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PSYCH1010: Erikson's Person, Personality Theory, and Freud's Theory of Development

by: Kelly Parsley

PSYCH1010: Erikson's Person, Personality Theory, and Freud's Theory of Development PSY 1010

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Chattanooga > Psychlogy > PSY 1010 > PSYCH1010 Erikson s Person Personality Theory and Freud s Theory of Development
Kelly Parsley
GPA 4.0
Introduction to Psychology
Paul J Watson (P)

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes in question-answer form for the week of Monday 11-9-15, Wednesday 11-11-15, and Friday 11-13-15 on Erikson's Person, Personality Theory, and Freud's Theory of Development.
Introduction to Psychology
Paul J Watson (P)
Class Notes
PSYCH1010, Watson, Lecture Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Parsley on Monday November 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1010 at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga taught by Paul J Watson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga.


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Date Created: 11/23/15
Monday 11915 PSYCHlOlO Introduction to Psychology Watson PERSONS ACCORDING TO ERIKSON 1 For each stage in Erikson s psychosocial theory of development what is the age period at which it occurs What is the key con ict or challenge of each stage What social situation serves as a useful symbol of the challenges associated with each stage 0 See table below Sta 6 Age Con ict Example Behavior g Biology Psychology Social Life Basic trust 1 Infancy vs Being fed Basic mistrust Autonomy independent Standing on your own 2 Toddlerhood vs two feet Shame and doubt Toilet habits Initiative 3 Preschool and early school VS Play rules and roles years Guilt Industry 4 Late childhood vs Going to school Inferiority Identity 5 Adolescence vs As rgu gsg ons Identity Confusion g q Intimacy 6 Young adulthood vs Getting married Isolation Generativity 7 Midlife vs Taking care of kids Stagnation Integrity 8 Late adulthood vs Remembermg Despair Telling stories 1 How does Erikson define the concept identity 0 Knowing who you are and where you are going in life 2 How does he define generativity Taking care of the next generation 3 How might the failure of a young woman to successfully solve the problem of identity earlier in life cause her problems with intimacy later in her life 0 A young woman wanted to get married and be a mother but her mom wanted her to attend college She goes with her idea and has kids Her husband is working and doing what he wants and she is stuck at home alone Their intimacy is wounded because she begins rethinking going to college 4 How might the failure of a middleaged man to solve the problem of intimacy earlier in life cause problems with generativity later in his life 0 A middleaged man is divorced and establishes a new home It39s suddenly very difficult to take care of his kids because he is not with them anymore the intimacy with the wife has ended so the generativity with the kids is spliced Wednesday 111115 INTRODUCING PERSONALITY THEORY 1 Why is personality theory especially relevant to the way we have been discussing the discipline of Psychology this semester 0 Personality theory is a theory of the person one of the three main points of discussion 1 How do psychologists formally define the word personality The total pattern of behavioral and psychological characteristics used by the individual to relate to the environment What two basic questions must any adequate personality theory at least implicitly ask and then try to answer 0 How and why are persons alike 0 How and why are persons different What are the three reasons that there are innumerable personality theories Different personality theories vary based on differing values 0 The complexity of causes with wide room for disagreement Disciplines other than psychology contribute to personality theory 0 Social sciences sociology and economics people make rational decisions based on greed and fear Marx Literary criticism What is Freud s theory of personality called Psychoanalysis What three reasons explain why we will be looking at Freud s theory in depth during our lectures this semester It39s rst and formats the mold Freud demonstrated what the personality theory was supposed to do and no one else39s theories strayed too far from his 0 It is comprehensive He aspired to give a truly comprehensive theory of development mind psychological disorders therapy culture religion etc He attempted to acknowledge every branch of personality He explains why we dream laugh at jokes stutter etc It is culturally in uential Freud had a profound impact on the lives of everyone alive today This is the most important concept out of the three reasons 10 ll 12 13 14 How is Freud s theory related to the history of personality theory His theory impacted all of culture and everyone alive today What impact did Freud s theory have on Western culture 0 It destroyed the Victorian Era What is the Victorian Era When Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire How might Victorians be described 0 They were best known for being sexually uptight quotWe are not amusedquot Victoria stated this when an off color joke was told and the quotwequot referred to the entire British Empire 0 Example it was too risque to show the legs of tables in their living rooms so they used tablecloths In what ways did Freud s theory impact the Victorian mindset It freed the mindsets and gave less impact to taboo subjects How might people who are favorable in their evaluation of Freud s theory understand that impact 0 It is freeing How might people who are unfavorable in their evaluation of Freud s theory understand that impact It is too scandalous What is Freud s developmental theory called Psychosexual Theory of Development All psychological life is a derivative of one39s sexuality Early development defines the person Nature drives development Nurture is crucial History of the erotogenic zones What does Freud assume about the role of early development in the formation of the personality 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 0 Early development defines the person What role