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Orgo II - Week 10 (Montague-Smith Fall 2015)

by: Carianne Powers

Orgo II - Week 10 (Montague-Smith Fall 2015) CHEM241

Marketplace > University of Maryland > Chemistry > CHEM241 > Orgo II Week 10 Montague Smith Fall 2015
Carianne Powers
GPA 3.4
Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Montague-Smith

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Montague-Smith
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carianne Powers on Sunday November 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM241 at University of Maryland taught by Dr. Montague-Smith in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 2 in Chemistry at University of Maryland.


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Date Created: 11/29/15
39 I 39 1 I s Caloobbbuviuvvvvvvvw r rww Nmembev 5 carbmam and auriva veJ CD 1L mud h uroUS r H20 0 o A 0 V A u C R X o EKG W R Kow 629 ZAOH 0 12039 0 A 13 K Aw x 6 OOH 30 ZL OH O O o quot 0H 0 A L oH A i ka RAD L 01 T 2 OR mn 4 h imhon j K SH i R X 5 R SKI o 0 s a H k3 k quot RXX ELL we KW W a be ammonia ex 0 M o u 0 amp3 3 m2 KANZ Q kNeu anhvdn d amide S K K FELL 0 Jf Z lOH O 0 lo R O K a gLLN AZ QXS Q Z ANii z O o OV o u o o 0 a 1A0 HR RACK R AOQ 2 3 0 0 o 06 O VJKO RR E LXOKL Qko o o sgmme mc gANAL 9215 Am LAW391 3 Q39ISH OK WV NQOMHZOM Vv 200 0 o 1 N i 9 k vgt Q Ni 9 com mau an acid haudxg com f cup W reava M S QM 0g Cwmm c OLUd WVOLHV Q S zxoxe Mechanism 1 quot Acql SuYJSHmHOn 39 mwln O 6 O KJEL gm fkL 9 1 L39 4 R MW L4 R W group N a H m 8393 cammiwe ammvcm 0k Loubum romp cji 6 O O p 65 H16 690 Caxu esqeclaug new 0L hmuqen O O 0 GET 0 o 3 C7 axOCKK 29 2A3 A 0 ok gt KAOH ROAR OP Z VHGQ 20 No may warm wxwowwMO 03mm H10 a wS QKWUW coxbon pr cenod e 2 eSOnomce 3 cuckoch q depro renaw S a O 3 O 1 A SPWthon O o ko N a ia Ru W 3969 9 A0 R gt ICEOP R KQR BUM Qmmm SOWUHRNS EL Wetter an CWWS eowe womweapm 390 Wu mw AONQ rememth MW 0m OYL m 9H mes no Change 7 2A0 A A Jr 2quot SH W Amok or gv oquot 0 2 NA2 ELL 9 2 A CMDOn Qer W 2060 W 63 CW 0 k v a B W f k7 ZAWQQ Vi NQ Q g D 739 IL 39 0g 0 9 2 4 J Pquot lt30 4 ilk L N 7 R 14 7 1 Kg 9 2 9 on 5 OH O 0 no G 0 091 E 82 0 M to L O H 920 rNH M o Q C Q Ao V NA3 1L G C9 QCN 9 Q C JN A 7 11 42st 0 E H OHZ f 4 20 L169 Y2 0 y 0 NHL 3 K I K Mb KL M1 quot LAO 4 KLKou C9 me me5m 3 W50 9MB NOVWYW 5 O GD R CzM EAE RD Ko NM Addie O D RCEM 73 9A0 NR3 mic D NWth SHHWSG CN Ham OH R L RA0N T LY acanuSeq badd i 0 carbOnS MO 2 H30 R 10 b 3 H 12 FKkmmz E R C vl 39lt 9139jltECN loamrde P003 739 4 POD Z LD C DD Jr i D39JrLf i D D D D D j b D D D V D D D 9 D D D D I I I Axcm as O O ngx B 9 1K0R Hx mechwmsm Oquot O K O C RVde gt RCD g a R a R ACR I OH f 0 R 1210 0 O O O u k R s vogg z 392 OH A09 1 09s r I 7 v 391 quoti Tgnseseh icq om O KAOR k9 O RAD ROH WA MW 60mm gem o X 0 A0 L Mo I WA HO Og IHKoah CEO 1L 0H 09 09 60 6 K e gt x Jr6H 1V OOH H H0 Co 5 HO O 7 o e i OigtH 0 Ho 4 7 I I OH Ho 08 a V508 Ho 2 a 4 OH 7 HO 06 HOMO O O OK 325 RAOR 4 H20 OH I A Fquot 3 How waxM you atoms I K N Q OK on anemm mnwss pmmam 1n mu ime SROS O 0 13 RAM mow macaw 3 190M meme 5 Wrap R st ear ve gt move we ve 9d Preps I WHO SS Q clamgj NR3 RNPH EzN A ammonia 2 I kwEN 12 NR QQOWCH 00 3 9ch D WKR mamjde OK UHWULS 0 g Aw 1 LAR 9 73 H50 WM 13 H30 169 WW 7 430 mm 2 304 0 5 7W 7 0 LA 7 930 O 0 WW AL 7 5 C 2 H 1 30 v O 23 H30 R H m LAB X 2 H303 K O A Warm L 950 N 39 O D DRbAL 3973on H as xh39n O O k D Nox bwk R O R 2 R30 N Z O LWv ZACH AQH 23 HyO MW o 00 O O K CO Q C9 quotO 2 A f AOR w RT R 2 H 23 430 o 9 Down a VA Wm 23 30 lid kk iibbiibdooiivlquotquotV39


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