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Week 11 Lecture Notes

by: Rk18370p

Week 11 Lecture Notes PSY 277

Marketplace > Pace University > Psychlogy > PSY 277 > Week 11 Lecture Notes
GPA 3.81
Evolutionary Psychology
Robert Keegan

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About this Document

Notes from class 11/24/15
Evolutionary Psychology
Robert Keegan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rk18370p on Tuesday November 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 277 at Pace University taught by Robert Keegan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Evolutionary Psychology in Psychlogy at Pace University.


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Date Created: 11/24/15
Week 11 Can you go through the traits and see if they indicate anything about the individual Indicator of 1 Good health 2 Person is young You could be a good mate Sexual selection 0 Wired into us because of evolution Instincts When peahen sees the peacock with a nice tail she knows she39s healthy Culture 0 Does it play a role 0 Changes within our culture over time in the United States Sex symbols attractive females 0 195039s 0 Marilyn Monroe Hourglass shapevoluptuous 1960 s 0 Twiggy Veryskinny 1970 s 0 Charlie39s Angels Farah Fawcett Athletic Body 0 1980 s 0 Madonna Early Madonna Marilyn Monroe Later Athletic 0 1990 s 0 Pamela Anderson Voluptuousathletic They all shared a WHR of 07 Biology in the background 0 Cross Culture Examples of the power of culture 0 What features are attractive 0 Larger women in Okinawa Indicated wealth and health 0 Someone who could reproduce Everything started to change when TV came 0 Watching American shows with thinner women 0 Increased anorexia 0 Japanese tiny feet Foot binding broke bones Week 11 Crippled feet deformed Male power 0 Women can39t run away 0 Extremely long necks Inserted rings deformed o TattoosPiercings Attractive in Maori New Zealand Burned skin 0 Cutting it 0 Acid Subculture some it39s accepted others not 0 Punk 0 Rap 0 Extending the upper lip Inserted plates 0 Extending the earlobes Added gauges to it weights Primarily African 0 Dinka Tribe SudanSouth Sudan Knock out 46 teeth They brought 1416 year old boys without parents to the US Brought them to Iowa known as quotSudanese Boysquot Physical trait can be used to as a signal to show your stupidity lmplicit Personality Theory o If you39re attractive 0 You39re also smart warm and sexual Good o If you39re ugly 0 You39re also stupid cold and sexual Bad Dentist that gave boys teeth Dr Toothacre o Khoi San quotHottentotsquot The quotHottentot Venusquot She had a nice booty o quotBroad in the beamquot 0 Fatty deposits 0 Steatopygia Excessive deposit of fatty depos s If she is big butted then she has a wide pelvis so she could produce offspring o This was not true 0 Fashion a cultural product Clothes Week 11 0 Push up bras Padded shouldersjackets Corsets Makeup Lipstick shades of red 0 Eye makeup Emphasizing features of sexuality and attractiveness with clothes and makeup Mating Preferences and Strategies Producing a child 0 Women Produces 400 eggs in a lifetime Becoming a mother 0 9 months of pregnancy 0 Changes in weight hormones immune system 0 Production of breast milk 0 Stops when child stops feeding 0 Up to 4 years 0 Men Produce millions of sperm 12 million per hour Donates sperm 0 Women want to pick up on signs that men will be helpful Chimps 0 When they39re ready to mate Women 0 Physical changes take place 0 Genitals swell and turn red 0 Give off scents Behavioral changes 0 Receptive to sex Male 0 You can tell when the female is ready 0 He can guard her so no other male impregnates her 0 Chimps and humans differ Reproduction more open and noticeable in chimps More hidden 0 Richard Dawkins His book quotSelfish Genequot 0 Get genes into next generation 0 What do males look for in females 0 Youthfulness quotReproductive valuequot her chances of producing offspring 0 Health Physical Men are concerned when they are the father Behavioral Week 11 0 Good Partner in Marriage Make sure women won t cheat If you39re a virgin you39re less likely to cheat You won t be attractive for other men


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