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Chapter 12: Marriage and Family

by: Amelia Notetaker

Chapter 12: Marriage and Family SOC 100

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Huntsville > Art History > SOC 100 > Chapter 12 Marriage and Family
Amelia Notetaker
GPA 3.88
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl

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About this Document

These are my notes for the 12th Chapter. All required readings for the course are outlined as well as the lecture.
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Christina Steidl
Class Notes
sociology, uah, marriage, family, notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amelia Notetaker on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 100 at University of Alabama - Huntsville taught by Dr. Christina Steidl in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Art History at University of Alabama - Huntsville.


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Date Created: 12/01/15
Chapter 12 Lecture Notes Marriage and divorce 0 Nuclear family just mom dad and children 0 Extended family all kin 0 About 40 of marriages end in divorce 85 of people will be divorced in their life time Age of marriage has gone up 28 for men 27 for women Going to college 0 Mortality rates drop Moms go to work because kids are expected to live longer willingness to leave them 0 Marriage and divorce both go up and down at the same time Population increase After WW2 people got married and divorced when returning Baby boomers get married and divorced Divorce foows poverty gt pushes families to divorce Lease educated people get divorced much more than highly educated ones 0 The longer people wait to get married the less likely divorce is Martial ideals and reality 0 Egalitarian equal relationship 80 of women and 60 of men want this 0 Neotraditional traditional gender roles 14 of women and 26 of men want this 0 Self reliant single 5 of women and 5 of men want this 0 Women39s second choice was sef reliance over neotraditiona for most 0 Men39s second choice was neotraditiona for most 0 Women were two times as likely to initiate divorce than men Gendered work at home 0 Second shift responsibility for house work and child care is done before work 0 Type of housework done by men and women differ Men do more quotproject orientedquot work Women do more work as time is more exible than men39s 0 Men who share choreshousework have a better marriage health and live longer they are also less likely to end in divorce Married women don39t live as long and don39t have better health Families and legal system Q What do we de ne families Legal rights and responsibilities More than 1000 federal legal rights and responsibilities that come with marriage 2004 I Pass property and income back and forth tax free Don39t have to testify against spouse Tax deductions for ling jointly Sponsor spouse for citizenship I visit spouse in hospital Make medical decisions Responsibility to parenthood Ann Swidler Talk of Love 0 Interviews 88 couples 0 Romantic myth Fairy tales Love conquers all True love is forever We talk about love this way in key moments unsettled times 0 Prosaic project Love is hard work Need to make sacri ces Takes work to keep marriage deep through changes Q When talking about every day love couples spoke in the sense of Prosaic project 0 Unsettled times having kids ect when marriage isn39t routine Concludes when there39s not any trouble its prosaic but when there is trouble its romantic Textbook pg 451455 Endogamy marriage to someone within one39s social group Exogamy marriage to someone outside of one39s social group Monogamy practice of having only one sexual partner or spouse at one time Polygamy practice of having more than one sexual partner or spouse at one time Polyandry practice of having multiple husbands simultaneously Polygyny practice of having multiple wives simultaneously Nuclear family familiar form consisting of a father mother and their children 0 Modern industrial society Extended family kin networks that extend outside or beyond the nuclear family Empty nesters don39t have children 0 The children either moved out or never came to be quotDeinstitutionalization of Marriagequot Cherlin Growth of cohabitation 0 Couples living together even if they39re not married and may break off from each other soon Emergence of same sex marriage 0 Gay couples don39t have children either through adoption or some other way Changing division of labor and childbearing outside of wedlock WW2 and the Great Depression changed marriages 0 Increasing focus on couple39s happiness not economic or political gain quotThe Radical Idea of Marrying for Lovequot Coontz Public display of affection was considered unsightly many years ago Now couples fall in love then get married they don39t try to marry for economic gain In the past a man had a wife but slept with whoever he pleased O Godfathers were usually the biological father of a princehigh income son Children with godfathers lived longer


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