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November 23 Notes

by: Grey Garris

November 23 Notes HI 1063

Grey Garris
GPA 3.83
Early US History
Andrew Lang

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About this Document

Early US History
Andrew Lang
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Grey Garris on Sunday November 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HI 1063 at Mississippi State University taught by Andrew Lang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Early US History in History at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 11/29/15
I Secession 1860 1861 A SC December 10 1860 South Carolina formally seceded from the Union Even before Lincoln was sworn into office B Confederate Nation Over the winter 6 other states joined SC and together they formed the Confederacy They met in Montgomery and chose Jefferson Davis as their President and Alexander H Stephens as VP The VP then went to Virginia to speak on the inequality of the races and convince Virginia to join the Confederacy C Nature of Southern Separation 1 Why the Lower South They felt as though they were Nationalists who were being completely shut out and ignored 2 Revolution of 1861 The South believed that they had become the embodiment of what the Founding Fathers wanted in a society ll Crittenden Compromise 1861 a Kentucky politician put up a proposal to avoid the Civil war Congress would pass a Constitutional Amendment for the protection of slavery for all time and extension of the 3630 Line to the Pacific Coast The proposal failed and for the first time the political system s ability to compromise failed The South refused the notion that they would have to compromise with a foreign nation and the North refused to change their position When Lincoln declared that Secession was inherently illegal and that he would never recognize the South as an independent power the Civil War began A Lincoln s View on Secession Lincoln viewed it as an illegal act and a severe violation of democracy He reiterated that his intention was never to touch slavery where it had existed B Fort Sumter April 12 1861 The Confederation heard the speech and ignored it Now there was a problem in the existence of Federal property on the Confederate territory There was a Fort in the Charleston Harbor that was highly contended as it was manned by the US Army There was initially months of diplomacy over the Fort until Southern batteries fired on the Fort until it surrendered In response Lincoln called for 75000 volunteers to stamp out the Rebels XIV Civil War and Reconstruction I Completing Secession 1861 A Upper South As more states seceded the Confederacy needed to absorb them to consolidate their power B Border States These were slaveholding states that refused to secede and remained loyal to the Union despite their position on the map II National Purposes Both sides viewed the war as a protection of their ideals 22 Million Northerners and 750800K Southerners fought in a roughly 85 mobilization rate A Preserving the Union The Union believed that its own preservation was at the center of the war as they needed to maintain the last best hold on Earthquot If they failed then nations everywhere would view democracy itself as a failure B Slaveholding Republic in Founding Image The Confederacy was designed to protect the Union as it had was a hierarchical slaveholding Republic Ill Comparing the Union and Confederacy The Confederacy only had to damage the Union to the point that they could no longer see reason to fight whereas the Union had a much bigger fight in having to subdue a rogue populace A Resources 90 of the Industry in the nation was in the Union and it had a better army and more people to pull from The South had only their agricultural money B Political Leadership 1 Jefferson Davis He was a plantation owner and an officer from West Point and a former Secretary of War He approached the Civil War with the understanding that the Confederation would need an extremely powerful central government 2 Abraham Lincoln He was a simpleton when it came to war as he had never had to deal with one At first he was inexperienced to handle this but he never shifted from his commitment He suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus and declared Martial Law with the intention of protecting the Union from any possible dissidents He saw it as necessary to break the Constitution in order to save it IV Legacy of the Civil War A Emancipation Proclamation 1863 Lincoln issued an Executive Order that declared any enslaved person who managed to get behind Union lines would be free Even though he was not an egalitarian and viewed blacks as inferior he ordered it to bolster the Union B 13th Amendment 1865 The Amendment completely abolished slavery as the previously enslaved people took the opportunity to help free themselves and joined the military C Preservation of the Union Everything done by the North was to keep the Union together since the Executive Order had no teeth after the war was over and the Amendment was passed to make up for it


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