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THEO 101 week 12 lecture notes

by: Notetaker

THEO 101 week 12 lecture notes 101/41603

Marketplace > University of St. Thomas > Religious Studies > 101/41603 > THEO 101 week 12 lecture notes
User_39347_profile9613 Notetaker
GPA 4.0
HONORS Christian Theo Trad

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About this Document

- early reformers - Martin Luther
HONORS Christian Theo Trad
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 101/41603 at University of St. Thomas taught by MacMillan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see HONORS Christian Theo Trad in Religious Studies at University of St. Thomas.


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Date Created: 12/01/15
Theology Week 12 Lecture Notes Views of God Thomas Aquinas o Scholastic intellectual God as Creator Bible as true Genesis 1 God heady Julian o Compassionate love God as blanket piece of clothing 0 Mother feminine characteristics quotnursing mother 0 Experiential womans experience Luther o Judgmental wrathful angry to be feared Shows people can experience God in a multitude of ways Calls For Reform John Wycliffe 0 13301384 0 England 0 Time of terrible turmoil for Catholic Church 0 Translate bible into English 9 actually was followers who did it o Influenced by Augustine sense of sin heritage 0 Rebels against scholasticism 0 Move to reform refrain of quotsola sciptura only scripture 0 Direct challenge to papal authority 0 Emphasizes Bible and patristics Gives many lectures on the Bible quotif not in scripture should not be a doctrine beginning of critiques of papacy critique of transubstantiation refers to the Eucharist trans substance act of Aristotle talks about substance and accidents I Substance blood and body of Christ I Accidents bread and wine Substance changing accidents do not Wycliffe NO just symbolic nothing changes 0 Catholics change 9 Christ becomes present Jan Hus 0 13721415 0 bohemian Czech O O 0 Luther O O influenced by Wycliffe predestination 9 future already decided church of elect 9 only special people can be a part of the church criticizes papacy precursor to Luther 14831546 spark that lights the Reformation flame o printing press helps spread his word 0 3 documents 1 Christian nobility church authority gets him in trouble 2 Babylonian captivity sacraments only baptism and Eucharist 3 Christian liberty justification o 1521 Luther Excommunicated o clergy can marry 0 bread and wine should be given 0 academic robes o worship in language of people 0 troubled by iconoclasm 9 breaking of images 0 1525 marries Katherine von Bora nun Luther s Contributions 0 church 0 where the gospel is rightly preached and sacraments are properly administered 0 invisible not visible 0 Bible I Translates to German 9 available to all 0 Catechisms I Large adults and small children 0 Liturgy I Translated to German I Simple reading of last supper I Disagreed with Transubstantiation Sacraments 0 Only 2 o Baptist and Eucharist Transubstantiation o Influenced by quotsola scriptura 0 Just accept in faith 0 This is my body and blood 0 Concept in scripture o Objected philosophical and scholastic o Justification by faith and through grace


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