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Week 8 Notes

by: Isabel Yin

Week 8 Notes Geography 5

Isabel Yin
People and the Earth's Ecosystem
Dr. Thomas Gillespie

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About this Document

People and the Earth's Ecosystem
Dr. Thomas Gillespie
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isabel Yin on Monday November 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Geography 5 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Dr. Thomas Gillespie in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see People and the Earth's Ecosystem in Geography at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 11/30/15
O 0000 O 0000 113015 1016 PM IPCC reports depend on nature and severity of event vulnerability exposure Socioeconomic development interacts with nature climate variations and humancaused climate change to influence disaster risk Increasing vulnerability exposure or severity and frequency of climate events increases disaster risk Disaster risk management what are we doing to respond to disasters For exposed and vulnerable communities even nonextreme weather and climate events can have extreme impacts such as lack of clean water and lack of facilities Economic losses from climaterelated disasters have increased with large spatial and interannual variations Fatalities are higher in developing countries from 19702008 over 95 of naturaldisasterrelated deaths occur in developing countries Since 1950 extreme hot days and heavy precipitation have become more common wet places will get wetter and dry places will get dryer Climate models project more frequent hot days throughout the 215t century Information on vulnerability exposure and changing climate extremes can together inform adaptation and disaster risk management Effective risk management and adaptation are tailored There are strategies that can help mange disaster risk now and help improve people s livelihoods and wellbeings fossil fuels 113015 1016 PM They were once live plants and animals Carbon based life forms Humans are also carbon based life forms Plants starting to fix carbon to oxygen in the atmosphere How fossil fuel formed Land 0 Cycads get covered with dirt and turn into swamp and turn into heat Sea 0 Diatoms phytoplankton cover up the diatoms Oil dome though pressure the dirt on the ground and the carbon is comprised out Gas Oil Porous rock impervious rock cap Coal most abundant 1 surface mining remove the dirt on top of the coal and we just extract it out mountain top removal Appalachia it does have a negative impact as a freshwater fish pollution involved global community 2 substance mining 40 more expensive way We use coal to boil water as utilities coal steam create electricity by coal 65 of energy in China comes from the coal Air quality issues in China evolved from this Can we develop clean coal technology Oil pull out of the ground relatively easily drills the ground and pull out oil since it is in liquid form Crude oil petroleum refining of oil Pumping oil on shore No oil spill in California during the past 20 years Heat up crude oil Plastic also comes from oil You can refine it to remove all impurities Three different tanks of gasoline number of impurities in it The most expensive gas is the most refined gas with no impurities Debates about oil Plastic oil oil sands of Alberta Canada is cutting down trees in very rapid rates and processing really dirty oil takes a lot of energy to extract oil from sand and takes a lot of clean water to clean it up Pipelines go through Nebraska and pipeline breaks are very hard to clean up Natural Gas Cleanest burning of fossil fuels By product of oil Hydroulic fracking fracking 1 drill then side drill 2 add water chemicals sands ceramics force the earth to break apart to pull up gas water goes through Bad companies are small companies that not have a lot of experiences 1 water 2 Companies Chemical Bad company small companies 3 Don t know long term effects 4 Chemicals are unknown 5 Earthquakes fragments of earth causes earthquakes example Oklahoma removing all the oil and gas the Earth is all fractured Most of the earthquakes occur in North Dakota because no one lives there it s like a gold rush so America pull out a lot of natural gas there US is the biggest producer of coal and natural gas US cannot export Los Angeles and Oil Oil is huge in LA First oilwell ever drilled is by a guy named Doheny drilled for oil Venice beach Hungtinton beach La brea Tarpit the tar 3rd largest field in the 48 states Do we clean this oil Refining Yes Cleaning Ecuador doesn t clean oil properly OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Diamond cartel 45 of all oil in the world comes from OPEC Last year was 55 of all oil All of these are OEPC nations 1 Algeria 2 Angola OPEC nation 3 Ecuador democracy 4 Iran democracy 5 Iraq yes Not bagdad though 6 Kuwait 7 Libya 8 Nigeria democracy 9 Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Venezuela it was a democracy but not anymore J Bush Policy Increases in coal in set up subsidy give companies money of 2 billion dollars Under him oil was King There was a huge push in the artic wildlife refugee 6 months of oil Cut alternative energy 190 million dollars Obama Policy Goal reduce production of carbon dioxide Cap and trade Cap federal leven then create a maket where you trade Renewable energy


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