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Chapter 11: Sociology of Health

by: Amelia Notetaker

Chapter 11: Sociology of Health SOC 100

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Huntsville > Art History > SOC 100 > Chapter 11 Sociology of Health
Amelia Notetaker
GPA 3.88
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl

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About this Document

These are my notes for the 11th Chapter. All required readings for the course are outlined as well as the lecture.
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl
Class Notes
sociology, uah, health, doctors, medicine, notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amelia Notetaker on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 100 at University of Alabama - Huntsville taught by Dr. Christina Steidl in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Art History at University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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Date Created: 12/01/15
Chapter 11 Lecture Notes Social construction of illness 0 Differences across cultures in what counts as quotsickquot suggest that our notions of illness are both biological and socially constructed Seizures addiction pregnancy Medicalization process by which problems or issues not traditionally seen as a medical problem come to be named as such The quotSickquot Role Talcott Parsons 19505 O 2 rights Its not your fault you39re sick and don39t have to follow some social norms O 2 obligations You need to try to get well and seek expert care Healthcare in US 0 Per capita health care costs in the US are the highest in the world 37th in the world in terms of health care 0 Young americans have a lower life expectancy than older americans over 75 0 Hispanic women live the longest on average 0 US has highest infant mortality rate 67 The System cost and quality 0 US has the most advanced medical facilities and techniques in the world but we have greater inequality 0 Fewer citizens are able to access these resources Berkham The Health Divide 0 Environment and exposure dangerous jobs stress lifestyle and access to health care and insurance all affects one39s health 0 Who doesn39t have control over their work andor environment have the most stressful jobs 0 Low income people have the most stress that results in not being healthy Different access to food and gym memberships Cost and quality Q If we39re not getting the best care and we39re not paying for care to be available for everyone then why is healthcare in the US so expensive Demand doesn39t respond much to cost change inelastic it doesn39t work the same as in a free market Comparing healthcare systems 0 Private US39s healthcare Individuals or employer pays premiums to insurance companies which pool risks across their membership base Insurance companies contract with particular healthcare providers and determine costs I Costs go up because of those with expensive conditions have insurance 0 Universal public Government pays for all health insurance costs instead of private insurance companies Government may contract with private service providers or may use publically owned health care providers Affordable care act 0 On jan 1 2014 all Americans were required to have health insurance or to be ned 0 Variety of required changes for insurance companies Preexisting conditions coverage up to 26 years old ect Q If you don39t get insurance from employers you have can buy it through an online exchange where private insurance companies offer plans 0 Depending on income your purchase may be partially subsidized government pays portion of insurance cost Textbook pg 408420 Doctors occupy unique positions in modern society because they offer health and longevity individualized objectivity and employ speci c props and scripts to assert their power 0 Control own pay rates control demand for service prescription authority and self regulation Medicalization process by which problems or issues not traditionally considered as medical come to be famed as such O Alcoholism is now considered a sickness by many Declining authority of doctors started when the cost of healthcare rose market forces were being used and the rise of external regulation American Medical Association 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires emergency rooms to treat a patient regardless if they have the ability to pay or not Sick role concept describing the social rights and obligations of a sick individual 0 Rights don39t have to follow social norms and aren39t held accountable for falling ill 0 Obligations try to get well see a professional and follow their orders Some cultures don39t consider seizures an illness or anything dangerous First growth spurt of US healthcare was in the 1930s Medical care and healthcare systems don39t predict outcomes like mortality rates Morbidity illness in a general state Mortality death quotGiving Birth the American Wayquot DavisFloyd US society39s deepest beliefs center on science technology and patriarchy 0 Women39s bodies are defective machines incapable of giving birth without help Rite to passage series of rituals that move individuals from a social status to another 0 Separation of individuals from preceding social state 0 Transition in which they are neither one thing nor the other 0 Integration through rites of incorporation they are absorbed into a new social state


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