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Lesson 31; World War II

by: Kaitlyn Hamke

Lesson 31; World War II Hist 150

Marketplace > Ball State University > History > Hist 150 > Lesson 31 World War II
Kaitlyn Hamke
GPA 3.5
The West in the World
Dr. Hall

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About this Document

Detailed notes of the lesson as explained by Professor Hall. Everything is perfectly outlined based off of the lecture and illustrates all the main points of the lesson making it an excellent guide...
The West in the World
Dr. Hall
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Hamke on Friday November 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 150 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Hall in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 11/27/15
Lesson 31 World War II 0 Russia and Germany signed a quotnonaggression agreement 0 Had a lot do with interest in Poland I More territory and living space 0 Two nations agree on how to divide up Poland and other territories in the event of war 0 quotGreen light for an invasion of Poland Septe mbe r 1 1939 0 Germany invades Poland 0 Britain and France declare war on Germany 0 World sees new approach to wa r I quotBlitzkriegquot German words for quotfighting wa r 0 Taking weapons from WWI and innovating them to create quick mobilization 0 Part of Poland was annexed and becomes part of Germany 0 Part of Poland is annexed by the Soviet Union 0 State of Poland practically disappears o quotThe Phony Wa r September 1939 to April 1940 0 Due to lack of activity by Britain and France 0 Ended after German attack of Norway and Poland I British and France react 0 June 22nd 1940 France Surrenders o Hitler s biggest enemy was with Great Britain I Hitler believed that England would agree with is racial serendipity o Winston Churchill 0 Wanted nothing to do with Hitler and says that England would rather go to war than tea m up with Hitler Operation Sea Lion 0 War code name 0 Air superiority 0 Step 1 Establish a strong Air Force I Battle of Britain 0 Air battle between the Luftwaffe or German Air Force versus RAF The Royal Air Force 0 Germa ny ha 5 a lot of members 0 More bombers and fighters 0 British had advantages in mobilization and economy for war 0 Civil defense system 0 British government institutes a draft for women to serve in factories o 7 of British armed forces were women Enigma 0 Device used by German military to send secret codes for communication 0 Britain set up a team ofscientists to figure out enigma to anticipate Germany s next move 0 Britain sets up a radar system 0 To anticipate raid attacks in order to make an organized response 0 Crucial change in strategy by the German Luftwaffe The London Blitz 0 Night of September 78 0 57 consecutive nights of bombardment of citizens and structures of London 0 Continued until May 10 1941 o 15 million were homeless in Britain 0 Actual casualties were pretty low 0 Began to use the underground railway as an impromptu air raid shelter 0 Hiter becomes board when is plans aren t working I Holds and then cancels Operation Sea Lion Operation Barbossa 0 Plans for an invasion of the Soviet Union 0 Hitler determined to destroy the Soviet Union 0 quotWar of Extermination June 22 1941 o Germa ny invaded the Soviet Union


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