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Progressivism and Reform

by: Erica Kugler

Progressivism and Reform HY 325-001

Erica Kugler
GPA 4.0
US World Power to 1898
Dr. Steinbock-Pratt

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About this Document

Notes over Progressive and Reform movements
US World Power to 1898
Dr. Steinbock-Pratt
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erica Kugler on Monday November 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HY 325-001 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Steinbock-Pratt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see US World Power to 1898 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 11/23/15
Progressivism and Reform 0 Progressivism and reform tied to expansion of US empire abroad 0 Efforts to reform domestic sphere led to efforts to reform colonized people abroad 0 Ideas introduced by the progressives on immigration working conditions etc where exported abroad to colonies 0 Domestic reform movement arose due to industrialization and urbanization o Reforms temperance sanitation civil servicegov t jobs urban planning 0 Progressives unified by 3 key tenets 0 Individual reform 0 Improving government 0 Rationalscientific solutions to solve problems Progressives Work 0 Progressives focused on the cities 0 Cities dual aspects I Economic and job opportunities I Hub of vices gt foreigners wealth disparity bad housing labor movement 0 Goal reshape the physical space of the city for moral and social improvement 0 2 sides to the progressive movement gt uplifthelpprotect and coercion 0 Main movements Temperance Settlement Houses Child Labor Urban Space Playgrounds o Temperance antialcohol movement I Alcohol seen as root of all urban problems 0 Main cause of alcohol problem immigrants Irish Germans Rus Jews because they all drank heavily due to their cultural background I Women s Christian Temperance Union international movement social org 0 Antialcohol social reforms keep the Sabbath antiprostitution o Settlement House Movement I Began in England I Idea to help the poor you have to live with among them I 1st House in US NYC in 1886 I Houses set up in cities that had high of poor people and immigrants I Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago 1889 0 House was mainly for Italians and Russian Jews 0 Had roomboard and classrooms o Classrooms used to teach healthcookingcraft lessons 0 Goal teach residents how to assimilateadapt to American lifestyle I Settlement house reformersworkers mainly women 0 Being a settlement house worker was a way for women to get out of the house and be productive in society 0 Child Labor I Push for government to regulate child labor o Progressives though children should be in school not in factories o Progressives believed in importance of having a childhood distinct from adulthood work life as a child deprived children of a childhood I Children were used in textile and manufacturing factories I National Child Labor Committee abolish child labor 0 Lewis Hine hired to photograph child labor 0 Pictures were a window into conditions of child labor 0 Aroused sentiment to abolish child labor I Problem immigrant families depended on child labor 0 Having their children work extra source of income 0 Clash between immigrants needing child labor and progressives wanting to get rid of child labor I Wasn t until 1930s that first law was passed to prevent child labor 0 Urban Space Reform I Done through urban planning sanitation laws antighetto laws I Change the physical spacemakeup of the city improve social conditions 0 City Beautiful make city a heaven on earth done via urban planning I Progressives believed in link between people s character and their environment 0 dea that person s character was influenced by environment they lived in and were brought up in o Virtuousmoral character open spaces green areas hygienic o Badimmoral character dark dirty unclean I Daniel Burnham 0 Urban planner who based city designs on rationalitylogic 0 Better space better people 0 Redesigned DC gt redesign based on rational design 0 Used grid system rational logic to realigning streets 0 Redesigned Manila in the Philippines 0 Example of exporting domestic reform movement to US colony abroad I Another way to reform the city bring the country to the city 0 Bring countryrural lifestyle values of hard work into the city to help in reforming city vices and to reform workers 0 Playground Movement I Having space for children to play in will help them develop into goodproductive citizens as they learn how to play right I Child should be supervised by a guardian who can correct their wrong play I Childhood play as a way to teach virtuesmorals of good citizenry 0 Jacob Riis investigative journalism took pictures of urban slums o Expose reality of poorghetto life 0 Goal make outside world see how bad conditions are so that changes can be made 0 Coercive side to Progressive Movement 0 Regulate and control aspects of reform o Temperance was linked to nativismantiimmigrant sentiment I Irish and Germans viewed negatively because of their cultural background of social drinking 0 Seen as drunks and causes of alcoholrelated social ills I Russian Jews used alcoholwine in their religious ceremonies o Racial discrimination gt segregation of cities Jim Crow I Segregation may be bad but it is for the best 0 Nonsegregation could mean violence against AfricanAmericans 0 Violence bad so to prevent violence have segregation 0 Progressive movement was mainly a white middleclass movement but there were exceptions o AfricanAmerican reformers I Booker T Washington gt appealed to whites to help with bettering Africans lives I WEB Dubois gt pro social equality eliminate economic distinction bwn races I da B Wells gt raised awareness about lynching 0 quotDomestic Colonization reform foreign populations and foreign spaces in the US 0 Focused on reforming foreign mainly Chinese populations in US 0 San Francisco Chinatown reform the Chinese gt Americanize them hygiene lessons I Weaved American lifestyle with Christianitymission work 0 Presbyterian reformers wthe Chinese gt teach Am culturelifestyle I Donaldina Cameron attempted to help Chinese prostitutes forced marriages o Nighttime raids of Chinese brothels 0 Domestic colonization way to express American superiority American gt Chinese 0 Attempted to change spaceboundaries of Chinatowns I Chinatowns seen as opposite of City Beautiful 0 City Beautiful urban heaven perfectharmony o Chinatown urban failure chaosdirty I Chinatowns seen as disease ridden o 1899 plague outbreak in Honolulu Chinatown o Chinatown burned o 1900 Chinese man dies in San Francisco 0 Fear that plague came to US 0 San Fran Chinatown quarantined Progressivism and Imperialism o Imperialists used progressive s language to justify imperial acts 0 Argued that colonial populations were less racially fit and needed reform 0 America became bringer of progress and arbitarator of civility 0 Because America defined what was civilized it could decide when a colonial population was civilized I Civilized Am work done so theoretically Am now longer needed 0 However because Am defined civility it could keep denying civility status in order to hold onto that territory 0 Progressive ideas taken up domestically then applied to colonies o Justification of US empire gt trying to reform in the dark people just like we are reforming our own in the dark population Key Words 0 Women s Christian Temperance Union 0 Settlement House Movement 0 Jane Addams 0 Ellen Starr 0 Jacob Riis 0 National Child Labor Committee 0 Lewis Hine o Muller vs Oregon 0 City Beautiful 0 Daniel Burnham o Playground Movement 0 Donaldina Cameron


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