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CH 9

by: Allayah Bowens
Allayah Bowens
GPA 3.498
Operations Management
William Petty

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About this Document

Operations Management
William Petty
One Day of Notes
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This 5 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Allayah Bowens on Friday January 30, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to OM 300 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William Petty in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 171 views. For similar materials see Operations Management in Business at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
OM 300001 Chapter 9 Process Strategy Process stratedv process to make the products that takes care of the customers within managerial constraints 0 How to produce a product or provide services 0 Has to have long term effect Process Volume and Variety Figure 71 or 91 Four Basic Strategies 1 Process focus 2 Repetitive focus 3 Products focus 4 Mass customization Process focus 0 Facilities are organized around speci c activities 0 General purpose Flexibility 0 High cost and low equipment utilization Product ows may vary considerably making planning and scheduling challenging Repetitive focus 0 Facilities often organized as assembly lines Characterized by modules with parts previously made 0 Modules may be combined for many output options 0 Led exibility but more ef cient Product focus Organized by product 0 High volume low variety 0 Long continuous production runs 0 High xed cost but low variable cost 0 Generally ess skilled labor Mass customization The rapid low cost production of goods and services to satisfy unique customer Combines exibility and ef ciency Imaginative product design Flexible process design Tightly controlled inventory management Tight schedules Responsive supplychain partners Crossover chart Evaluate three different accounting software products Calculate crossover points between software A and B and between software B and C Focused Processes Focus brings efficiency Focus on depth of product line rather than breadth Focus can be Customers Products Service Technology Selection of Equipment Decisions can be complex as alternate methods may be available Important factors may be Cost Cash ow Market stability Quality Capacity Flexibility Equipment and Technology Possible competitive advantage Flexibility may be 5 competitive advantage May be difficult and expensive and may require starting over Important to get it right Process Analysis and Design Is the process designed to achieve competitive advantage Does the process eliminate steps that do not add value Does the process maximize customer value Will the process win orders in the market place Process Analvsis Desidn 0 Flow charts TimeFunction Mapping Value Sgreaming Mapping Process Charts 0 Service Blueprints Service Blueprinting Focuses on the customer and provider interaction 0 De nes three levels of interaction Level 1 customer arrives or departs Level 2 determines speci cs Level 3 work is actually done 0 Failure points Special Consideration for Service Process Design 0 Some interaction th customer is necessary 0 The better the interactions the more ef cient and effective of the process 0 Find the right combination of cost and customer interaction Service Process Matrix 0 Mass Service and Professinal Service Labor involvement is high Focus on human resources 0 Service Factory and Service Shop automation of standardized vice Restricted offerings Low labor intensity Tight control required to maintain standards Machine Technology 0 Increased precision Increased productivity Increased exibility Improved environment impact Automatic Identi cation Systems Improved data acquisition Reduced data entry Increase speed Increased scope of process automation Process Control 0 Real tie monitoring land control of processes sensors collect data Device read data on periodic basis Measurements translated into digital signals Computes analyze the data Resulting output can take numerous forms Vision Svstems Particular aid to inspection 0 Consistently accurate 0 Never bored 0 Modern cost 0 Superior to individuals performing the tasks Robots 0 Performing monotonous or dangerous tasks 0 Perform tasks requiring signi cant strength or endurance Generally enhanced consistency and accuracy Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems 0 Automated placement and withdrawal or parts and products 0 Reduced errors and labor 0 Useful in inventory and test arras of manufacturing rm Automated Guided Vehicle Electronically controlled carts Used for movement of products or individuals Flexible Manufacturing Svstems Computer controls both the workstation Enhance exibility and induce east Requires communication Can economically reduce low value Computer Integrated Manufacturing Process Redesign o Rethinking of business to bring improvements Requires reexamination of the basic process and its objectives 0 Any process is a candidate for redesign


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