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Week 14 Lecture Notes

by: Maria Martinez

Week 14 Lecture Notes HIST 2030

Maria Martinez
GPA 3.5
Tennessee History
Derek W Frisby

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About this Document

Here are this week's lecture notes.
Tennessee History
Derek W Frisby
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Martinez on Tuesday November 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2030 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Derek W Frisby in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Tennessee History in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 11/24/15
Week 14 Lecture Notes History 2030 Equal Rights Amendment Women were paid less than men because it was seen as 39greedy39 for the woman to receive equal pay as the men when presumably she was married and her husband was a working man so both of them bringing in the same amount of money was greedy The amendment was first proposed in Congress by the National Women39s Party in 1923 Feminists of the late 1960s and early 1970s saw ratification of the amendment as the only clearcut way to eliminate all legal genderbased discrimination in the United States Harry Burns A 24yearold representative from East Tennessee a very antisuffragist district who two years earlier had become the youngest member of the state legislature The red rose signified his opposition to the proposed 19th Amendment to the US Upon the decision on whether or not Suffrage should be passed the congress wanted to table it They essentially wanted to postpone it and wait for the congress who wasn t Tennessean to leave so they could discuss it and get the outcome in their favor The first vote was taken and the majority of them wanted to put in a motion to table it but the motion was denied and so everyone had to vote When the Congressmen voted it was a split tie of those in favor and those against it so they revoted The other Congressmen voted the same way all except Harry Burns who voted to pass Suffrage His one vote margin was why the law was passed This was significant because if TN didn39t pass Suffrage other states would have followed suit and also voted against suffrage The reason Burns had voted to pass the law was because his mother Phoebe Ensminger Burn known to her family and friends as Miss Febb In it she had written Hurrah and vote for suffrage Don t keep them in doubt I notice some of the speeches against They were bitter I have been watching to see how you stood but have not noticed anything yet She ended the missive with a rousing endorsement of the great suffragist leader Carrie Chapman Catt imploring her son to be a good boy and help Mrs Catt put the rat in rati cation The next day Burn defended his last minute reversal in a speech to the assembly For the rst time he publicly expressed his personal support of universal suffrage declaring I believe we had a moral and legal right to ratify But he also made no secret of Miss Febb s in uence and her crucial role in the story of women s rights in the United States I know that a mother s advice is always safest for her boy to follow he explained and my mother wanted me to vote for rati cation Austin Peay Sitins Used road construction to favor increases of education Changed TN Politics Most cities had paved roads so to build roads between cities he created a sort of pay as you go system This system was taxing those who had cars with wheel taxes license taxes car taxes etc The roads were built in sections and in rural areas pulling money from urban areas into rural areas This brings about the rise of tourism The sitins by the Nashville students were the most successful best organized and most disciplined of any seen throughout the south Jim Lawson a known sitin leader has workshops to practice and set up the sitins The first sitins were in downtown Nashville at the lunch counters that refused to serve African American customers the demonstrators would go to the lunch counters and just sit at the counters where they knew they would not be served Sitins were nonviolent demonstrations in fact in the workshops hosted by Jim Lawson they would go through simulations of a sitin where they would practice being accosted and insulted and even a simulated assault so they would know how to protect themselves nonviolently The first day the demonstrators came in to do the sitins was mostly uneventful the demonstrators noted that the waitresses were nervous and dropped many plates The sitins went on for about two weeks without incident until one day when they demonstrators went to being the sinins there were groups of white men waiting These white men began to beat the students who did not fightback but did their best to protect themselves The police later came but did nothing to stop the violent attacks on the demonstrators but instead arrested the demonstrators both women and men for disorderly conduct As the demonstrators currently sitting in were arrested the second wave of students came in to do the sitin and when they were arrested too the third wave came in and the fourth the fifth and so on Zephaniah Alexander Looby was a lawyer in Nashville Tennessee who was active in the American Civil Rights Movement He helped get food to the demonstrators in jail and posted bail to get them out The demonstrators parents fought the jailing of their kids by boycotting downtown Nashville whose economy was dependent on their contribution to pressure Mayor Ben West to do something about it 2000 students were arrested after 69 sit ins in two months There was an attack against Z Alexander Looby the lawyer when they sent his house on fire but luckily no one was killed This attack led to the first March downtown to city halls Hundreds if not thousands of African American men and women marched downtown at first singing but eventually silently so that all that could be heard was their footsteps as they made their way to city hall When they arrived they spoke to the mayor who was asked a lot of questions He answered in a way to the segregationists and racists who surrounded him not only in congress but his community was controversial he said he believed that the African American men and women should indeed be served at the lunch counters that it was morally wrong to discriminate against them because of the color of their skin


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