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Notes Week of Nov. 16th BISC

by: SophieSol

Notes Week of Nov. 16th BISC BISC 1005

GPA 3.92
The Biology of Nutrition and Health
Scully, T

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About this Document

Here are my notes from the week of Nov. 16th for BISC!
The Biology of Nutrition and Health
Scully, T
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by SophieSol on Monday November 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BISC 1005 at George Washington University taught by Scully, T in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see The Biology of Nutrition and Health in Biological Sciences at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 11/23/15
Carbohydrates o Humans store glucose as glycogen o What determines when glucose will be stored o Glucose is the necessary nutrient in the bloodstream Aim to be at a normal blood glucose level 0 Someone with high blood glucose production of insulin glucose uptake glycogen production 0 Someone with low blood glucose production of glucagon glycogen is broken down in liver and muscle cells and glucose is released into bloodstream High blood sugar is the signal of insulin Low blood sugar is the signal of glucagon o In type 1 diabetes no insulin production due to death of insulin producing cells lnsulin levels get lower and lower 0 Death prevents insulin production Glucagon production still occurs but in a different set ofceHs o In type 2 diabetes there is insulin resistance Highly correlated to obesity and poor food consumption Cells do not respond to insulin due to malfunctioning receptors or lowineffective insulin levels 0 If you have normal blood sugar increases after a meal causing high blood sugar signaling the production of insulin causing uptake of glucose takes it up from bloodstream into liver and muscle cells which gets stored as glycogen 0 Low blood sugar after sleeping low blood sugar makes glucagon o How are fats transported 0 Any hydrophobic substance is a protein complex LDL moves fats to cells for use HDL moves fat to liver for storage and cleans up lingering LDL 0 Total cholesterol HDL LDL 20 of triglycerides Want this number to be lower than 200mgdL Want LDL to be lower than 100mgdL Want HDL to be above 60mgdL Want triglycerides to be lower than 150mgdL 0 Causes of erroneous numbers Diet Physical activity Genetics F 0 We are unique 0 Eating Disorders 0 Nourishment Malnourishment lacking at least one type of nutrient at a sufficient level for normal functioning Undernourishment too few calories Overnourishment too many calories 0 Binge Eating Disorder Episodes of compulsive consumption 0 Bulimia nervosa Binge eating coupled to eliminating food from body Can be overnourished and malnourished o Anorexia nervosa Under eating and dramatic weight loss Metabolism 0 Both BMR and RMR are trying to determine what is your minimum energy requirements BMR basal metabolic rate 0 C02 0 After fasting and sleeping RMR resting metabolic rate 0 C02 Anytime 0 Men vs Women 0 Men have more muscle mass more energy demand so they have a higher BMR and RMR 0 Women have less muscle mass which means more fat and therefore have lower BMR and RMR Carbohydrates sugars and starch o 4 calslg protein 0 4 calslg fats o 9 calslg alcohol O 7 calsg recommended daily value 0 O O O carbs 225325 ber women 22289 men 2834g protein 5017Sgday fat 44789 total fat is the only vitamin that is not essential because humans can manufacture it in the skin through UV exposure is when your body can NOT produce the necessary digestive enzyme to breakdown a substance Digestion involves breaking down large molecules into ones that can pass into our body These reactions are called Which part of the grain is NOT paired with the correct nutrient it contains a Branfats b Endospermproteins c Germvitamins d Germphytochemicals e Endosperm starch When cells like the ones lining your blood vessels lose a lot of uid to their environment they can quickly regain the uid through the process of cell drinking also known as Phagocytosis Exocytosis Aquatosis Receptor mediated endocytosis pinocytosis 09069


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