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Rosaura Week 2; Ch. 4,5,6,7,8

by: Hannah James

Rosaura Week 2; Ch. 4,5,6,7,8 Spanish 204

Hannah James
GPA 4.0
Fourth Semester Spanish (204)
Denise Castillo

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About this Document

These are summaries and vocabulary from week two of "Rosaura" (includes chapters 4,5,6,7, and 8).
Fourth Semester Spanish (204)
Denise Castillo
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah James on Tuesday November 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 204 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Denise Castillo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 270 views. For similar materials see Fourth Semester Spanish (204) in Spanish at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 11/24/15
Rosayra a Las Diez Week Two 4567 amp 8 Chapter 4 0 On the eighth week of Rosa39s pink love letters the postman brings the mail at 1000 in the morning as usual but this time Miss Eufrasia notices that something is different about the letter and she runs in to Mrs Milagros all ustered O Camilo39s name is missing from the letter I Instead it is addressed to quotMr La Madrilena Roja Streetquot 0 Miss Eufrasia convinces Mrs Milagros that the letter is addressed to her and that she should open it and read it 0 At first Mrs Milagros holds to the moral high ground because she doesn39t want Miss Eufrasia to know that she39s read all the other pink letters but she gives in to the pressure and curiosity and reads the entire letter to Miss Eufrasia her daughters and all the other boarders who have gathered around for the mid day meal 0 One of the boarders David Reguel does not approve of this and he gives Mrs Milagros a hard time about it but she rationalizes by saying that David Reguel is a disagreeable man 0 That night at supper Camilo arrives at the table and everyone knows about the love letter and has heard it read in its entirety O The maid spills hot soup on Camilo and he feels very embarrassed 0 Miss Eufrasia announces at the table that Mrs Milagros has something for Camilo 0 Mrs Milagros pretends that she has just remembered the letter in her pocket 0 She pulls the pink letter out of her pocket and takes it across the table to Camilo before she can finish explaining why she has opened the letter Camilo leaves the table and walks out the door 0 Mr Coretti shouts quotBravo Camilo bravoquot as he leaves 0 Later that night Mrs Milagros asks the maid to get Camilo from his room 0 She and her daughters wait for him in the dining room Mrs Milagros is furious with him and begins to tell him in a whisper so none of the other boarders can hear that she thinks he is very ungrateful for not telling her about his love affair 0 He withdraws even more until Clotilda the educated daughter says quotIf you don39t want to don39t tell us anything Camilo I But we know that you and Rosa love each other and we39re happyquot 0 He then sits down in a chair and begins to speak Chapter 5 Mrs Milagros says that a man in mourning appears at Camilo39s studio one day and asks if he can restore a painting for him at his home 0 The man had a very authoritative air about him and he asks Camilo to get in his car A chauffeur drives the man and Camilo to a very large house and during the drive the man doesn39t speak a word to Camilo O The mysterious gentleman takes Camilo all through the large house until he comes to a large portrait of a beautiful woman the man39s deceased wife The painting is on the verge of cracking and the man wants Camilo to restore it Camilo accepts the job and they agree that the work will be done at the man39s house because the portrait is so large 0 Every Monday at three o39clock a car arrives at Camilo39s studio to pick him up I He spends time working on the portrait and then the driver take him back around siX o39clock One day Camilo meets a beautiful young woman at the man39s house 0 He assumes that she39s his daughter 0 She is interested in art and talks with Camilo about painting 0 For weeks after this Camilo wants to see the young woman again 0 He hopes to catch a glimpse of her while he39s working but he doesn39t see her 0 The day Camilo finishes the painting the man asks if he can do a picture of his daughter 0 She is the same beautiful young woman Camilo met weeks before I Her name is Rosa and an elderly aunt sits and snores