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by: Michaela Humby

sociology31.pdf SOCI 120 - 012

Michaela Humby
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Sociology
Tobin N Walton

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About this Document

These are the notes taken from class with information that will be included on the final exam.
Introduction to Sociology
Tobin N Walton
Class Notes
Sociology 120, soci, socio, socio 120, Intro to sociology, Introduction to Sociology
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Michaela Humby on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 120 - 012 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Tobin N Walton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 12/01/15
1111 Deviance is one of the more intriguing topics studied by sociologists Norms vary across societies Egoism occurs when people are not well integrated into society Culture Social Structure Culturally Institutionally Available Emphasized Legitimate Means Goals to Goa Attainment l Conformity accept accept ll Innovation accept l EJQCt l Rituolism relect accept lV Retreatism rclcct chca V Rebellion 39 recct old and sabsmutc new ones Primary deviance committed for many reasons like trying to fit in the secondary Deviances are the subsequent acts committed once in that group 111615 What s the typical case of social mobility Is economic inequality a problem in the USA Have things gotten better since WW2 Is racial and gender discrimination a problem in the US and the world Crash of 2009 housing market and job market Social mobility most social mobility in the US has occurred in the middle classes and has been relatively small moves up and down Over the last century social mobility has been fairly high and upwards 1118 However since the 1970s mobility has been uneven and often downward unpredictable and a lot more downward versus the overall century Trends in US health and poverty Overall income and wealth inequality has increased in the US over the past several decades Consider several measures Percentage share of wealth owned by the richest 1 percent of americans has increased in 1970 from 22 to 33 percent while the top 20 percent held 813 percent before the crash Percentage share of total US income earned by the top 20 percent grew from 43 to 50 percent Is wealth or income inequality more extreme in USA Wealth inequality is much more extremelopsided than income globally Ratio of CEO pay to average worker pay in 1980 was 421 in 2005 it was 4111 Deindustrialization trend in manufacturing jobs in developing countries that begin to disappear and those jobs are no longer based in 1St world countries and are shifting to other developing countries like Mexico and areas in southeast and east Asia is 43 percent of total US jobs in 1950 The quotrealquot value of the minimum wage is 1978 was about 675 while in 2002 it was just below 500 and in 2012 it was just above 500 in constant 2000 dollars Over last several decades the real value of minimum wage has decreased Consistent large growth in median middle Not average family income from 26k to 52k in 19501979 and that s how things have gotten better however it does not include the other stuff like Increased working hours per household dual income Less financial security job and retirement security no pension Healthcare insecurity lower cost sharing individuals are paying more Has median family income increased in the USA YES Inconsistent net growth from 19802010 Since the late 1970s the US there has been a growing commitment amongst policy makers to neonew liberal Laissez faire don t get involved economic theory The classical theory suggests government is to play no role I the economy free marker capitalismquot Donald trump As opposed to Keynesian economic model post WWII through 1970s where the power government is to be used to stabilize the economy with the goal of full employment to make sure there are not high rates of unemployment and poverty etc Bernie sanders Deindustrialization trend in manufacturing jobs in developing countries that begin to disappear and those jobs are no longer based in 1St world countries and are shifting to other developing countries like Mexico and areas in Southeast and East Asia Mass shift in the manufacturing of goods from 1960 to present happens alongside inequality Mainly bluecollar jobs Leads to deterioration of lower classes Impacts loss of jobs opportunities so an increase of poverty mainly cities the rust belt Why does it happen Correlating variables the elimination of tariffs throughout the world could How would this relate to commitment to get government out of economic matter 111815 overall since the mid 1970s the US has increasingly become a two tiered society the shrinking middle class income wealth economic and health security for those in the middle classes and below has stagnated or declined while increasing for the upper classes the reemergence of economic liberalism economic freedom has not worked to the benefit of most Americans but has worked for the few wealthiest top 20 Alternative explanation shift high paying jobs to locations where wages and benefits are drastically lower to increase profits As the us middle class shrinks so too does its purchasing power Without middle class consumption declining rates of profits problem for the upperclass because they cant spend money on their stuff Shrinking middle class means capital credit increases drastically The extension of credit to the American middle class restored profitability to corporate interests Big bank and financial firms pushed for deregulation to increase their profitability largely off of buying and selling of DEBT Makes inequality even larger Free trade allowed for deindustrialization to happed neo liberalism economic philosophy


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