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Week 3 of notes

by: Lee Koppel

Week 3 of notes BDAM 3401

Lee Koppel
GPA 3.29
Basic Marketing Management
Alexander Krasnikov

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About this Document

Basic Marketing Management
Alexander Krasnikov
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lee Koppel on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BDAM 3401 at George Washington University taught by Alexander Krasnikov in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Basic Marketing Management in Business at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
Marketing management Week 3 Environment Buyer s black box Buyers response Environment can be a marketing stimuli 4 Ps Or an external feature economy tech social Buyers black box 0 Buyers characteristics 0 Buyers decision process 0 Some products don t require a lot of thought by the buyer Soda detergent 0 While some require much more property car Buyers response 0 Buyers attitude and preferences 0 Purchase behavior 0 What the buyer buys how much when where o Brans and company relationship behavior Factors in uencing consumer behavior 0 Cultural o Learned values perceptions wants behaviors from family and surroundings Subcultures exist within a culture 0 Social classes are a relatively permanent determinant Social 0 Membership groups Direct in uence and person is a part of o Aspirational group Where person wishes to be 0 Reference group Group that for a comparison or reference for forming attitude or behavior Help make very important decisions 0 Opinion leader In uential or leading adopters 0 People within a reference group that exert social in uence over others 0 Personal Lifestyle is a persons pattern of living expressed by his or her psychographics 0 Activities interests opinions AIO Personality and self concepts 0 Unique psychological characteristics that lead to consistent and lasting responses to the consumers enviorment Lifestyle products are products that help consumer express individuality Age and lifestyle stage 0 Royal band stages RBC Youth under 18 Getting started 18 35 Builder 35 50 Accumulators 50 60 Preservers over 60 00000 0 Psychology Motivation Motive a need that presses to direct the person to seek satisfaction Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs can be used Perception Process by which individual select organize and interpret information o Selective attention 0 Selective distortion 0 Selective retention Learning 0 How an individual changes behavior from expedences Bene ts and attitudes Belief a descriptive thought a person has about something based on 0 Knowledge 0 Opinion 0 Faith Attitudes describe a persons relative consistent evaluations and feelings Types of buying decision behavior High Low High brand difference Complex Varity seeking Low brand difference Dissonance reducing Habitual New Product buying Awareness l interest evaluation l trail l adoption In uences on rate of adoption 0 Relative advantage Compatibility 0 Complexity 0 Divisibility Communicability


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