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HSTA 101H 23 November 2015 Notes

by: Rachel Notetaker

HSTA 101H 23 November 2015 Notes HSTA 101H - 00

Marketplace > University of Montana > History > HSTA 101H - 00 > HSTA 101H 23 November 2015 Notes
Rachel Notetaker
GPA 4.0
American History I
Kyle G. Volk (P)

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About this Document

These notes cover Monday's class (The Pro-slavery Argument), as Wednesday and Friday fall on Thanksgiving break.
American History I
Kyle G. Volk (P)
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Notetaker on Monday November 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSTA 101H - 00 at University of Montana taught by Kyle G. Volk (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see American History I in History at University of Montana.


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Date Created: 11/23/15
The Proslavery Argument 23 November 2015 1 Pre1830 Slavery a Southern leaders apologize for slavery and are concerned for the south b Virginians debate over slavery 1831 i Came close to gradual emancipation but ultimately decide against it ii Does any man doubt that slavery is an evil 2 Late 1850s John Henry Hammond a Earlier southemers shrunk away from the argument of slavery then there was a change in how they thought about it i By 1831 slavery seen as bene cial to the south ii It would be dif cult to nd a southern man who feels the system to be the slightest burden on his conscience b Rise of the proslavery argument systematic divide i House dividing the South s moral defense of slavery 3 Toward the positive good Three catalysts to the southern defense a Radical abolitionism and moral indictment of slaveholders i It was wrongevildamning to hold slaves 1 Southerners defended themselves against these claims ii Call for racial equality b Divergence of free labor north and slave labor south i Industrial v agricultural systems 1 Industrial next stage of socioeconomic status 2 Agricultural economic need for slavery c Political democratization in the south i Expansion of the votes to poorpropertyless white southemers ii Slaveholders need support loyalty of nonslaveholding whites iii The proslavery spokesmenwriters audience weren t radical abolitionists 1 Instead they wanted to convince the white south a Especially nonslaveholders b Slavery guarantees social elevation of the lowest whites 4 Southern Intelligensia a William Gilmore Simms Edmund Ruf n James Henry Hammond Nathaniel Beverly Tucker etc b Their ideas unite white south behind slavery and white supremacy c Key components to the arguments Religion and science i Helped fuel secession in 1816 5 Proslavery argument religion a Biblical defenses i Old Testament God s sanction of slavery among Israelites spoken to Moses ii New Testament Christ had no objection to slavery never explicitly spoke out against it iii Especially commanded by God through Moses and approved by Christ b Genesis 91827 The Curse of Ham was embraced by whites i Noah after his ark had three sons Shem Ham father of Canaan and J apheth ii After tomfoolery Noah cursed Ham 1 The lowest of slaves shall he be to his brothers 2 His son Canaan was to follow Ham into slavery iii Three sons interpreted to symbolize three races 1 Shem IndianAsian 2 J apheth White 3 Ham Black a Ham s sins sent blacks to be slaves to other races c Trouble in the churches shift on slavery by 1830 i Slavery compatible with Christianity preached in the South 1 Slavery provided whites a great humanistic opportunity ii Northern clergy grew more towards antislavery though not radical d National church organizations started to split on Northem Southern lines i Methodist episcopal churches by 1844 ii Baptist churches by 1845 iii Important moment in the house dividing theme 1 Destruction of former source of unity 2 Sectional identities bolstered iv Southern evangelicals seceding from national unions in mid 1840s 1 Embrace of proslavery thought 6 Race Science a Ultimate goal was to prove blacks as naturally inferior i Jefferson blacks are probably inferior by nature but he was short on evidence b Dr Samuel Morton published by late 1830s i Studied measurable physical differences between the races ii Determined that Blacks had smaller skullbrain size than Europeans 1 Therefore less intelligent 2 Claimed Blacks to be a separate inferior species altogether c George Fitzhugh i Refutes Jefferson and the constitution 1 Men aren t born entitled to equal rights a Proven by religion and science 2 Theory behind American Revolution was wrong a Counterrevolution of slavery b Racial hierarchy was proudly at the foundation of the US


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