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The Classic Greece

by: Madeleine Kern

The Classic Greece ARH 204

Madeleine Kern
Hist Western Art I >1
Hurwit J

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About this Document

Notes from November 16-20 on classical Greece: The Acropolis: The Parthenon, etc.
Hist Western Art I >1
Hurwit J
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madeleine Kern on Sunday November 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 204 at University of Oregon taught by Hurwit J in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Hist Western Art I >1 in Art History at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/22/15
11232015 THE CLASSICAL MONUMENT Dying Warrior East Pediment Temple of Aphaia Aegina 480 BC Pathos depiction of emotions suffering Bronze Zeus or Poseidon Cape Artemiseion 460 BC Found in shipwreck Poseidon because of the way the hand holds something slender 63910quot perfect square RHYTHMOS o Stands on two points no need for arti cial support like marble standcolumn ththmos based on right angles and triangles 0 Con dence and dignity in pose Bronze Warriors from Riace Marina 450 BC Riace A Contrapposto pose Parted lips and teeth depicts pathos anger Olvmpia Temple 470 BC Sanctuary of ZeusTemple of Zeus Architect Libon of Elis Elis takes control of sanctuary from Pisa Limestone with coating of marble stucco Established cassica canon for coonnade ox2x1 Cellanaos inner room 430 Statue of Zeus D Chryselephantine Zeus by Pheidias of Athens DORIC ORDER Alternating pieces of metopes amp triglyphs The 12 Labors Herakles Stables of King Augeus performed with the aid of Athena Herakles and the Nemean Lion after he has killed the lion 0 Pathos showing emotion after struggle of ght with lion 0 Herakles restores order hero ofjustice Cretan Bull shown heroic l bearded shows maturity Birds of Stymphalos poisonous birds Apples of the Hesperides holding up the cosmos ethos face inner calm sturdiness of mind that allows him to perform a great deed DIKE justice and order ADIKIA injustice and disorder West Pediment Temple of Zeus Centauromachy Lapthis v Centaurs o Adika by attacking youth and women Deidameia amp Eurytion Centaur taking wife 0 Ethos v Pathos o Dike will be restored because of the god Apollo 0 Apollo commands like a general he takes side of humanity against barbarians 0 Same face as blond boy East Pediment 0 Standing vertical gures chariot race between Pelops amp Oinomaos o Oinomaos aidikia quotold seerquot prophet of vision of the future Assures that dike will be brought back to the world 0 Zeus Apollo Athena Herakles his 3 greatest children administering their aid The Classical Moment Athenian Acrooolis Athena Polias Guardian of the Sea 0 454 Transfer of treasury of Delian League 0 Perikles the Pynx Hill 0 Ambitious plans for rebuilding acropolis Established publics works program to supportemploy Athenian masses The Parthenon 447432 BC 0 Architects Iktinos amp Killikrates Pheidias overseer of all design Many destructions of the Acropolis sieges environment res A m temple with m features Continuous ionic frieze in the cella atop doric columns of the controversial Panathenaic Procession a series of religious festivals Represents Athenians in sacred procession A peplos woven robe emblem given to Athena Polis of Athens greatest religious festival 0 quotBifurcated processionquot frieze split into 2 o themeheroes defeat forces of injustice North Frieze amp South Frieze athletic contest 0 South Frieze is idealized mortals depicted as Athenian perfection East Frieze Young women representing the future of Athens West Frieze powerful horses humans presented like gods gods presented like humans Optical Re nements of the Parthenon Not a single straight line West facade higher than the east side Inward inclination of columns Entasis quotswellingtensionquot Upward curvature domed on steps obscures opposite side Parthenon as a whole or a part of the frieze the eye must work to perceive THEORIES 0 quotOptical compensationquot corrects or compensates o quotLighteningquot airiness oating effect 0 quotWeightinessquot molding to the rock and emphasizing heaviness 0 Made to make the Parthenon to seem more dynamic Deinos wonderful strange fearful aweful Sophokles believes in human achievement but not always a good thing although human beings aim to be in control of nature they cannot control themselves West Facade Pediment contest between Athena amp Poseidon East Facade Birth of Athena from head of Zeus West Metopes Amazonomachy battle against Greeks North Metopes Sack of Troy South Metopes Centauromachy battle between Greeks and Centaurs o Carrey drawings 0 Dark amp light contrast East Metopes Gigantomachy Athena Parthenoa By Pheidias Erechtheion 430406 BC By Mnesilkes Temole of Athena Nike By Killikrates Va rra keion Athena Contrapposto Roman copy SOPHOKLES Antigone 440 BC gives con dent elegant appraisal of human condition 0 The visual equivalent to Sophokles quotOde to Manquot is the Parthenon quotOde to Manquot humanistic view by Sophokles Doryphoros Spearbearded 440 BC Roman Copy 0 By Polykleitos of Argos 0 Creation of the perfect man Wrote the Kanon rulestandard 0 Made to illustrate his theory of art and culture Symmetria harmony of parts Mathematic principle governing statue Pinky is basic unit Verticality of right hand side Right hand and left hand show correspondence between straight and bent Making human form better than it is Protagoras by man the individual is the judge of experience knowledge 0 The individual is at the center of the world 0 Knowledge and perception are relative Propylaia by Mneikles 432 BC 0 Never completed proof seen in the lifting boxes on exterior of wall Peloponnesian War 431404 BC Perikles d 429 left two quotplaguesquot the real plague and the war The Bacchae 406 quotDeath of Pentheusquot King Pentheus ripped apart in his refusal to accept Dionysious39 god of wine ecstasy Anxiety of Late 5th century is re ected in Athenian art architecture Nike Temple Parapet 420 BC Nikai victories leading to sacri ce Virtuoso performance of sculpture Figures attract our eye more than out intellect Forms swirl and vibrate Unbinding her sandal is super cial beautiful surfaces and nothing else Ornateflourishing surface matches insigni cance beneath


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