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Week 7 Notes for Geo 5

by: Isabel Yin

Week 7 Notes for Geo 5 Geography 5

Isabel Yin
People and the Earth's Ecosystem
Dr. Thomas Gillespie

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About this Document

People and the Earth's Ecosystem
Dr. Thomas Gillespie
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isabel Yin on Monday November 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Geography 5 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Dr. Thomas Gillespie in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see People and the Earth's Ecosystem in Geography at University of California - Los Angeles.

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Date Created: 11/30/15
Chmon e Chanac wag1W Mad 5 Jim 0 Plensiocenei E 2lmallnon 6 Ice Age Glamal 2x ln rerjlacial GlaCiah on QIOOO A30 WISCOHCM 6 atial Meltdown DICE ShCETS i N0rlq AY lttm39q Scandanowia Siberia Landbridaa m Indo hCSlq AUS rmHOl and Bth in m w Vegmmh M u o 45 00NOKRI53 30M Squeeze 0 quotu 1 E3 i f 7 51quot E 392 LEI J L L W M m hp ShiFtS w m g i e Mt 39039 He V 3 A he gouw w u a n m Does Global Warmin emf 7 mp vi quotmm 1 TemPe Wquot m y Svix I J 1 1 54 I A 39 K a t I y VIN 39 I IVquotquot z a I gt H 4 I iiilvfg qf td m Inf my I i my mayquot 0 m v l il wk V 39 x 39 w l 39 Vi quot 39lj a I a quot n A 39 I w J WM 777 a MW r T deforesfa on Z37 quoty l I w quot 71quot 7Kquot 1 quotHP y ELI I v I my 1H ch Wu u V I qub on qurc i Natural VOICanOES emPhons FMS quot e F955 WU I yculy mjwoF Pemc landJ I Dmk W4 A y H Terran al ve mhb quot4 soquot w N V A O can 39 39 4 v 39 w 4 f ptoftol a will rnc qamp 398 0 5 X C Whome Q5333 by 2 o 39qqo W a w sston TradterCaf W w a f Vt quot quotI ML 7 H 39 V r al ri F nia 7 3640103 Wm WNWLjU Solumon 4 C O 4 006 m 5 k L wM u quota w few 05 200 emer Use 1 yx d 1 If Casey1 1 Ozone 03 our level 5 bad goneraw W s 300039 lgkm 55km 7 77 Inferum UV radgahbn lh qvuolcf w u A rmosth FNCKI S MM Sun amp ulfmvnolef hm Block W 13m 39 Afwwwn gases ampmmnufacmred 11 3 4 39 m Chloral Horajgcwbons CFC whammy wvv Break up ozone 100 mm w mmu w 4 Havwsfwa 353 gt g VI 1 LL pl F A 1 quotf Ir 2 o g f vitaquot quot V 39 1 v 4quot 39 39 b IEEi lfif 5i a I L I h f 7 5 f 39 V r f d t V v V I 39 39439 j j e i i gt39 x y quot 7 1H PUHLAIIUH waut39 39 r xquot wry I e 1 I quotI I 0 lp 139Y7carb9fl5 lquot 39 CO quotA 4 f n My V i 5qu I FL V OHOXi LC a 0201 wgrrr Chemical man 390 max WJ prJ 39 39 39 Marm Thermal muman Gael bmw y femgerarztre decrfajm J 7 n56 2 w pv vW V I v A A V 39 lt aw 39 399 39 I 4 wN an v quot quot quot 39 yum V inegmhans Coldwn W 3W4 Worm on 422 I Emsss39on Standard Prach v 5quot 03 check mv 7quot Bl lthpacf I vj in Sourham vafa 0 clean up amp gar out A 0 m 1 q 61 ap v9 w m GD lead 9mm 9 8 Reba131 1 139 M FEquot Mmw Mam small gruff quot w ell an A Tesla ZEV ahaexcl 200mm 5UV has Smut Namlmhb S lq MIUN thhm Mini Bl WW Nahum Tovo to 45mm thwaa Haw w W WW3quot m m as 9ELW en Federal 30v S qu CAMLima 7 m muquot m mh Hoch 2 General Mama u ouu V f 39v 39 IA 3 CK WW 61 61 C h M Q I u H r quu a quot 39 39 I 4quot 39 quots 1quot r 739 55 3quot 525 139 9 Chma 5U hm 0395 WOW Haat r 4 t a I r 7quot 1139 393 4 1quot I quot quot1 W quot3917 1 quot t 1 21 39 339 39 a 3 IE39 3 quot JV g M L f 39I 39 n H A I a Mr W v 39III in H gt 7 I 4 n r s g s 53MA71 39 39quot 1 v U r w 32 V 39239 9 39 i 7 r 7 AL 39 W u 39 r 1 I 396 Pixr I 7 y P f r 1 QquotJ KIA r MW 399quot W39 39Lf c 3331 5 5 04911 ALF quot339773 17 39 AWN J39I vI39 39 2 39 339 L t 1 2 quot 5 r V 17 v 39 A 7 3 v quot I 7 a L Iwrr m riggm m s 39 3 quot 39q d 9 ifsquot x Ist quot 139


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