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Chapter 10: Poverty

by: Amelia Notetaker

Chapter 10: Poverty SOC 100

Amelia Notetaker
GPA 3.88
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl

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About this Document

These are my notes for the 10th Chapter. All required readings for the course are outlined as well as the lecture.
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl
Class Notes
sociology, uah, poverty, wealth, notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amelia Notetaker on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 100 at University of Alabama - Huntsville taught by Dr. Christina Steidl in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Art History at University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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Date Created: 12/01/15
Chapter 10 Lecture Notes 0 Measuring mobility 0 To what extent do those at the top of distribution stay there and those at the bottom stay there 0 Relative mobility chances that people from 1 quintile end up in another 0 Measuring poverty 0 Absolute poverty point which a household income falls below the necessary level of physically sustain its members 0 Relative poverty measurement based on a percent of median income in a given location 0 What is the poverty line 0 Absolute threshold for government assitance 196039s gt adjusted yearly for in ation Designed as an emergency budget not a long term 0 2015 levels 1 person 11770 2 people 15930 3 people 20090 4 people 24250 5 people 28410 0 15 of US population meets below poverty line 0 Who experiences poverty 0 Culture of poverty explanation the poor are poor because they have different values and are less motivated to work Evidence that suggests it39s not true 0 Very large portion of US have been poor at one time 60 of americans have been below the poverty line for about 1 year by age 65 Only 2 of poor experience long term poverty underclass 98 of poor experience short term 0 A lot of rotation in poverty 0 Poverty is situational Poverty as situational o 75 80 of families in poverty due to 0 Changes in employment 23 0 Changes in family structure Health emergencies Why is the risk of poverty so high 0 Risk measured over a lifetime gt things happen 0 Changing structure of US labor market more part time and temporary jobs with fewer bene ts Situations have a greater chance of happening 0 US has few social safety nets compared to other countries to help when situations happen Textbook pg 391403 0 Absolute poverty point at which a household39s income falls below the necessary level to purchase food and physically sustain its members Relative poverty measurement of poverty based on percent on median income in a given location 0 Measures inequality for income at the bottom half of distribution 0 Parenting stress hypothesis paradigm in which low income unstable employment lack of cultural resources and feeling of inferiority from social class comparisons causes household stress which leads to detrimental parenting o Yelling hitting gt not healthy for children 0 Parents that are poor can provide a stimulating and fun environment for their kids 0 Lack of nonmonetary resources goes feeling of inequality 0 quotno effectquot paradigm more conservative than parenting stress hypothesis parenting stress hypothesis parenting styles effect kids and their outcome not class status quotAs American as Apple Pie Poverty and Welfarequot Rank Americans are likely to turn to welfare at least once in their life 1115 of americans live below the poverty line 0 Risk depends on age race gender etc Most poor people are only poor for a short period 0 Job loss family changes health emergencies ls poverty a quotnormalquot life cycle 0 Most spend at least 1 year below or just above poverty line 25 By age 65 23 of americans have used welfare quotone paycheck away from povertyquot Why is the poverty rate so high 0 Researchers only analyze 510 years time span 0 Little government help Only able to take poverty rate from 29 to 18 Failure in labor market to provide enough jobs that pay enough 0 25 in low wage work 0 9 33 of households working in nonliving wage or looking for work Poverty impairs nation39s health quality of work force race relations and future generations quotSwitzerland39s Proposalquot Lowrey Everyone receives a check no matter the age if employed or not 0 No strings attached Enno Schmidt gt basic income movement 0 Stimmig coherent harmonious and beautiful Provide dignity and security to the old and poor Unleash entrepreneurialism and creativity Basic income gt no strings attached for everyone Minimum income gt supplement earnings for the poor up to a certain level Dauphin Canada gt experimental on this o quotmincomequot o All received minimum income 1000 residents Poverty disappeared High school completion rose Hospitalization rates lowered quotsocial programs like these change a community39s valuesquot Evelyn Forget Arguments 0 Cost 0 Massive disincentive to work Basic income gt enough to live off of not well enough to live well on 0 End poverty without creating layabouts Dauphin showed disincentive to work was small


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