in the room while Camilor paints the portrait 0 Over the weeks he paints her they fall in love but Camilo is afraid that their love is impossible because she is so rich and he is so poor 0 Mrs Milagros tells Camilo to take heart that it doesn39t matter what the girl39s father thinks 0 They39re both adults and they don39t need anyone39s permission to marry 0 As Camilo tells his story to Mrs Milagros the little maid is in the corner listening 0 Mrs Milagros tells the inspector that the maid is hard of hearing and dense and that she went off to her room silently after hearing Camilo39s story Chapter 6 0 After the heart to heart talk between Mrs Milagros and Camilo Rosa is frequently and openly discussed at La Madrilena 0 Mrs Milagros assumes that Camilo and Rosa will be engaged as soon as things can be worked out with Rosa39s father 0 Mrs Milagros and her daughters long to meet Rosa and they beg him to bring home a picture of her 0 Camilo tells them that he39s been painting a smaller portrait of her to keep for himself and that it39s much better than the larger one he has been painting for Rosa39s father 0 One night he brings the portrait home wrapped in a paper package 0 After supper Camilo Mrs Milagros and her three daughters congregate in Camilo39s room to look at the portrait 0 They all want to see whether Rosa is beautiful or plain 0 Mrs Milagros Clotilda and Enilda are all very impressed with Rosa but Matilda the oldest daughter is not impressed 0 DaVid Reguel comes into Camilo39s room and congratulates Camilo upon seeing the beautiful woman in the portrait 0 By the next morning all the boarders know about the portrait have seen it and congratulate Camilo 0 DaVid Reguel keeps saying that he knows her from somewhere but can39t think where 0 Miss Eufrasia is the only boarder who doesn39t want to see the portrait 0 One Monday Mrs Milagros finds Camilo looking downhearted 0 He tells her than the portrait is nearly finished and that he only has one more Monday at Rosa39s house I That Wednesday another letter arrives from Rosa that informs Camilo that they must be separated until she can arrange some things with her father 0 The letter ends quotBe patient and waitquot 0 The old aunt who has superVised the portrait sitting tells Camilo that she knows all about their love and is on their side but she too adVises him to be patient and wait 0 As the days pass Camilo39s stoic face returns and the other boarders except for Mrs Milagros ignore him once more Chapter 7 0 A letter arrives from Rosa while Camilo is at work 0 Mrs Milagros feels that there is something sacred about this letter so instead of opening it she puts it in his room and waits patiently for Camilo to come home 0 Her daughters all know about the letter39s arrival and they39re all anXious to know whether the letter holds Camilo39s salvation or destruction 0 When Camilo arrives home for dinner he goes to his bedroom and remains there for a long time I Mrs Milagros begins to worry that he39s hurt himself 0 Finally his door opens and she snatches up the letter to read it 0 In the letter Rosa tells Camilo good bye forever 0 Mrs Milagros encourages Camilo to go and find her to take her away and marry her 0 He argues that he must stay away for Rosa39s good 0 Mrs Milagros offers to go talk with Rosa39s father herself to get Rosa and bring her to the boardinghouse 0 That evening David Reguel says that he saw Rosa out on the street during the day I He says he recognized her from her portrait and called out her name and she turned to look at him 0 Mrs Milagros is very skeptical that David Reguel has seen Rosa 0 She asks him what he talked about with Rosa 0 Requel says that there are quotcertain things that one doesn39t ask a gentleman 0 She says she knows and that39s why she asked 0 Davide Reguel is speechless after this comment by Mrs Milagros Cha pter 8 0 At supper at the boardinghouse the clock strikes ten and the doorbell rings 0 Mrs Milagros sends the maid to see who39s at the door and a woman39s voice says quotIs this the home of Mr Camilo Canegatoquot 0 Mrs Milagros realizes that Rosa39s at the door and she leaps to her feet 0 Soon the entire household except for Camilo is at the door welcoming Rosa and inviting her inside 0 Rosa is completely bewildered by this response and stands there speechless 0 Mrs Milagros treats her as a mother would but Rosa seems to not understand what is