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Week of November 23rd-27th Nutrition Notes

by: Stephanie Samar

Week of November 23rd-27th Nutrition Notes 65915

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Nutrition and Food Sciences > 65915 > Week of November 23rd 27th Nutrition Notes
Stephanie Samar
GPA 3.79

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About this Document

In class notes over chapters 10 and 11
Nutrition, Food and You
Jennifer Ricketts
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Samar on Wednesday November 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 65915 at University of Arizona taught by Jennifer Ricketts in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 280 views. For similar materials see Nutrition, Food and You in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 11/25/15
November  23  and  November  25  In  class  notes     Chapter  10   Ergogenic  Acids:     •   Foods,  devices,  dietary  supplements,  drugs  that  improve  physical  performance   •   Energy  drinks     •   Caffeine  toxicity   Active  for  a  lifetime   •   Selection  of  physical  activities   •   Increase  amount  of  walking     •   Reduce  time  spent  sitting   •   Use  stairs  when  possible   •   Park  further  rather  than  closer   •   Lift  weights   •   Adopt  moderately  intense  activities  for  leisure  time     Chapter  11   Prenatal  period:   •   About  40  weeks     o   First  trimester   §   0-­‐8  weeks-­‐  fertilized  egg  divides  (embryo)  and  organs  develop   §   8  weeks  and  after  (fetus)   §   Most  critical  stage     §   Placenta   o   Second  and  third  trimester   §   Prematurity   §   Low  birth  weight     Fust  term  pregnancy  lasts  38  to  42  weeks     1  trimester:   •   fertilized  eggs  travels  through  the  fallopian  tube  and  implants  in  the  wall  of  the  uterus   §   Mom  donates  X  chromosome  in  mature  egg  (Ovum)   §   Dad  donates  either  X  or  Y  chromosome  in  sperm   §   Fertilization  combines  the  XX  or  the  XY  chromosomes     •   XX=  Girl   •   XY=  Boy   o   Development  of  organs  limb  buds,  and  facial  features   o   Embryos  are  extremely  vulnerable  to  teratogens  during  this  time   Nutrition  in  Pregnancy     •   Physiological  changes     •   Eating  for  two   o   Increased  needs     o   RDA   •   Folate  and  iron  needs   o   Adequate  before  pregnancy   o   If  not  there  will  be  risks   •   Morning  sickness   •   Cravings     Trimester  Weight   First   •   Morning  sickness   •   Cravings  –Pica   •   No  extra  energy  required     Second   •   Maternal  tissue  grows   o   Blood  volume,  rbc,  nutrient  concentration     o   Kidney,  blood  flow,  clearance,  nutrient  concentration     o   GI  tract,  motility,  surface  area,  absorbtion   o   Mammary  tissue   o   Adipose  tissue     o   Immune  system     o   340  extra  kcals  on  average     Third   •   Fetal  growth     o   ¾  of  its  weight  in  this  time   •   Brain     •   Lungs   •   Nutrient  shift   •   450  extra  calories  on  average     Weight  Gain   •   1  trimester  0-­‐13  weeks   nd o   2  to  4  pounds     •   2  trimester  14-­‐27  weeks     o   12  to  14  pounds     •   3  trimester  28-­‐40  weeks   o   12  to  14  pounds     •   total=  26  to  32  pounds     Recommended  ranges  of  weight  gain  during  pregnancy   •   Underweight  28-­‐40   •   Healthy  weight  25-­‐35   •   Overweight  15-­‐25   •   Obese  11-­‐20   Hypertension     •   Damage  the  mother’s  kidneys     •   Increase  risk  of  low  birth  weight     •   Increased  risk  of  premature  delivery     o   8  percent  of  pregnancies  in  the  US     o   Also  protein  in  urine:  Called  preeclampsia   Potential  Complications:  Gestational  Diabetes   •   7  percent  of  pregnancies  in  the  US   •   Birth  weight   •   Dependent  on  glucose   th •   24  week  screen    


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