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Bio Lecture Notes

by: Danielle Gilbert

Bio Lecture Notes

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Danielle Gilbert
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Gilbert on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at Purdue University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
MATH 137 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHANGING FROM KG TO MG PREFIX SYMBOL MEANING APPLIED TO LENGTH kilo k 1000 km hecto h 100 hm deka da 10 damdkm no pre x 1 m deci d 01 dm centi c 001 cm milli m 0001 mm Remember the DRUL rule Down Right Up Let39t Example Problem Change 14 kg to mg 1400000 mg IDENTIFYING QUANTITIES AND VALUESQUANTITIVE ANALYSIS Quantitive Analysis Steps Step 1 List the quantities Step 2 List the values put a For the ones you don39t know Steps 1 and 2 should be in table Form Step 3 Draw a meaningful picture with labels Step 4 Solve the problem using the picture A QUANTITY IS ANYTHING OBJECT EVENT ETC THAT CAN BE MEASURED OR COUNTED CAN BE MEASURED THE VALUE OF A QUANTITY IS ITS MEASURE OF THE NUMBER OF ITEMS THAT ARE COUNTED NUMBER AND OR UNIT Example problem Travis left at 1020 am to drive 300 miles to his new job 14 oF the distance was city driving and he traveled at a rate oF 25 mph The rest oF the trip was highway driving and he went 55 mph When did he arrive at his destination MAKING A STRIP DIAGRAM WHEN TEACHING ELEMENTARY AGED STUDENTS VISUALS CAN BE VERY HELPFUL IN FULLY UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM IN FRONT OF THEM BE SPECIFIC AND LABEL EVERYTHING Example problem Jim has 3 times as many books as Jane Jane has 12 books How many books do they have altogether Jane39s books I Z Jim39s books We know that Jane has 12 books and Jim has 3 times as many as she does This would mean that Jane would have 1 block representing 12 books while Jim would have 3 blocks representing 12 books since he has 3x more than her 12 x 4 48 books altogether Or 12 12 12 12 48 books WRITE OUT A NUMBER IN WORDS Remember to hyphenate all compound numbers from twentyone through ninetynine Example Write out the number 6530307 Sixty ve thousand three hundred three and 7 hundredths CHANGING TO OTHER BASES This lesson is a little dif cult understanding bases will help you in the next couple of lessons The rst thing to understand is that we have 10 ngers and we count in base ten So say an alien has only 7 ngers it would count in base seven IN BASE SYSTEMS THE HIGHEST DIGIT YOU CAN USE IS ONE LESS THAN THE BASE Why When we count in base 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 there is no SINGLE number for ten so we have to go back to the beginning to 1 and add the zero because we do not have any more single numbers Once we get to the number of the base say 3 we make a new group just like we do when we get to 10 in base ten How many groups of 3 is there above 3 So that would go in the quottensquot place and there is 1 left over That would go in the quotonesquot place So 10 apples in base 3 would read 31 base three three one base three CHANGING BACK TO BASE 10 Writing the lines under each number is helpful 2 2 1 1 base three 3 3 3 13 2x3 2x3 1x1 13 18 6 1 13 25 13 base ten SUBTRACTION CONCEPTS 0 Missing addend represented by ab It suggests addition but the mussing value is ba 0 Take Away One quantity is moved to separated from the larger quantity Comparison comparing one thing or person to another Additive combination 0 Physical adding two oF the same things chairschairs how many chairs 0 Conceptual adding two things together that aren39t the same exact things chairstables how much Furniture 0 Discrete problem nontouching separate objects that can be measured Can be represented with pictures or macaroni 0 Continuous problem Can be measured only by length area etc Measured NOT counted Cannot be represented by macaroni EMPTY NUMBER LINES Empty number lines take your math work and puts it on a number line IF you are adding begin the number line at the start oF the line When subtracting start at the end oF the number line 7 7 48 78 80 87


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