going on 0 Mrs Milagros notices bruises on Rosa39s arms and assumes that she39s had an awful fight with her father but Rosa just nods her head when she39s asked questions 0 Mrs Milagros praises Rosa for being so brave to run away from her father and she calls Camilo a coward 0 After Mrs Milagros and her daughters condemn Rosa39s father Rosa bursts into tears 0 Mrs Milagros rearranges the boarders39 rooms to make room for Rosa 0 She asks David Reguel to move into Camilo39s room temporarily 0 At first David resists but then he gives in and moves his things 0 Mrs Milagros orders the maid to get some food for Rosa and Rosa eats ravenously as if she hasn39t eaten for a long time 0 Mrs Milagros pulls a chair up next to Rosa and asks questions about where she lives and what she39s been doing but Rosa just remains silent which infuriates the curious Mrs Milagros When Mrs Milagros finally gets to her bedroom that night her three daughters are waiting for her eager to talk about Rosa They are skeptical about her age her bewilderment her dirty shoes and the run in her stocking and her strangeness 0 Mrs Milagros is upset with her daughters for being so rude about Rosa Clotilda says that she can see inner corruption in Rosa and Matilda says that it looks like Rosa had time to fiX her hair Mrs Milagros says that Rosa stayed at La Madrilena from that day until yesterday when Camilo and Rosa were married She continues to describe Rosa as very quiet and lacking in spunk She remarks that Camilo never touches her and doesn39t even dare to get near her 0 Rosa39s manners do not seem to be aristocratic She never turns anything down but always says quotyesquot to everything that is offered Rosa becomes great friends with David Reguel 0 David and Rosa spend a lot of time talking cosily and Coretti and Hernandez also enjoy irting with her Mrs Milagros says that one afternoon during siesta time everyone is awakened by a fight and weeping coming from Rosa39s room 0 Camilo and David are shouting at each other and Rosa is in David39s arms crying After Mrs Milagros breaks up the fight she takes Rosa to the dining room and gives her a glass of port 0 She tries to get Rosa to talk but Rosa says nothing happened I To this day Mrs Milagros doesn39t know what happened One morning two police officers come to the door looking for a woman 0 Mrs Milagros instructs Enilda to hide Rosa in the maid39s room 0 Mrs Milagros assumes that Rosa39s father has called the police to help him search for her 0 After looking at Miss Eufrasia and the maid the police officers leave I The inspector tells Mrs Milagros that the police came that day because of an anonymous phone call by a woman I A couple of days before the wedding Rosa confesses to Mrs Milagros and her daughters that Rosa is not her real name 0 Her name is Marta Correga 0 Mrs Milagros asks her if Camilo knows her real name and Rosa says quotOf coursequot but Mrs Milagros remembers that Camilo once told her that he didn39t know her last name 0 Enilda asks Rosa if she can see her identity card and Rosa leaves to go find it I They want to see if she39s as old as she says she is 0 The birth dates match up 0 Mrs Milagros tells the inspector that yesterday Rosa and Camilo were married 0 There was no trouble at city hall during the ceremony I They had a little party at La Madrilena after the wedding with cakes and dancing and cider 0 Around midnight they left in a car for the Hotel Wien and they both seemed happy 0 The rest of the boarders stayed up for a while and no one noticed when DaVid Reguel left but some time in the night there was noise and the door bell ringing 0 David Reguel was shouting quotHe killed her Camilo killed Rosa in a downtown hotelquot Vocabulary Capitulo 4 el bostezo p 48 yawning derribar p 41 to throw faltar p 40 missing folletfn p 42 serial ingrato p 50 ungrateful Capitulo 5 e1 cutis p 57 the skin e1 difunto p 53 the deceased enlutado p 50 mourning roncar p 62 snoring sordo p 64 deaf Capitulo 6 e1 fulano p 73 the guy e1idi1io p 65 idy11 e1 murmullo p 71 the murmer picaro p 65 rogue tramar p 65 to plot Capitulo 7 comportarse p 78 to behave e1 pudor p 74 modesty raptar p 78 to kidnap suplicar p 77 to beg en vano gt vano p 77 in vain Capitulo 8 despistar p 96 to throw mascar p 91 to chew 1a pesadi11a p 98 nightmare e1 socorro p 80 relief temblar p 84 to shake


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