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Mass Media / Monday Notes

by: Cj Sivulka

Mass Media / Monday Notes COMM 1025

Marketplace > Communication > COMM 1025 > Mass Media Monday Notes
Cj Sivulka

GPA 3.9
Intro to Communications

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About this Document

For those of you who left early for Thanksgiving, here are the notes from Monday's class!
Intro to Communications
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cj Sivulka on Sunday November 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1025 at a university taught by Miller in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 79 views.

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Date Created: 11/29/15
Mass Mediated Communication 0 Functions of Media Surveillance news doing sports reporting investigative journalism Correlation analysis part of media journalists talking about policy issues or sitting in a circle after a debate to analyze it Cultural transmission we become acculturated through our media how we become educated and socialize through our media Entertainment use tv shows to relax or entertain 0 Media effects Agenda setting Agenda setting says that the extent of coverage an issue gets re ects that they think the public has most interest in media creates a public agenda attacks in Paris v attacks in Lebanon we pay more attention to the stuff in Paris really hard to study effectively or make claims with certainty Framing theory kind of replaced agenda setting theory doesn t look at the issue and whether it is important or not but rather how people perceive the issue looking at how the media frames school shootings one possible frame is to talk about mental health services another frame is looking at guns and policy issues Cultivation theory TV as a story teller long term Cumulative development of a particular conception of social reality heavy TV watchers have sometimes unrealistic perceptions of reality and think the world Is more violent Mean world they think the world is worse than it is Hegemony concept suggesting that power differences in society are maintained through media messages that lead to disempowered groups to buy into their own subjugation eg McDonalds targeting people of color in their ads Spiral of silence media over reports on positions that are most popular leading to the perception of lack of opposition which further silences the opposition there is a false sense of consensus and those who disagree with that consensus are afraid to speak their minds in fear of reprimand o Selective processing choosing what happens Selective exposure we seek to see certain stories or messages and then actively choose to avoid others Selective attention we focus on stories or messages that we think are relevant and ignore those that aren39t Paris again we have more ties are more relatable to an attack in Paris Selective perception despite what the story might be saying we get from it only what we want we hear what we want to hear the take away message is ours Selective retention only remembering a small part of the message particularly one that stood out to us or one that supported our views


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