned to the Union by the next year then they could keep their slaves doesn t free slaves in Union or places captured by the Union allowed all black men to join the Union army


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