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The West and Racial Tensions

by: Valeria Quintana

The West and Racial Tensions HIST 1311-010

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1311-010 > The West and Racial Tensions
Valeria Quintana
GPA 3.5
US history to 1865
Prof. Stephanie Cole

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About this Document

Hello, these notes are from November 10-19. They are in bullet and short paragraph sentences and include the link of the movie we saw in class.
US history to 1865
Prof. Stephanie Cole
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valeria Quintana on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311-010 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Prof. Stephanie Cole in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see US history to 1865 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 12/01/15
November 10 2015 After 1800 the white southerners saw themselves as a paternal figure 0 Frederick Douglass wrote his narrative because he wanted the northern society to support the abolitionist cause 0 He talked about not having enough food not letting them have family sleeping on the oor not letting them read keeping them ignorant o What became important were kin lines o Manipulation that masters letting them have a vacation and then taking them away I Psychological brain wash 0 These barriers were both imagined and real 0 Like teaching slaves to read frees a slaves mind 0 He feels Christianity is used to abuse the slaves by the masters I True Christianity can only be found in blacks because people cannot own slaves and be a true Christians I The denomination was mentioned to give them a connection 0 Made them complicit to this moral wrong 0 Some beliefs of black Christian incorporated the in uences of Africa and west indie into Christianity 0 He has a community when he gained his freedom 0 Slave resistance varied by location historical period etc o Slave resistance varied by place 0 Slave resistance insurrection removing yourselves passive resistance I Passive resistance do little things to decrease profits 0 Frederick Douglass lets the horse go broke the hose feigning illness etc o Bets on prejudices that slave owners have so slaves use them to get more space productivity and price I Active resistance running away 0 Insurrection 0 Brazil gang system ethnic ties maintained 41 of all enslaved Africans I Got shiploads of slaves I Ethnic differences remained I Use gang in sugar and cotton fields I Catholic Church believed conversion was possible if you were converted and wanted freedom you would get a contract 0 South Carolina task system black majority I They would give them a task After they were done they had free time I Cash crop o Whites tended to live apart 0 Blacks had more autonomy I Black majority 0 Northeast US no cash crop I Worked in cities as domestic servants I Few in small farms 0 New York and Baltimore November 12 2015 D November 17 2015 Maroon communities in Brazil slave communities in interior land that was made from slaves that had run away 0 In Jamaica this also happened away from the plantations They were successful that eventually the British government made a treaty with them to stop the colonies from raiding their plantations 0 Haiti revolution was successful 0 South Carolina the stoner rebellion was successful for a time o In many times running away in big numbers was difficult o 1800 in Virginia beliefs that eboreligion had power A blacksmith and the ethnic identity that crafted a spirit of insurrection 0 Was successful to kill only the culprits on the slavery 0 However 2 members were pressed and they told the white people about the plan Gabriel s followers decided to do it anyway but a torrential downpour topped them 0 Nat Turner believed in the signs of God and led an insurrection He hid in the woods and when he was discovered he also gave a speech After 1831 laws for banning slaves from reading became common 0 African ethnicity had a different impact according to the place 0 1840 s a slave helped to purchase a boat to run away but the wind were captured and was eventually captured 0 By the 1850 s the clause to claim slaves that ran away their claim was weak The West Antebellum markets and ideas about government religion and race shaped the multicultural west 0 Past questions of the country shaped the western society 0 Think frontiers native Americans Americans v Indians Americans v Spanish etc 0 Sioux Indian big label that shared a pastoral economy 0 Were mobile group 0 Guns horses diseases 0 Were from North Canada Traded guns with the British because of the early fur trade Move to Minnesota and won because they had guns and horses 1770 s many Indians had guns and the Sioux were blocked from the ericattas and Mandans Eventually helped by the diseases The mobile germs Sioux were more adapted and mobile They did die from those diseases but the epidemic did not burden them as much because they were more spread out Eventually took the lands 1805 5000 sioux 1820 20000 siouX Indians 0 Migrants sought money opportunities over rugged individualism o Fredrick Turner made argument that the west was a safe place for adventurous people to go 0 Business pressures important Push Sheep farming in east led to land storages Needed much land and not many people 18241840 Business retrenchment 18191837 Pull Fur trapping 17701840 re ects multiple frontiers Multiple dynamics 0 Jim Beckworth slave that became fur trapper o Auguste Chouteau beaver trapper married Indian wives and used Indian marriages as kin networks 0 John Jacob Astor s trading posts 1848 he died as a rich men Beaver trade Used rivers that would help him trade from west to east to Asia Would pay and use credit to create tight trading posts 0 Had clerks that helped him run his posts and were stable and secure places Mining 1827present gold rush 1849 coal silver 0 Fur trappers 0 Used intermarriage common in French 0 Increased access to markets represents a new industry and this incentive led to the pulling of people into the west Large scale land speculation 0 The governments sold large tracts of lands At this point the government was small and they sold land to speculators So they made money Eventually the gov made policy to get the land to common people 0 tensions over ideals 0 When the federal gov made sales they had difficulties over how to go about it 0 Also wanted to settle and get transportation into west canals and railroads o amp rights of way to railroads the gov would get land from government and they had the authority I The railroad speculators would make profits over how they made profit 0 Ghost town Acme TX existed only as long as extractive industry I Businesses would come in get what they want and then leave 0 The west had a volatile market driven by economic development 0 Struggle to shed imperial powers shaped west 0 Texas Mexico needed settlers Austin role they wanted people were afraid of British and Indians 0 Moses Austin let it to his son Stephan F Austin got setters and the people did not like the conditions that they came in catholic Spanish language etc 0 Texas gained independence in 1836 until 1846 o 1844 James pushed for annexation and found themselves at odds with Mexico over the border I They defeated Mexico Mexican War18461848 Movie Empire on the Trails 7 minutes in httpsearchalexanderstreetcomviewworkbibliographic entitv7Cvideo work7C1790078 empireupontrails November 19 2015 The west antebellum markets and ideas about government religion and race created con ict in the multicultural west 0 The west was a product of the east 0 Frontiers not the frontier I There are multiple frontiers where there are whites meeting Indians and Indians meeting other Indians and guns fur and diseases I People being pushed and pulled in the west for economic reasons I Ghost towns are a proof of the shifting economy by region I Imperial powers Texas founded by Spain than Mexico later a independent republic and then the US 0 Imperial con icts shaped when the regions were occupied 0 Texas Oregon and California 0 Shifting markets 0 Imperial con icts 0 Cultural aspects eastern culture was in uential in the west 0 Evangelicalism of the east shifted over to the west I Mormons 1844 created in east moved to the west I Missionaries especially after the 1840evangelical I Racial superiority Fate of the Indians Thomas Hart Benton said settlement of the west was a product of the white Anglos across the pacific manifest destiny 0 Thought the whites were better than Asian than the African Indian and all else 0 Thinks white people were the divine chosen people though the greatness was destined because of God 39 Supposed destiny I Though it a racial order This cultural understanding was a widespread mentality in the US This is socially formed not biological white supremacy is created in this period Individualism and community rise of the individual that rose with the market revolution 0 These affect the west too In the west the interaction is more mixed All kinds of people interacted and the government supported them 0 Sense that anybody could compete o In the west government took the position that everyone should be able to compete with one another


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