does nature play in Freud s theory of development 0 Nature drives development In his first theory of the drives or motivations What did Freud assume 0 Everyone has instincts to live and seek pleasure What did Freud assume about pleasure All pleasure is sexual What is the libido Drive for sexual pleasure What role does nurture play in Freud s theory of development Nurture is crucial how caregivers respond to needs for pleasure cause a particular personality What kind of history underlies the development of the person in Freud s theory History of erotogenic zones What is an erotogenic zone 0 Area of the body capable of producing sexual pleasure when stimulated What is the first stage in Freud s developmental theory 0 Oral stage pleasure organizes itself around areas of the mouth At What age does this stage occur 0 First year of life How might the behavior of kissing be related to the fundamental characteristics of this stage It proves the first fundamental stage Friday 111315 Freud s Theory of Development 1 2 In Freud s psychosexual theory of development what is the second stage 0 Anal At what age does this second stage occur 0 2 years old What three themes explain the characteristics of this stage 0 Bowel movement control 0 Bowels one must learn to control the muscles in the bowels 0 Control social dimension children were praised when they learned to control their bowels 0 Movement babies cannot control movements at first so once they learn to control their movements it is very pleasurable What is the third stage of development in Freud s theory 0 Phallic At what ages does this third stage occur 0 35 years old Why was Freud especially interested in ancient Greek culture 0 It taught about the phallic symbol 0 Oedipal myth In ancient Greek dramas why was a phallic symbol sometimes used as a stage prop And how could this be related to the third stage of development 0 It represented male sexuality and little boys 35 years old are just learning about this What is the myth of Oedipus 0 A royal couple has a son with a club foot Oedipus translates to quotswollenfooted 0 An oracle prophesied that if Oedipus was allowed to grow up he would kill his father the father gave him to a servant to send into the wilderness 0 A shepherd found the baby and raised him in the household of another King 0 When Oedipus grows up he came in contact with a nobleman on the road and he kills the nobleman 0 He reaches the next city state where the king has recently died and he solved the problems of the kingdom so he was able to become the new king and marry the queen 0 The kingdom becomes infertile so a messenger comes from the land of the oracle to state that Oedipus has killed his father and married his mother he also had kids with his mother How is the myth of Oedipus relevant to this third stage of development 0 During the phallic stage he goes through the Oedipal Complex 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 How might the situation of a little boy be described at the beginning of the Oedipus Complex 0 A little boy wants undivided attention and love from his mother but the father gets in the way 0 Freud little boys sexually want their mothers and want to kill their fathers How might his situation be described at the end of a successful resolution of the Oedipus Complex 0 The little boy renounces his love for his mother and takes the father as an ideal there39s a profound reversal of affection What motivation explains the changes of a little boy from the beginning of the Oedipus Complex to its successful resolution 0 Castration anxiety foundation for your conscience 0 Little Hans when he touched himself his father threatened to cut it off 0 He didn39t take his father seriously until he saw a girl and assumed she had hers cut off 0 The vision of your father makes you do the right things because you39re afraid of him establishes guilt What is the important psychological consequence of a successful resolution of the Oedipus Complex 0 Foundation of one39s conscience The vision of your father makes you do the right things because you39re afraid of him establishes guilt If the situation were exactly the same as for little boys how would the Oedipus Complex be described at the beginning and at its end for a little girl 0 She loves her father and wants to kill her mother 0 Later in life she renounces her father and idolizes her mother 0 Guilt is produced from fear of punishment from the mother How and why are developmental processes associated with the Oedipus Complex different for little girls 0 Girls cannot be threatened by castration and quotwomen are not as admirable as menquot so the Oedipal complex does not end but merely fades away According to Freud what is the psychological consequence of this gender difference for little girls 0 Girls don39t have a sense of right and wrong but rather develop quotpenis envyquot What is the fourth stage of development 0 Latency At what ages does the fourth stage occur 0 6 puberty What explains the reduction in sexual motivation that occurs at this age 0 Sexuality becomes hidden because it produces shame guilt and discuss boys think girls have cooties What is the final stage of development 0 Genital When does it begin 0 Puberty and beyond What is the chief characteristic of this stage in terms of the attempt of the person to obtain pleasure 0 Pleasure organizes itself around relationships with the opposite sex 0 Biology directs you to relationships with opposite sex especially surrounding ideas of fantasy 23 What two things should a person be able to do if he or she reaches the maturity of this stage 0 Love 0 Work 24 How can wor be related to the maturity of this stage 0 Obtaining love is hard work 0 Love is never satisfied 25 According to Freud do persons typically reach the maturity of the genital stage 0 Rarer do you find someone who both loves and works most people only do one or the other 0 Fixation process of getting stuck in an immature stage of development 0 Receiving too much or too little pleasure from caregivers 0 Freudian Pessimism we are called to be workers and lovers but most of us are babies we get stuck in an immature stage and cannot grow up


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