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Cancer Epidemiology

by: Rachael Couch

Cancer Epidemiology Biol 2311

Rachael Couch
GPA 3.9
Introduction to Biology
John Burr

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About this Document

I'm a TA for this course this semester. Here are my notes!
Introduction to Biology
John Burr
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachael Couch on Monday November 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biol 2311 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by John Burr in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 33 views.


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Date Created: 11/23/15
Cancer Epidemiology 0 Cancer is the 2rld leading cause of death in the US 0 The incidence of cancer is increasing because more people are living long enough to develop cancer 0 Chance of dying of cancer at age 80 is 1000K greater than chance at age 30 0 After adjusting for the increasing fraction of the population that is older now compared to 1940 there is no increase in cancer except for lung cancer Lung Cancer 0 Most frequent cancer in the US 0 Responsible for 13 of all cancer deaths 0 The incidence of lung cancer has steadily increased through the century Many thought it was due to cigarette smoking 0 Tobacco companies pointed out though that there is no correlation between cigarette consumption in various countries and the lung cancer rates in the respective countries 0 This is because there is a 30 year interval between the time at which a group of people start to smoke and the time that they show a measurable increase in lung cancer 0 After plotting the cigarette consumption in various countries versus the annual rate of lung cancer deaths in each country 30 years later there is a very high correlation Life Style Variations 0 Worldwide there are very large variations in the incidence of the various kinds of cancer 0 How much of this variation is due to genetic differences between one population and another versus environmental factors 0 In the case of lung cancer USA versus India most of the variation in incidence is environmental cigarette smoking 0 Other studies support this as well 0 EX Wellknown study of Japanese immigrants to California Rates of cancers are less common in Japanese that immigrate to California stomach cancer 0 Similar results from study of Jews who migrate to Israel from Europe or US 0 Also well known study there is a strong correlation between high consumption of meat especially red meat andor reduced consumption of cereals and increased rates of colon cancer 0 One proposal is that various carcinogens are created within the large intestine by bacterial decomposition of certain bile sterols 0 Sometimes it is not particularly helpful to know a contributing lifestyle basis for a cancer though 0 EX Having a baby early in life age 15 significantly reduces your chances of getting breast cancer


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